Gillum Wins In Florida

You should care. Whether you live in London or Dubai, whether you’re old enough to vote or a felon who cannot.

Because the polls were wrong and Gillum won.

But it was more than that. He focused on YouTube instead of television. And he didn’t triangulate, the old Clinton playbook is dead, you speak from the heart, not the head, you don’t try to appeal to everyone, but those who care. You can build it if you’re honest, if you don’t compromise.

Kinda like music.

But we haven’t had that spirit here since the last century.

That’s why pop music died. Check the chart. Instead of speaking their truth from the heart, acts incorporated beats and rap breaks and tried to give a bit of everything to everybody. Meanwhile, hip-hop has become me-too, and not in a feminist way. What kind of bizarre world do we live in where music is antiquated and politics is cutting edge?

One in which labels are the establishment and everybody’s chasing a buck.

Go into a label and try to sell them something non-hip-hop, something that’s not on the radio, IT CAN’T BE DONE! Labels are the new gatekeepers, they’re the Democratic party, taking the temperature of the country and delivering what they think people want, but is not close to what they need.

The reason there are twenty writers, the reason it takes months to build a track, is everybody’s afraid, everybody wants to buy insurance, they want to make sure that what they deliver will be accepted, by the same damn audience. What kind of ridiculous world do we live in where the dominant musical art form is hated by half the people?

Now hip-hop used to be about rebellion and truth. And sometimes it still is. Its power was unrecognized before the internet and Spotify, just like country’s was unrecognized before SoundScan. And maybe hip-hop is the new rock and roll, then again, rock and roll is brain dead, a third party appealing to niches with no traction. Meanwhile, the biggest act in the world is Adele and she sounds like nothing else on the chart. A great singer singing memorable songs with melody, what a concept! Then again, she shot herself in the foot on her last album by refusing to be on streaming services, that’s like refusing to be on the internet. Trump defeated Clinton because he tweeted, he still tweets. Who else is a famous politician who tweets prodigiously? NO ONE! Because they’re all afraid.

But we’re seeing a new wave of politicos who are not afraid. Who are doing it their way.

Kinda like Chance the Rapper. There haven’t been more of him because there’s only one of him, no one else resonates with the public so. And he keeps on giving money away. While most rappers are talking about their riches, he’s giving to charity. Didn’t anybody in the music business realize that millennials have a social conscience, that this stuff resonates with them, they want you to do good?

Now Gillum might lose in November. And then you’ll hear the powers-that-be say he was too far left. Tell that to the Federalist Society, which took decades to reach critical mass and now rules. Hell, you didn’t even know about it until last year. Hell, you still might not know about it. But the joke is on you, no one’s dumb anymore, everyone’s informed, maybe misinformed online, but you still think it’s about TV.

That’s what gave Gillum’s opponent DeSantis traction, he was all over Fox. Check the stats, old people watch that channel. And what happens to old people? THEY DIE!

Kinda like the old people going to classic rock shows. What comes next?

But no one at the labels is concerned with what comes next, they’re all like rappers, focused on short term numbers for their bonus pay. Because they have no ownership interest, and they’re focused on themselves instead of the operation.

Music used to be the most truthful, immediate medium. Hit songs reflected life. Were up-to-date, were comments on what was going on.

Now you find that on television, which takes much longer to produce.

Now everybody can’t win, everybody can’t get nominated. Gillum did not come from nowhere, he was already mayor of Tallahassee. So when you sit at home and wonder why you’re not successful, blame yourself. You have to find a way to get on the playing field, you have to find a way to get noticed, you have to have traction before the big players get involved. And Gillum benefited from money from Soros and Steyer, the latter banging the drum of impeachment almost since Trump was in office.

And what does the mainstream media say?


That’s the canard the right wing is spouting, and the newspeople, who missed Trump, are so out of touch with fact, that they believe it.

That’s the world we live in. Where we trust the data until we don’t.

The data said Clinton would beat Trump. So she relaxed and Democrats didn’t vote.

Clinton was so busy appealing to everybody, she appealed to nobody.

Kinda like today’s music business.

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