Michelle Wolf At The Correspondents Dinner

A woman speaks truth to power and…

The right wing excoriates her and the left wing apologizes for her.


America can’t handle the truth, at least this is what the media believes, until a businessman becomes President by appealing to racists and misogynists and instead of analyzing his success, reporters kowtow to this same minority instead of acknowledging that despite talking heads’ huge salaries most Americans are suffering, worried about their future, and speaking the truth about that.

They attack us, but we can’t attack them.

That’s the lesson we learned last night. Somehow, the Administration is off limits, while the pussy-grabber in chief excoriates everyone not on his team on Twitter every damn day, and never forget, HE GOT ELECTED!

Meanwhile, the Democrats take the bait, they debate whether Nancy Pelosi has to go and keep talking about Hillary, which is like continuing to discuss the girl who dissed you at the dance and then moved away, WHY?

The fact that Michelle Wolf’s routine is national news speaks to the power of truth, she skewered everybody, even the news media itself, triumphing financially via Trump, and all we get are stories how she was out of line.

To tell you the truth, she wasn’t that funny, and I’m a fan of her HBO show, but rather than fall on her sword, like Kathy Griffin, she’s doubling-down, responding to her haters on Twitter, THIS IS HOW Y0U WIN!

Those who appeal to everybody appeal to nobody.

We don’t live in one great big tent, it is not a Great Society, everybody’s high on opioids because a pharmaceutical company lied and had to get rich, but somehow it’s the user’s problem, by time we’re done all we’ve got is the rich and the poor and it’s your problem if you’re poor, and you know you want to be rich, admit it, you envy them, at least that’s what they want you to believe.

They want to keep you down. As far as that leg up, now they’re cutting the support from that stool known as education. Public education, BAD! Teachers’ unions, BAD! Taxes, BAD AND WASTED! What is the end goal here, a world where it’s every person for themselves with no compassion? A return to serfdom?

No health insurance, you have the right not to buy it!

Everybody gets a gun, to protect them from the government!

Meanwhile, the only ones with freedom are the rich and powerful who excoriate you if you raise your voice.

You’ve got to learn from Fox News. When you’re attacked, don’t fold, don’t play into the hands of critics, if you believe your message, stand your ground, that’s how you gain adherents. And with successful shows not even reaching a thirtieth of the population if you think you need everybody on board to win, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Now I’m not talking about a drive-by, like Kanye’s quips. Kanye is like Trump, he’s doing it for attention, hell, both he and Trump may be mentally ill. But if you’ve got something to say, and you believe in it, let your freak flag fly. The fact that others can’t handle it just proves the point, you’ve struck a nerve.

This is about platforms, power and truth.

Coachella is irrelevant, Beyonce triumphs there and few know and even fewer see it. Hell, her performance was removed from YouTube, in an era where your enemy is obscurity you want to make your works available, you don’t want to miss your moment, believe me, Trump will say something insane soon and we’ll all forget about Michelle Wolf’s performance.

You climb the ladder, you pivot, this is what Michelle Wolf has done, from finance to writer to standup special. She paid her dues, in a world where everybody believes they should triumph right out of the box and if they don’t it’s the audience’s fault, somehow they didn’t get it, no one takes responsibility, everyone points fingers.

But now Michelle Wolf is a household name, for one news cycle she got everybody to pay attention, she bought a ticket, cashed it and now she’s got a career. If she made nice, there’d be no story.

So take your opportunity. Don’t bunt, swing for the fences.

And if you’ve been wronged, don’t fall on your sword, stand up and fight. Hell, it’s not like women haven’t been abused for years, it’s just that when they stood up and said so en masse, the white men in power backed down.

For a while anyway.

The fight is constant. They want you to blink. They want you to second-guess yourself. They want to define the game.

But success comes from blazing your own path, and truth cuts like a knife through butter. Somehow Kellyanne and Sarah get to lie every day, obfuscate with the nation in the balance, and they’re untouchable?


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