It’s time for Biden to take control of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Oh, I hear what you say, he’s not yet been elected President, we’ve got a system, and we must be in stasis until the election, allow Trump to bury himself in faux pas. BUT PEOPLE ARE DYING!

I don’t know about you, but I’m positively horrified at the numbers, going the wrong way. I’d delineate them, but you’re either paying attention or not, either you’re staying home or not, either you think you’re immune or you don’t. But for those of us aware, it’s astounding how the U.S. is a bastion of incompetency with a raging coronavirus, our response akin to that of third world nations, to the point where even the EU is questioning whether we should be able to cross its borders.

It’s not that difficult folks. You’ve just got to test and track.

But so far there’s no organized effort.

So, Biden rounds up all the blue state governors, all the red state ones who want to join, and he institutes a plan. Call it a shadow government, call it whatever you want, but in an era where Trump’s justice department keeps challenging norms, why are the Democrats sitting on their hands?

Masks… Every state signing up to the Biden plan must require them. Oh, people don’t want to be told what to do…that’s not America, that’s REPUBLICAN! Where is the Democratic leadership?

And contact tracing and daily tests and fourteen days of quarantine for anybody who is exposed.

Trump dumped Covid-19 treatment on the states, why are all the states acting as if it’s impossible to take coherent action, impossible to band together for an adequate response.

Once again, this is not about government, this is about lives.

Biden is the man. He organizes the governors. They enact a coherent plan. Covid-19 is contained. Do you think Trump is going to take any action? He thinks the virus is dying out, that people should come together and celebrate, despite Secret Service people getting infected at his rally in Tulsa. For Trump it’s all about the economy, but there will be no economy if everyone is too afraid to leave their house.

So, it’s very simple. A graph.

You’ve seen it. The one comparing the U.S. to other countries. Sure, we flattened the curve, it’s just that it didn’t go DOWN, and now it is going back UP! Whereas in Europe and elsewhere, the lines on the graph are pointing way down.

We publicize this each and every day. America comes together to achieve a goal. You’re either on the bus or off. Either you’re a patriot or you’re not. It’s time for Democrats to reclaim that word. A patriot is not someone who does whatever he wants and lionizes the military, a patriot is someone who stands up for the health of the country!

We need an organized plan.

Yes, it’s going to be hard to get everybody back into their houses. But maybe we do that for a week or two, while we get testing in place. Those who interact with others need to be tested EVERY DAY! Have Biden oversee the manufacture and distribution of said tests. And then there is contact tracing, if someone is infected, all those who came in contact with them must isolate for fourteen days. People are willing to sacrifice if you’ve got an organized plan, if it’s for the common good.

The purpose of the government is to serve the people, not enrich those in power.

If Biden is such a good leader, it’s time for him to do so now. And what’s even better is he can do it from his bunker, he doesn’t have to go on the road, the tech allows him to interact with everybody.

Have a Zoom meeting of all the governors. Get organized. Do it together. None of this my state is different, we’re all fighting the common enemy!

So, everybody stays home.

Meanwhile, we distribute the tests.

Then we let required workers and more slowly go back into the workplace, testing them EACH AND EVERY DAY!

And if someone is infected, we send them home, as well as everybody they came in contact with.

Forget Elon Musk, technologists and manufacturers do not run the country. And since the states will be organized, his threat to move to another domain will be empty.

The government and the people are in power, not the corporations.

So, we slowly roll out the economy, give freedom to the populace after the line on the graph goes way down.

We keep it down.

It just takes organization. Which they’ve got seemingly everywhere in the world but the United States.

Trump is not tying our hands, we’re tying our own!

Employ celebrities to tweet and post pictures of themselves staying at home, getting tested, paying fealty to the government workers in charge. Any money raised is for tests and contact tracing. Hire the unemployed to do said contact tracing. Fill the vacuum Trump has created.

And as there is success, and there will be, because it’s not rocket science, as I said previously it’s been done elsewhere, the naysayers will come along.

Meanwhile, ignore Fox News. Even ignore Trump. Just lead us out of the wilderness!

It’s your time Joe. And the somnambulant DNC too.

We’ve had revolution in the streets for a month. They’re tearing down statues and changing names. But when it comes to the true enemy, the coronavirus…crickets.

It may sound revolutionary to you, but it’s time for a revolution. It’s time for the Democrats to lead, because the Republicans are not. It’s not like the Republicans are saying the states can’t act, can’t organize, can’t mass purchase, they’re just saying they’re not gonna tell them what to do.

An end run that will save lives and embellish the image of those who take action.

Too big a risk?

Then you’re not part of the challenged demo. And last time I looked, Biden and Pelosi and so many other powerful Democrats are over sixty.

Meanwhile, the youngsters may not die, but they spread it to everybody else.

I’m willing to give up some privacy to save my life. Are you?

Can’t we come together to lick this problem?

Can’t we have some leadership?

The graph: cnn.it/2A7W4tg

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