Kid Rock For Senate

That’s what I don’t get about the libtards, THEY TAKE THE BAIT!

Kid Rock is not playing to you, he doesn’t care about you, and neither does his audience. You’ve got your knickers in a twist, saying the country’s going to hell in a handbasket, you’re denigrating Rock’s looks, age and music and he’s laughing all the way to the bank, because he knows his audience is EATING IT UP!

The Democrats have to get a new strategy, just bitching about the right wing isn’t working. It’s like a Gen-X’er yelling at a boomer, telling him Pearl Jam is the best band ever and the boomer shrugging his shoulders. Better yet, a millennial raving about Migos to both of those elder groups. You don’t win by yelling at somebody, changing hearts and minds is a long term process that the Republicans have been good at, with the Federalist Society and right wing talk radio and Fox News, and now the Democrats believe they can sway the converted in an instant, by telling them how inane and stupid they are?

Not gonna happen.

Meanwhile, Kid Rock, i.e. Bob Ritchie, is not stupid.

This is one of the great publicity stunts of this era. A guy who’s in his forties, who works in a moribund format, i.e. rock, suddenly got the whole nation’s attention when that’s nearly impossible to do. I don’t care if he runs for Senate or he doesn’t, that’s not the point, he can decide later. Kinda like Trump, he just wanted your love and attention, but he tapped into something that appealed to people. As does Rock… It’s about the underclass celebrating their uniqueness. Yes, it is a dying tribe, the white uneducated blue collar workers, but the truth is Rock has always employed a multiracial band which is better rehearsed than most and he gives 110% at his shows and if you think you can convince his audience otherwise, you must be a Democrat.

Meanwhile, Rock is smart. Literally. And upper middle class. His father was a Lincoln dealer. It’s all an act. Sit down with him long enough and you’ll find he’s almost a Democrat, it’s just that he’s got a brother living on welfare who doesn’t work and it drives him nuts. All I’m saying is if you’re bitching about the rube, you’ve missed the point. Rock is smarter than Trump, and he doesn’t want to be in politics, but he wants to sell tickets, in an era where I told someone I was going to Dodger Stadium tomorrow to see the Eagles and they were unaware they were playing. Yes, that’s the challenge you face, awareness, and Rock just broke the bank, by sticking his finger in your eye and having you do his work for him. Especially in an era where politics is more important than music. Rock got more traction than the biggest acts in the world, Drake, Jay Z, Beyonce, and you’re continuing to talk about it, articles are being written about it, and he’s not only playing along, he’s pushing back! Saying the press has got it wrong, he’s not on Warner Brothers and he’s got fifteen days to file. He’s doing it modern style, which is getting down in the pit and fighting it out, while you’re at home plotting a year-long publicity campaign for your album that’ll go Top Ten and instantly disappear, I hope your accomplishment keeps you warm at night, because the truth is your money won’t, because you’re upside down.

Rock was CREATIVE!

Every other has-been musician from the turn of the century is running on fumes. Putting out music that sounds just like what they made before. So, he’s criticized for mashing up Zevon and Skynyrd. But it went to number one, didn’t it? Isn’t that the game, while you sit at home and bitch about art and the culture?

This is like the Globetrotters beating the Washington Generals. And Kid Rock is Meadowlark Lemon. If you’re not laughing, you don’t understand the game.

Stop being so serious.

And go to Rock’s show, you might enjoy yourself!

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