The Debate

That was scary.

Of course it was laughable. Of course Trump was out of control. Of course Biden could barely get a word in edgewise. But the content is irrelevant. Biden’s performance is irrelevant. It’s all about Trump.

Bill Maher has been saying for years that there’s no way Trump is leaving. Tonight confirmed it.

Trump has redefined the game, and nobody in mainstream media has caught up with it. It’s been four years already, what is wrong with these people. Democracy is dying and they’re treating this like a student council election, as if the government, the country, were bigger than the president. But right now, they’re not.

Trump has done everything he’s said he was going to do. So why don’t people listen to him and believe him? He’s saying outright, even tonight, that the election results are a fraud. Do you really expect him to roll over come November 3rd?

And who is gonna stop him? The lame Democrats who can’t even come up with a strategy to neuter Amy Coney Barrett?

The Democrats are afraid. Just like Biden tonight. They pussy-foot. Biden was best tonight when he got overheated, the rest of the time he looked anxious, a guy who was overprepared running through the mental rolodex to try and find the sound bite he’d been prepped with.

As for Trump’s lies… No one was prepared for this, even though they should have seen it coming. No one was prepared for Trump to talk so much, interrupt so much, that the other side couldn’t even make its case, that the other side couldn’t even fight back.

Maybe you’re thinking that Biden won because Trump alienated women. Maybe you’re thinking that Biden’s calm demeanor was his ace in the hole. Maybe you’re thinking Biden scored a few points. THAT’S ALL IRRELEVANT! The debate was purely about style, and what we’ve got is a fascist doing his act on national television and no one calling him out on it.

Yes, that’s what Umair Haque says day after day, that the Democrats should call Trump the f-word, but they won’t! They’re afraid of alienating some potential swing voter in the hinterlands, so they lay back. Did you see Trump laying back? Trump’s act was a huge victory for his acolytes, they ate it all up, this was the guy they believe in.

The debates are supposed to inform and influence voters. That didn’t happen tonight. Not only because there was little substance, but because everybody’s already made up their mind!

So, you’re college-educated. One of the elite, or the mini-elite, the six figure minions working with their brains as opposed to their hands. You’re laughing. This guy would get blown out of college, would get blown out of high school, no one would put up with him. But the truth is learning institutions are run with an iron fist. But the world is not. What we’ve seen over and over, even in the case of Trump himself, is that there are two systems of justice in America. One for the rich and one for the poor. Most people could not even afford an hour with one of Trump’s accountants, never mind not itemizing deductions, never mind their employers deducting their taxes right up front. Trump has run unfettered his entire life, why should he stop now, it’s working for him!

As for more debates, why. If Biden’s team was smart, and it’s not, they’d cancel further debates, show some cojones. Because Biden can only lose, Trump controls the debates and nothing’s gonna change that, even if his mic’s turned off. By standing up to the bully Biden would score points. But his advisors are afraid, this is not how it’s been done before. Don’t they get that the past is no longer prologue?

And watching this screamfest, one recalled the Democratic debates of the past year. Where Biden got killed. I’m glad it’s now known that he has a stutter, how about some more news on that please. But tonight Joe did look old and over the hill, and I’m gonna vote for him, because it’s a vote for democracy, but how come Democrats can’t admit this, that they’ve been screwed by their own party? This is the best they could come up with? Tonight I yearned for Warren or Sanders, almost anybody other than Biden, because they know how to fight, how to zing, and that was Warren and Sanders’s message, they were gonna fight the bullies for the little people. Meanwhile, Biden couldn’t even stand up to the bully in chief tonight!

If you attack the messenger it just demonstrates how ignorant you are. If you don’t think the right is gonna make hay on Biden’s performance tonight, you probably think that Trump’s lies and interruptions this evening alienated his core…THEY DIDN’T! We’ve got no future until we start addressing the real issues of this country.

And it’s not like the Republicans are gonna stop Trump, they’ve already proven that. Furthermore, it’s the Republicans who got us into this mess, they refused to approve Obama’s judges, meanwhile Trump says otherwise and twists the real story to his advantage. Sure, the newspaper will print the truth tomorrow, but Facebook rules and like every multinational business it and its social media brethren believe they’re bigger than any government, and they’ll change position to satisfy whomever is in power. If you’re waiting for Zuckerberg to save the country, forget it.

And if you’re waiting for the vote to save the country, you’re delusional.

Right now, all these vote campaigns have to be restructured, they must be changed to VOTE BIDEN! Enough of this bipartisanship. The wink of the eye. Just come out and say it. You celebrities, you wonks, this is typical, you’re afraid of offending someone when that’s Trump’s modus operandi, to offend.

As for the crucial contest, November 3rd, the Democrats still don’t have a plan. And they’re afraid if they verbalize one they’ll lose votes. That’s another thing that bugged me about Biden tonight, he was so afraid of offending some nonexistent swing voter that he wouldn’t even bring up Merrick Garland’s name when it came to Supreme Court nominees. The right is cheering Trump on, the left is wincing.

So, Trump isn’t leaving. End of story. Enough with the horse race, the polling, the discussion of Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, et al. Who is gonna save the country, who is gonna save democracy?

And let’s admit it, Hillary was much better than Biden in the debates AND SHE LOST THE ELECTION!

The Democrats need to start mobilizing NOW! They’ve got to line up their offense NOW! Trump surely is. The Democrats must call Trump a fascist and have a plan to get him out of the White House when he loses. And, AND, if Trump rigs the election itself, which he is wont to do, never mind throwing it to the Supreme Court or the House of Representatives, THEN WHAT? Are we wall gonna just wring our hands and accept it?

And when the chaos begins, who can we trust to make things right? Certainly not the military, and if the military comes out, it’s all over.

The Democrats are ceding power every damn day. The game has been redefined and Trump is ensuring, just like Mitch McConnell, that it’s his way or the highway.

Enough. Tell everybody Trump won’t go. Tell everybody the votes probably won’t be counted accurately. No one should be surprised on November 3rd, NOBODY!

Trump said as much tonight. He’s been laying the ground for months. First with the Post Office and then with the “ballots”…so he can’t lose, there’s no way his people will accept it. And, AND if it goes to the House there are more red voters than blue. AND the tyranny of the minority has tilted the table for years. And now, we’ve got a fascist dictator in charge. CAN’T YOU SAY IT?

Umair did. Sarah Kendzior did. Bill Maher did. But they didn’t spend years in the club of D.C. insider media so their cries were ignored. It’s not only the government that has lost touch with the will of the people, but the media too.

This is it folks. If you think I’m being an alarmist you’re sadly mistaken.

This is war. Fight for your future or…

Forget it.

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