Mueller Speaks

How do you lose a Presidency?

Very slowly, then all at once.

Clinton lies about a blow job and he’s impeached. Trump obstructs justice and acts like a doofus, but he skates. HOW CAN THIS BE?

This is the way it is folks. The Republicans are an alliance between the rich and the poor, with a few religious nuts thrown in the mix. The Democrats are made up of the middle class. The educated, those who’ve paid their dues to make it in the new economy. But they’ve been labeled LOSERS! THE PROBLEM! God, the right wing propaganda machine is so strong, you’d think that the economy of Alabama is stronger than that of California.

Regulation bad. Hinders business people. But how would you like it if your apartment building collapsed, good luck getting the government to pay for your loss, even disasters aren’t disasters anymore.

And they say impeachment will slow down the wheels of government. HUH? They’re not getting anything done anyway. The House proposes and Trump and the Senate deny. Nothing happens.

Meanwhile, the Republicans play a long game. Not only with the Federalist Society and the demonization of taxes, but the demonization of the left. Believe me, if the Republicans hadn’t spent twenty plus years defining Hillary Clinton as a witch, she’d be President. You see you get ahead of the news, you play for the future, or you lose.

Just ask the music business, trying to put its finger in the dike of file-sharing. You know what killed recording revenue? The youth, with their high speed connections at college and their facility with technology. And the youth are key to the government, and there are a lot of young people, especially women, rallying the troops and delivering excitement. But they too are demonized, defined, why is the left so afraid?

Impeachment… Will offend the electorate. The Dems are so afraid of offending people that they’re paralyzed. Trump grabs women’s private parts and the left is so busy defining rape and making men cower that the big issues are left behind.

Yes, the big issues. Everybody wants everybody to stay in their lane, to have no opinion. But the dirty little secret is if you raise your hand up, have a profile, you’re annihilated, by the rank and file. That’s what the internet has wrought…it’s empowered everybody with a connection to reach up and grab someone by the pussy and make them doubt their views and their participation.

Used to be you were disconnected from the blowback, and the hoi polloi felt powerless. Hell, the reason those Senators won’t break rank is they’re afraid of being primaried. Everybody’s so afraid they won’t do what’s right.

Come on, how can we believe in the government, in the American Way, if Trump is not impeached. Will he be convicted? I’ll get to that.

But this wanker has done so many heinous things. Putin assures him the Russians didn’t interfere in 2016 and he believes it, at least parrots it. Meanwhile, Mueller definitively states the Russians did.

And the truth is as a result of gerrymandering and voter suppression the left’s voice has been stymied. Throw in the electoral college while you’re at it. But whenever you do this, the right cries FOUL! When there’s a foul in the NBA does the perpetrator GIVE UP? No, he doubles down, it incentivizes him.

So according to Fox and Lindsey Graham, Trump was exonerated today. It’s like bad science fiction, there’s no truth left. My inbox is filled up with idiots sending me right wing sites as if they’re the truth. They can Google and find out they’re biased with an agenda, but they won’t. You know why they won’t? THE RIGHT WING HAS WON!

That’s right. There should be no taxes, you’re entitled to all the money you make, and the reason you’re broke is because of immigrants.

That’s like those people complaining about the closure of GM’s Lordstown plant. Reminds me of what Sam Kinison said about Biafra…don’t send food, send SUITCASES! These people have got to move!

How come no one can lose out in America? Techies pivot, but the brain dead doing manual labor believe they’re entitled to lifetime employment. And then they bitch the safety net is not strong enough. THAT’S YOUR FAULT!

That’s the America we live in today, one of division, one of tribes. And if you think you can convince members of the opposite team to switch parties, YOU’RE DREAMING!

When someone tells you they’re an “independent,” that just means they’re a Republican who doesn’t want the blowback. Nobody’s an independent in today’s fractured world, that’s a myth. But the media and the parties pay fealty to it.

And speaking of the youth, you’ve got to tell me how young people will get excited about Joe Biden, who’s got his own trail of #MeToo moments. It’d be like giving the reins of your Lime or Bird to grandpa. Of course he’s gonna fall off, he’s old and frail and he doesn’t know how it works!

But then you have the baby boomers crying ageism.

That’s America, where everybody believes they can do everything. But they can’t. Hell, even professional athletes retire, they just can’t do it anymore, but the boomer needs to believe he can still win the U.S. Open… HOGWASH!

Maybe we were always a conniving, untrustworthy nation, maybe now we just know about it. But one thing’s for sure, morality wins in the end. Because people need something to believe in.

If you can believe in today’s music, you’re delusional. Has a good beat and you can dance to it, but that’s about it. As for rock… People who can’t sing performing songs without memorable choruses and bridges who are playing to an ever smaller audience circling the drain. God, why can’t we get back to the garden? The Englishmen listened to the Delta bluesmen a few decades after their heyday. Now it’s fifty years later and Greta Van Fleet is castigated for sounding like Led Zeppelin. But Greta is the most successful new act out there!

But the music business can’t learn any lessons.

Everybody just wants to get paid. That’s how we got into this fracas. Label heads wanted their bonuses, they didn’t care about the future.

If you second guess what people want, you lose in the end. In music, it’s the left field unheard item that breaks all the rules that triumphs. But we’re told that in politics this won’t work, we’ve got to adhere to the past.

Impeach the sucker. Who cares if he’s convicted. Stand up for something. Play the long game. And, for those who lived through Watergate, Nixon looked like he was winning until the final moment, when the Republican senators insisted he resign. If you don’t think the same thing is possible here, you’ve got no sense of history.

As for pissing people off… WHO? No registered Democrat is gonna vote for Trump and the indies are Republicans anyway. It’s a small sliver of people who make a difference, and most of ’em don’t even vote. Yup, if you get people excited they vote, they feel they can make a difference. That’s how Trump won in 2016 and the Dems took back the House in 2018.

IGNORE THE REPUBLICANS AND FOX NEWS! You just can’t win that battle. If you think Dems on Fox are gonna make a difference, you’ve never watched that channel. Oldsters watch it like kids in the eighties watched MTV, they were ADDICTED! But if you put on Perry Como or Rosemary Clooney would they have gone for it? NO!

Everybody knows better, everybody blinks. It’s all about the data.

But data can’t write a hit song. Data can only replicate what’s already been done. When it comes to innovation, creativity, you need people.

This is the story of our time. In Germany, they’re telling Jews not to wear skullcaps. In America, not only did right wing wingnuts say the Jews would not replace them, as if there were enough Jews to do this, but one ended up killing a young woman.

But all we’ve got on the left is outrage and sympathy, we don’t DO anything!

I always wondered about those people who fought for their country. Lose your life over politics? But now I understand.

Everybody’s got a computer in their hand, but climate science can’t be trusted. It’s as if you were convinced your calculator delivered the wrong result.

People have power. If they organize around a principle and lead.

The Democrats are afraid of offending anybody and as a result no one is excited about them. Come on, I see Chuck Schumer on TV and I want to puke. He’s parsing his words, he’s cooking up nothing, and the guy in the White House is tweeting outrageously all day long?

I don’t like AOC’s view on the Jews and Israel, but one thing I’ll tell you for sure, she got a lot of people excited, and she drew attention to herself and got tons of media. Forget that the right wing branded her. SHE BRANDED HERSELF FIRST!

So I want all you lefties to unite, behind people who are passionate who want change.

Biden returning to what once was? What, do you want me to go back to Windows 95?

Hate me all you want. E-mail me I’m an idiot. That’s just the point. I can take it, I’m not gonna blink.

But for those who are on my side, it’s time to rise up with your eyes open and say…WE’RE NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE!

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