More Russian Hacking

They got access via phishing scams.

Dopes are no match for nerds. And guns are no match for computers.

That’s right, 1’s and 0’s, computer networks revolutionized the music business and the wankers are still screaming… As for the politicians, they had no idea what happened to them.

Every day we get spam. Every day we get e-mails from our banks, our service providers, all kinds of entities that touch our lives…BUT WE KNOW NOT TO CLICK ON THEM!

Scary to think that those who want to run the world are clueless.

There’s a great divide in our culture akin to the one in the sixties. A generation gap. But this is one between those who know how to use computers, mobile phones, the internet, and those who don’t. Eventually we’ll get to the point where computers are secure, but we’re far from that point today. But baby boomers and Gen-X’ers think since they can touch the screen of their mobile phone they’re tech-savvy.

They’re not.

Want evidence?

Ask an oldster how to use Snapchat. Even better, ask them if they have a Snapchat account. Or you can even ask them if they use Twitter, the world’s breaking news service. They don’t because they think it’s too complicated, they’re too busy trying to impress each other on Facebook, being left behind all the while online.

Shawn Fanning was public enemy number one. Until he was replaced by a bunch of forgotten personages and now musicians blame Daniel Ek, as if he single-handedly stole their lunch. No, that is not true, by trying to live in the past they got left behind. When you hear someone wax rhapsodic about physical formats, when they talk about record company advances and sales, you know they’re clueless. Kind of like the mainstream media trumpeting first week sales. It’s all about constant streams, everybody under thirty knows that, but the old farts need that number one for their bio, not knowing that identities are fluid in the twenty first century and it’s not what you’ve done in the past but what you are continuing to do now, keep playing, keep evolving. You bought that sports car and your friends bought Priuses, then Teslas, and soon they won’t own any cars at all.

But at least you can see automobiles. You can’t see what’s going on behind the screen. Not unless you want to, not unless you’re savvy. Not unless you know how to do your own tech support. Isn’t it amazing, there’s no help left. Unless you want to overpay Apple, but even they can’t answer every question. But frequently the answer is as simple as PLUG IT IN!

Or reboot.

And I’m not saying a gun won’t kill you, but I am saying it won’t help you stand up to the government, the rationalization of these right wing blowhards. You’d be better off enlisting the fifteen year old with glasses. He or she can bring a corporation to its knees, turn off the power grid, all with the stroke of a few keys.

How could these politicians be so CLUELESS!

So busy puffing themselves up, they don’t live in the real world, they’ve got no idea what’s going on, they need to see themselves in the papers no one reads, it’s a club I tell you, meanwhile they’re missing out on real life all together.

I’d like to tell you the Russians were geniuses, educated sleuths who make your jaw drop. But the truth is they employed rudimentary techniques to crack the DNC and the rest of our government. Because the people manning those networks, using those networks, were so dumb and inexperienced they not only did not see what was happening, they essentially fed the enemy the information.

So, if you don’t know how to sync music for offline listening on Spotify…

You’re two steps behind.

Educate yourself. It’s your only hope to stay relevant.

Or you can bitch to your contemporaries as you’re wiped off the map.

Will this happen to the USA?

I certainly hope not.

But it could.

Because despite different parties, despite different viewpoints, the government is run by people who think they know but don’t.

Because something is happening here

And you don’t know what it is.

Do you, Mister Jones?

P.S. This is all laid out in this “New York Times” article “The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S.” It’s long, and in truth you don’t have to read all of it, but give it a start, to see how rudimentary the Russians’ techniques were. Someone’s got to speak the truth, someone’s got to do the investigation, and I applaud the “Times” here, but that does not mean anyone will read it. Want to know what’s going on? Then turn off your TV and read. The problem isn’t fake news, but the fact that people aren’t reading any news at all. (If you’re still getting your news from television, you’re old, you’re out of the loop. News happens online, where even the papers live. The “Times” may be boosting bookstores, but the people reading paper are the same people who are coughing up passwords via phishing scams. Stop holding on to the past, being holier-than-thou, shoot me for my position, but I’m right. At least I’m telling you, the younger generation is just ignoring you.)

The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S.

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