Re-The David Crosby Movie

My inbox is inundated with questions about the David Crosby movie. The name, where they can see it…

This proves to me three things:

1. The ineffectiveness of mainstream media.

2. The inability to Google.

3. The belief that if someone hears about something, they can see it immediately.

The name of the movie is: “David Crosby: Remember My Name.”
This is a link to the trailer:

David Crosby: Remember My Name

I read about the film in multiple publications, “Rolling Stone,” “The Wall Street Journal,” I must have seen it in six or seven places at least. Then I reached a breaking point and e-mailed Cameron Crowe for a link.

I truly believed my audience was aware of it. David Crosby is not an unknown. And, like I said, there’d been a good amount of press. Then again, I thought none of it captured the essence of the film, of Crosby, of his uniqueness, intelligence and willingness to go on record. Yes, I hoped my impassioned review would stimulate people to check it out. But the truth is that’s how I felt watching the movie, riveted, by someone who is still alive when the scene is not. What I mean is a “rock star” is something completely different today. First and foremost, rock stars are not rich, like they used to be. And it’s rich execs living the rock lifestyle, flying here and there to party and destroy stuff, not knowing the musicians did it to cope with boredom on the road. That’s right, people imitate the trappings, they can never get to the essence, which is why we have true rock stars to begin with! Secondly, most of today’s hit “acts” are doing it for the money and the fame. They’re eager to sell out. Crosby couldn’t sell out because first and foremost it was about the music and he was too edgy for any corporation to tie up with. In other words, the penumbra would detract from the music and the music is everything, music is love. Thirdly, today music doesn’t represent the same place in the universe. Back then it was everything, truth, today it’s background, for video games for selfie-taking, for…

So if you think your print campaign is working, you’re probably wrong. And it turns out the target demo for this flick is not reading “Rolling Stone” and other mainstream publications. Especially if they had to hear it from me.

It’s all trusted sources and word of mouth. And the truth is most of the usual media outlets have squandered their credibility, trying to be everything to all people, to be hip.

And today people never click through. As in a Google search would have immediately coughed up the info on the Crosby film. But that would be too much effort, you’ve got to make it easy, simple.

And the truth is this movie is being released theatrically on July 19th, in New York and L.A., When it will get to your burg…will it ever get to your burg?

And it’s played multiple film festivals, trying to drum up heat. And…

The big story of the summer in film distribution is the failure of “Booksmart.” It opened wide and instantly collapsed. Despite viewers adoring it. Would it have been a success if platformed? Maybe a bit more. But the truth is everything but comic book movies is best on TV. Then again, on TV you can reach everybody, but everybody can also ignore you. Maybe, if like HBO, Netflix released a new movie every Saturday night at 9, people would be accustomed to tune in, it would give these films attention and possibly legs.

So we’re in a moment of transition. Old school promotion is used because no one has really figured out new school promotion. And the hope is that by rolling out slowly, word will build on the Crosby film and therefore deliver eyeballs/attention/revenue.

Of course it will eventually hit streaming services. But I’ll tell you my own personal little dirty secret. I never watch these movies when they hit streaming services, it’s just too late, there are too many other things to watch, I’m already behind the buzz, why now? So I never see the blockbusters, even though if they were day and date on TV, even if I had to pay for them, I would, when the heat is hot and I’m able to be part of the discussion.

So, in other words, you can make it today and it can be great and still few know about it.

And people will only make a limited effort to search for something.

And it comes down to trusted filters. Which is why all those corporations are paying influencers. But who wants to sell out to the corporation, none of these influencers are originals willing to walk into the wilderness, they’ll do anything for a buck.

But David Crosby won’t.

Which is why people want to see this flick!

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