He acted like a guy who always gets his way.

There’s a path. I’m not sure the underclass can see it, I’m not even sure the middle class can see it. Where you go to a good prep school to get into a good college to go to a good graduate school to end up at the top of the heap. In the legal world, it’s about making partner. You do well in law school to get into a great firm where you work your butt off and…

It usually doesn’t go this way. Life has a way of bumping you off the track. Not everybody can make partner, never mind get a job with a top-tier firm. And there are personal challenges. Your own health, that of your family. Death, accidents. No one lives a charmed life.

But Brett Kavanaugh believes he’s entitled to one.

We live on the internet, our privacy is shot, but somehow Kavanaugh is immune. He says how his life has been ruined. Ask anybody else in the public eye, raise above the riff-raff and you’re a target, and not all of the accusations are truthful, sometimes people, even anonymously, are just out to sully your reputation, hold you back, prevent you from getting not only what you want, but what they want.

Kavanaugh seems to be completely unaware.

And he’s labeling it all politics, as if the Republicans have been angels and the Democrats devils. This is especially prevalent on Fox News, where Tucker Carlson keeps calling Avenatti the “creepy porn lawyer” even when he agrees not to. You know these people, they are the devious ones, not popular, who are out to get revenge. What happened to Laura Ingraham that made her this way? And why is David Hogg’s personal life relevant and not hers? What about Laura’s romantic relationships…

I don’t really care, but if you want to be paid the big bucks, if you want to be on the court, you’ve got to endure the slings and arrows. Go to an NBA game, there’s always some nincompoop yelling at some player. But you can’t go into the stands and throttle them, you’ve got to be a bigger person.

Brett Kavanaugh was not the bigger person today.

Don’t make this left and right, don’t make this Democratic and Republican, just make this people. Someone is lying here, who is it? Furthermore, would you behave like Kavanaugh did today? Hasn’t he ever heard of media training? Hasn’t he ever gone to therapy? He will now, assuming he’s not confirmed, and he should, because he’s got no insight into himself, he’s got no idea how he’s coming across!

Blow a gasket, weasel around the questions, start to cry…where does this work, in your parents’ house when you’re called on the carpet for lying?

As for Ford and #MeToo… That’s not really the matter in question. It’s a side issue. There will be consequences, thank god. Men will be forced to curb their behavior, we’ve taken the first steps on a long dark road hopefully to redemption. But what Ford’s appearance and testimony have broken open is our country…

Are you entitled to a fair hearing?

Can evidence be suppressed?

Can a candidate not only be railroaded, but railroaded through the confirmation process?

What you’ve got here is an unbelievably biased candidate who was counting his chickens before they hatched. A Republican Administration and Congress who won when they didn’t expect to and have rallied around precepts most Americans don’t agree with. And having prevented the centrist Merrick Garland from going on to the court, they believe they’re entitled to pack it with young right wingers so their views will be protected forevermore.

Yes, the game is rigged folks.

Start with gerrymandering.

And it is a game. The Federalist Society started preparing for this decades ago.

And if you think what you see on screen is the total story, you’re ignorant. Watch “The First” on Hulu, where Senators trade horses.

And as for Lindsey Graham’s righteous indignation… Hard to take seriously when there have been so many doofus moments previously.

So, whether Kavanaugh gets approved or not, our country will be cracked open. The law is kinda like a contract, it’s not always enforceable. Otherwise, people wouldn’t be killing each other in the street and eluding punishment. Or, to put it another way, you can win the battle and lose the war. Let’s say Kavanaugh ends up on the Supreme Court… No Democrat alive is gonna have a good taste in their mouth. And there are more Democrats than Republicans. Hell, Trump lost the popular vote.

And Trump has lost control over California. Actually, he never had it. The centrist Governor, at least by west coast standards, has turned the Golden State into a powerhouse with a booming economy and a better social safety net than red states. Are there problems, of course. But if you think we want to live in the land of pollution out here, you’ve probably never gone for a ride in a Tesla.

Then again, the SEC is trying to bring down Elon Musk, but good luck with the rest of the techies. The government is subservient to them.

Furthermore, Trump’s policies can be felt on the street, by you and me. I went to buy a suitcase today, they told me it was gonna go up by 10% on Monday, because of tariffs.

So what I guess I’m saying here is yes, I’m smiling that the right-wingers have got their knickers in a twist, how does it feel, to be on your own, in the great unknown?

But I wouldn’t be surprised if Kavanaugh gets confirmed tomorrow. Hell, it’s not a game of emotions, but numbers, and the Republicans have them on their side.

So we could lose again.

But this episode will prove much.

One, lying is fine in America today. You deny, deny, deny and see if you get caught. Either Kavanaugh or Ford is not telling the truth, you can decide, but one is up for the Supreme Court and the other is not.

And life is about more than achievement. People make sacrifices, make deals with themselves all the time. No one is able to go untouched. And sure, you can move to Alaska and disconnect from the internet, but you forgo so many benefits.

Meanwhile, the Watergate hearings were not like this. We wanted Nixon gone, but we did not believe our entire country’s future was hanging in the balance.

Music is a far cry from today’s show. There’s nothing at the Forum or Staples that compares. Music is mindless entertainment made by nitwits who don’t understand the issues, I won’t say players have taken themselves out of the equation, they were never in it.

But Kavanaugh and Ford… They’re winners. They’re on a track TMZ never sees and never comments on. This is true power.

How will it be wielded?

We’re gonna find out.

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