Elton Weighs In

From: Bob Lefsetz
Subject: Hey Elton!
To: Elton John

Hope you’re good.

I know you’re a big new music fan.

Today’s music world is incomprehensible, we need curators who will make sense of it for us, and not just endless playlists on streaming services, so…

Can you recommend ONE recent track (now, or from the previous two years) that you think is a stone cold one listen smash?

I’m not asking you to be obscure, I’m not asking you to come up with one that burnishes your image. I’m asking you to put your programmer hat on. What’s the track you think would resonate with the most listeners?

Any explanation as to why would be helpful but unnecessary.

I was listening to the new stuff on Spotify and was overwhelmed, especially by the dreck. And then I was listening to some of my favorites on  my iPhone and I got this idea of reaching out to experts and you were the first I thought of…




From: Elton John
Re: Hey Elton!
To: Bob Lefsetz

Dear Bob, nice to hear from you. I agree that the majority of songs on the charts are awful mass produced robotic drek. However,“Human” by Rag And Bone Man should have flown from day one.

Although it is gradually rising up the radio charts it is taking its time.

I am not sure what Sony are doing but this is a number one record in my opinion and has been all over the world. It has a great hook, beautiful production and his voice is wonderful.

My theory is it is too sophisticated and too good a record. Therefore it does not fit in with the tinny, vapid crap constipating the top 100.

I still think it will get there, but Why so long?

All best wishes Elton x

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