The New Yorker Story

“The Making Of The Fox News White House-Fox News has always been partisan. But has it become propaganda?”

Is changing the perception of Fox News.

There’s a divide in this country, and I wouldn’t put us past a civil war if Trump gets trounced in the next election. Bill Maher’s been saying that the Donald won’t leave office, Michael Cohen said the same thing. You see over years the Republicans have undermined the sanctity of elections. Whether it be with Bush v. Gore twenty years ago or the endless rants about election fraud when the biggest case just happened on their side.

So, if Trump loses, do you think his base will believe it?

I doubt it. Democrats roll over and go home, just like they’re doing with Ilhan Omar right now. Read Bret Stephens in today’s “New York Times”:

“Ilhan Omar Knows Exactly What She Is Doing-The Minnesota Democrat is bringing Corbynism to the Democratic Party”

That’s what’s so depressing, everything we thought was solved is not. Anti-semitism… Everybody still hates the Jews, covering it in anti-Israel rhetoric. But the truth is the Arabs don’t want a two state solution, they want Israel gone all together. But the anti-Israel lobby can’t stop talking about the problems of the Palestinians. I’m a Jew. I can criticize Israel all day long. The settlements, what’s up with that? I’m loyal to the United States first and foremost. And I can understand the powerless spewing ignorant hatred, but a member of Congress? And AOC defending her? God, you’d think minorities would hang together, but they’re busy infighting, which is why Republicans get elected.

The Republicans are organized. Read the “New Yorker” piece and you’ll realize Trump gets his information not from the government so much as Fox News. And that Fox News has gone even further to the right since the death of Roger Ailes and the expulsion of Bill O’Reilly, but that’s not the perception of its viewers, whose angst and hatred of immigrants is stoked by the channel.

We’ve known Fox News has been biased for decades. But now, since the “New Yorker” story, the intelligentsia are having a new look, saying that they won’t give Murdoch’s outlet the pass they used to, that it should be ostracized and called out for what it is.

All this focus on fake news online. I can’t help it if people are dummies. They’re not taught civics in school, they’re infatuated with conspiracy theories perpetrated by Fox and other outlets to keep them uninformed so they won’t wake up and ask what is going on and how come they’ve been left out.

Our society is being ripped apart at the seams.

And the most powerful entity is the media.

That’s right, one story in the “New Yorker” changed the debate.

And one four hour documentary changed the perception of Michael Jackson, damaging his estate irreparably.

We’ve been taught that all the action takes place in backwaters online. But the truth is the educated and intelligent, the established players, rule.

And the public doesn’t like this. Which is why it adheres to Fox News. Someone must be at fault for their failures, let’s blame it on the darkies and the Jews, because if we find out we ourselves are at fault, we’re screwed.

Sure, Facebook is off the rails. But our President is off the rails, with a member of the Fox team on his communications staff.

It’s enough to make you tune out, but there’s too much at stake. It’s hard to march forward believing it’s business as usual, when it’s not.

I know intelligent people who don’t believe in climate change. Because that’s not what the “Wall Street Journal” says, and that’s the only thing they read!

In other words, the big entities are pointing their fingers at the little people. It’s you and your groups on Facebook. You’re the problem. It’s an incredible fake-out.

But when the timing is right and truth is spoken, it gets traction.

The Michael Jackson documentary wouldn’t have had traction if it weren’t for the #MeToo movement.

And the “New Yorker” Fox News story wouldn’t have played if Trump’s activities were not the focus of today’s Congress.

Sure, outsiders can tip the table. But they’re always from the same club.

Music used to be an insider, a valuable media outlet. But now everybody says it should stay in its lane as mindless entertainment. Everybody’s afraid of alienating their base, but there’s no progress unless you take a risk. Am I supposed to heed the e-mail that tells me to stick to music? WHAT IS THE STORY THERE? That Lady Gaga got a new tattoo? That there’s a new festival? That streaming services are increasing in subscribership? There’s no content. But there are reams of poorly-written words that say nothing. “Billboard” trying to appeal to the public and trades that won’t say anything negative if they’re being paid.

First they come for the Jews.

And eventually they come for you.

At what point would you risk your life for your country?

I thought those days were far behind us. I don’t want my ass shot off.

But now I get it, the wars of the past. People can’t get over past injuries. Everybody wants a piece of the pie.

Meanwhile, the poor are hooked on opioids and the rich are working in finance or tech and those stuck in the middle are struggling to make ends meet while they bump asses to mindless music and watch superhero movies. They’re looking for an escape, but there is none, that’s the story of today. You’re in play, everybody’s in play. And if you want to make a difference, make a statement.

Jane Mayer has more power than the corporate titans.

One record can change the world.

Never forget that.

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