You know you’re striking a nerve when you get a reaction.

This is an analog of “all press is good press.”

In the attention economy, it’s nearly impossible to get attention. But Elizabeth Warren has figured out how to do this, and the heads of those on the right are exploding.

I know, I hear from the right whenever I write something vaguely political, even if that’s not the point.

My point with Warren was not her politics, but her marketing, her declaration of positions, how she was doing it.

But as soon as you say WARREN you touch a nerve on the right.

And the blowback is fascinating.

Yup, I’ll go on record, your and you’re, they’re and their…I see these mistakes on the right more than the left. You’d think naysayers would at least get their spelling/usage right.

I’m gonna tell you something, people judge on spelling/usage. Especially women.

That’s right, I know a woman who decides who to go out with based on spelling errors. As for sending pictures of your junk, isn’t that like whistling at a woman passing by? When did that EVER work?

And what those on the right are most afraid of is someone is gonna take what they’ve got. As if what they’ve got they acquired in a vacuum. You work at a company, your customers are keeping you in business. And same deal in tech and energy and…

But somehow on the right there’s this canard that the left wants THEIR money.

So let’s say there are no taxes. Who is gonna take care of the roads? When you call the police because of hooligans, who is gonna respond?

It’s every person for themselves in right wing America. I’ve got mine, SCREW YOU! That attitude is separating right to begin with, we live in a society, we all have to get along.

And then there are the inaccuracies in facts. That’s right, the right wing disinformation campaign is rolling 24/7. You could go to Snopes, but now, like the “New York Times” and the “Washington Post,” that’s considered fake news. The only real news is Fox and the blogs and the self-appointed nutcases spewing online. It’s amazing, someone will e-mail you a screed…didn’t they even google before they accepted it as fact, sent it in defense of their position? Yup, right there in Wikipedia it’s revealed that the site is biased. But you can’t trust Wikipedia, right? After all, our President is busy claiming everything he says is true and any corrections/opposite opinions are fake. Mick Jagger stood up to Trump’s claim about the airports two hundred odd years ago

Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger mocks Trump over blunder in Fourth of July speech

remember when we were all on the same side, rallying around the music? But that was back when music had meaning.

And the facts say that despite claiming minority status, Warren never benefited from it. But the right wing says otherwise, and keeps repeating the falsehood. Meanwhile, Trump is regularly accused of rape and he’s an all right guy. He took the biggest tax write-off in history and initiated a tax cut that has resulted in a shortfall in collections.

But all of that is too deep in the woods, let’s separate the wheat from the chaff…

The right is freaking out, the same way the left did in 2016.

The right is convinced Trump’s a shoo-in, just like Hillary in 2016.

Somehow, Democrats have lost the war of messaging. They’ve been saying for years, put faith in the elites and everything will work out. BUT IT DIDN’T!

Meanwhile, the right has been saying not only that it’s your money and you should be able to keep it, but gays are bad, abortions are bad, immigrants are bad, women don’t deserve equal rights…they’re trying to scare you into submission.

Then Elizabeth Warren comes out and speaks truth, which resonates and…

That’s how Trump won, by speaking to people’s anger and frustration.

But Elizabeth Warren is more intelligent and more experienced.

And what about Trump promising all that stuff he hasn’t delivered. We still have Obamacare, which the country overwhelmingly wants, we’re in insane trade wars messing with the vaunted farmers, and there’s still not a wall, he couldn’t even deliver it when Republicans controlled all three branches of government.

So the pendulum has swung.

And never forget it, they hate African-Americans, other than the ones who speak just like them. They hate Asians for taking their spots in the Ivy League. They hate Jews, because they control entertainment and money and are the root of all evil. And they think you should pull yourself up by your bootstraps, just like them, even though tons of them haven’t and are living off the largesse of the government, not only via Medicaid and other social services, but the disproportionate spending in red states as opposed to blue.

But let’s not get mired in facts, this is a war of EMOTION!

And believe me, the right is riled up, unified behind someone even foreign countries think is incompetent.

But now that the left is riled up, they don’t like it, it’s unfair.

So don’t nominate a wuss, that’s just what the Republicans want, someone blah who they can declare irrelevant. You need a fighter. After all, not only has Trump kept the tax man at bay, but Congress too.

So now I’ll be inundated with e-mail saying I’ve got it wrong. That those on the right LOVE minorities, that it’s all about finances.

But this is obfuscation. Which can be ignored.

That’s right, the press calls foul every day against Trump and McConnell and the right laughs and ignores it, why shouldn’t the left ignore the calls of foul on the right? Yup, the right’s defense is always decency.

We need leaders, screw the parking meters. And now that there’s one on the left, a dreaded woman to boot, the right is going insane.


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