The E. Jean Accusation

What is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result? Why in hell does the left think that pointing out Trump’s peccadilloes will cause his base to do a 180 and suddenly decry the President?

This is what’s wrong with the Democrats. They don’t know how to fight. Hell, the press doesn’t even know what the issues are! That’s why Sanders and Warren are making such inroads. Biden is lost in the past, with no direction home, and all he does is attack Trump and tell us it won’t be long until our national nightmare is over. But will it?

Furthermore, Trump’s base is loving it! Hell, he eats at McDonald’s!

While the left keeps going on about transgender rights, the white right are wondering when they’re going to get their fair share. I know this is unpopular in the rainbow coalition of the left, but times have changed, we don’t have a homogeneous middle class population keeping the minorities down…we’ve got rich and poor and the poor are complaining. It’s about jobs, about safety, immigrants and minorities are just scapegoats. Meanwhile, the left keeps focusing on these faux pas, as if they point out flaws long enough those on the right will agree to the ethos of the college campus, where you’ve got to give trigger warnings, ask explicitly for sex and you can’t defend anybody on the right, hell, what was up with clipping the wings of that Harvard professor defending Harvey Weinstein. Isn’t that a basic tenet of the United States, that everybody’s entitled to a defense? As for the court of public opinion, turns out Richard Jewell was not the Olympic bomber and you’ve got to have pushback against government abuse. Isn’t that what impeachment is all about? Trump runs rampant over the Constitution and the Democrats sit on their hands saying it’s not prudent. Prudence went out the window back in 2016. And you can’t go viral unless everybody’s eyeballs are affected/tuned-in. As it is now, the right gets totally different news, if there were impeachment hearings the right would be forced to see Trump’s obstruction of justice, their news outlets would be forced to air it, with whatever spin. But right now the right sees Trump as innocent!

It’s not about getting Trump out of office, it’s about making sure he’s not elected in 2020, that Congress retains power, that we don’t end up with a strongman running ragged over our nation.

Meanwhile, things are turning left. Look at the vote in Turkey last weekend, or the Czech protest. And Hong Kong, where demonstrators changed the course of law. But no, in America you’ve got to sit on your hands. There are no leaders, and the parking meters are owned by hedge funds.

Speak to the underlying issues, not the penumbra. That’s why Warren is getting such traction, the same way Sanders got traction in 2016, by pointing out the inequities in society, with plans to solve them. Sanders was on to something, but it turns out the DNC and the media are still living in the past. Just because you’ve figured out how to make it work, with your professional job and your BMW, what about those who’ve lost their jobs and have no opportunities? And plenty of these people are not racist. Hell, try getting a new corporate job if you’re over fifty, good luck. And the safety net is not strong enough for these people to retire. Hell, they spent their safety net so their kids could go to college. Do you think they care about transgender rights and E. Jean? Of course not!

The left is kind of like rock. Believing it will never die. But rock has died. By refusing to reinvent itself and enter the future. And rock fans cannot stop bitching about hip-hop and pop. But at least those two genres are alive.

And the right wing media advocates.

And the left wing just reports.

Facts are not enough anymore, spin is everything. There are no left wing opinion pieces in the WSJ, at least most days, meanwhile the NYT keeps arguing over Bret Stephens and Bari Weiss…

We’re fighting a war here folks. And it isn’t about Donald Trump. It’s about the fact that America no longer works, the American Dream is in the dumper.

Oh sure, some on the right are racist and Trump encourages them, but pointing out their bogus beliefs is not going to change the course of history. This is like the Jews in Germany believing if they just put their heads down and obeyed the law, things would turn out all right. No, you’ve got to fight back, especially when there’s no place to go.

Of course facts matter. Of course they should be published. But that’s like saying Madonna entering the chart at #1 means something. Other than to her, it does not. Her new album, which you don’t know the name of, only garnered 4.5 million streams. That’s like a tree in a forest that fell and you didn’t hear it. That’s the land of unknowns. Maybe bubbling under, but still. As for redemptions of albums with tickets… Believe me, people aren’t going to the show for the new material…that’s when you take a bathroom break. And, the reason she’s playing small buildings is because she can’t sell out stadiums, at any price. She’s playing to the hard core. So, this isn’t even a blip on the radar screen. But it makes news in the NYT.

If the left was really about helping their brother, they would reach down and aid those on the right, or the middle, those who used to vote Democratic. Instead, they’re fighting with each other over what they can say.


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