Elizabeth Warren

She’s got a plan for that.

Pete Buttigieg waffled on abortion on Fox.

After Georgia and Alabama restricted abortion rights, Elizabeth Warren introduced a plan to defend abortion rights and reproductive health care. And, she won’t go on Fox.

The Republicans play offense.

And the Democrats play defense.

If you’re afraid to piss someone off, you’re a loser. You’ve got to own your position, forget naysayers, and plow ahead.

In Hollywood they apologize regularly. But Trump never does. And he won, he’s President.

Oh, don’t talk to me about the popular vote, or gerrymandering or voter suppression. That’s the Democrats, always fighting the last war.

Then again, on Fox Hillary Clinton is President. Then again, that just rallies and solidifies Trump’s base. Meanwhile, under the guise of “fairness,” the “New York Times” attacks Democratic candidates.

Forget the Pocahontas thing. You don’t engage your critics online, keeping a story alive, you just wait for it to blow over. And the truth is most people are not swayed by issues like this. They’re more worried about their pocketbook and the right to live freely, and that includes abortion. How the Republicans ended up the party of “freedom,” I’ll never know. They keep on restricting our behavior.

And the truth is the populace is ignorant and no one knows less than an insider. Isn’t that what we learned in 2016, with Hillary’s failed candidacy? No one has a hold on the public these days, that’s the story of the decade, the splintering of our nation, caused to a great degree by income inequality. Meanwhile, you can’t attack the rich, because they’ve won and they’re job creators. And if you believe that, you’re probably one of them.

People are afraid of Elizabeth Warren. And that’s how every rock star made it. From the Beatles to Alanis Morissette. John Lennon said his band was bigger than Jesus. Ah, the backlash. It only BOOSTED the Beatles’ career. Because everybody in the target demo knew it was true, and could parse the words. As for Alanis giving head in a theatre, now the #MeToo generation is blowing back about that, losing the plot. We’re here because of sex. Which is oftentimes raunchy and weird. But if it’s between two consenting adults, WHO CARES?

That’s the Democratic Party, so busy creating a big tent that a lot of the population doesn’t want to enter. We need a leader, speaking the truth, to draw people in, WITH PASSION!

No one’s passionate about Joe Biden, he’s the safe “electable” choice, like Jeb Bush, John Kerry, John McCain and Mitt Romney before him. Ever notice that the safe choice never makes it?

So Trump turns the game on its head. Knowing that America loves a train-wreck and hope. That’s right, Trump gave people hope that something would be different. That it just wouldn’t be business as usual, which is what Hillary was offering. Don’t tell me Clinton was better prepared, that’s like saying the Ramones weren’t any good because their members couldn’t play as well as Yes.

This is the way it always happens. There’s a mainstream, and then an outsider comes along and blows the status quo apart, revealing we live in a new world.

And it never happens overnight. There’s always a long term of preparation off the radar. Warren paid her dues and she won!

She woodshedded at Harvard. And then made noise after being hired by Obama to set up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. No wonder the Republicans freaked out. They want the corporations to be able to rape and pillage without restriction.

And then she defeated a Republican to become a member of the Senate. This is like playing clubs and graduating to arenas.

Now she wants to play in stadiums, can she sell out?

What do we know? If you start in arenas you usually stumble and fall. You’ve got to build it, over time, by word of mouth.

And it’s never the usual suspects who take chances. It’s always some promoter or manager who believes. And lo and behold, these are the ones who triumph!

Taylor Swift is stumbling trying to follow trends.

Adele is her own trend. She sits above the fray.

You can’t be wishy-washy, you’ve got to own your identity.

And the press keeps propping up Pete and Beto, who are nonstarters. Pete is a nice guy who is not seasoned and Beto is a guy who fought an unwinnable war and lost. That’s right, he did not beat Ted Cruz for Senate. In what world does that make him fit for the Presidency?

Anybody with money hates Elizabeth Warren. Just ask them. They’re afraid they’re going to lose something. SHOULDN’T THEY? Enough with the fiction that we can lift the bottom up with the top not sacrificing. They’re never gonna take all your money. Maybe you can cough some up!

But no, you’ve got to play to everybody! As if everybody loves Nine Inch Nails or Lil Yachty. But we’re distracted by sideshows, like Lil Nas X.

That’s the world we live in, where the sideshow rules. You go for eyeballs, substance is irrelevant. It’s all about feeding the machine, and nothing changes.

But this century has been all about change. And those in power hate it! Like the aforementioned “New York Times,” which can’t stop printing anti-technology screeds. As if a twenty year old, WHO CAN VOTE!, will cough up their smartphone. Hell, even the boomers don’t want to give up their smartphones, they just want YOU TO!

The twenty first century is not about cohesiveness, that was the monoculture back in the eighties and nineties.

Then again, those who ruled back then can’t get over the fact that someone moved their cheese.

The twenty first century is about communication, connection. And the only thing the Democrats can do is complain. It’s Facebook’s fault. It’s always somebody’s fault but their own

We need leadership. We need optimism. We need someone to rally around.

Hell, we’ve got the same situation in music. The major labels don’t sign anything new and edgy, they just keep giving the public what they think it wants…hip-hop and pop. Meanwhile, other genres sell tickets and have more traction than ever. You avoid the future and you lose out. You’ve always got to look where we’re going, not where we’ve been.

Let’s see… Warren runs against Trump and people are not going to vote for her because she may or may not have Native American blood, because she’s a woman, because she’s not afraid to fight?


People overlooked Trump’s rudeness and peccadilloes because they believed in his message and/or did not like Hillary.

Bernie was the candidate of 2016. Talk about electable, he would have beaten Trump, because Bernie was speaking from the heart and it resonated.

It’s like we’re in a sailing race and Warren is tacking away from the field. And at first everybody said she was crazy, but now her numbers keep going up and…

The media can’t stop talking about her lack of cash.

The cash comes AFTER the message, not before! You cannot foist a new act upon the public, no matter how much you spend, you’ve got to build it to critical mass and THEN put the pedal to the metal.

Meanwhile, Warren knows it’s about keeping your name in the press. These biweekly proposals get her ink, when the competition is afraid to go on the record for fear they’ll piss someone off.

We don’t go backward, we always go forward. The labels couldn’t kill file-trading, we ended up with a new paradigm, streaming, even if it did take fifteen years. Furthermore, it was a good thing, it rained down more cash. But you can’t convince the oldsters, the losers, the same people tuned into Fox who want to go back to an era that wasn’t so good to begin with!

America is screwed up. There’s more economic mobility in Europe than there is in the U.S.A. You can’t make it on minimum wage, which the right refuses to raise because it’s gonna kill the job creators. Oh, come on.

You see the right has an answer for everything.

And the left is constantly flummoxed, trying to defend its position as it argues amongst itself. That’s right, some of the biggest haters of Elizabeth Warren are Democrats themselves, the Party, they think she’s unelectable, they want to anoint the candidate.

Just ask a record label. The public decides what hits, not the company.

We’re all looking for something new, fresh and different.

This is why the public is in charge, when they catch wind of something and they latch on it becomes a phenomenon, from One Direction to Billie Eilish to… And both of those acts were built first on the internet, there was a hard core who believed and talked about them. No one would have put faith in them at the outset, but they won.

Can Elizabeth Warren become President?

Damn straight she can.

Don’t stand in the way of progress, of winners, of change.

Tap into the future or get out of the way. You’re just cluttering the pathway to glory.

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