Us vs. Them

We’re looking for heroes. We want those who speak the truth to put us atop the pedestal as opposed to themselves. Seers who are unafraid to be politically incorrect, who are willing to not only talk about the rampant income inequality in America, but the drug scourge.

And these are not techies.

It’s over kids. Four companies won the internet and everybody else is screwed. It’s Amazon and Apple, Facebook and Google, along with maybe also-ran Microsoft and newbie Snapchat, who control our digital lives. If you think you can sit in your basement and come up with a new tech idea and become a billionaire independently you’re either dumb or stuck in 2005. The techies have too much power.

And they’re using it against us.

Used to be we were afraid of losing our privacy. But then they came for the news. Gawker just declared bankruptcy, because it cannot compete with the deep pockets of Peter Thiel, a billionaire, so what chances are there for you?

I’ll vote for Hillary, not because I love her, but because I want to make sure the Supreme Court is no longer run by yahoos giving more power to those who have already been given too much under the rubric of “freedom.” And despite the figurehead, the truth is most people are on my side.

The progressives always win in the end. There’s gay marriage and more racial integration than ever before. Not that we don’t have miles to go, but the rank and file believe in equality.

And that no one is on their side.

Other than Elizabeth Warren on the left and…

I’m not sure who on the right.

Warren stood up to the haters. Whilst entertainers perform for oligarchs, Elizabeth keeps whacking the mole, unafraid of the fallout, of retribution.

This is what rock stars did when that profession rained down money.

But you make more as a Fortune 500 CEO than you do as a musician, year after year. And who can believe in overpaid execs like Philippe Dauman, whose solution to a low stock price is to give away the crown jewels. It’d be like a musician selling his catalog, for the short term money, and that’s always a mistake, it’s always about the long run.

And I’m not sure where we’re going in the long run.

But I do know we’re on the same team.

Those on the right are pissed someone stole their jobs, their opportunity. Which is exactly what those on the left are saying. Only those on the right believe it’s bogeymen like immigrants and welfare recipients while those on the left believe the fault lies in corporate interests.

And like I said, the left always wins in the end. Not through argument, but progress.

And we need progress in America right now. We need everyone to believe they have an opportunity to make it to the top via hard work. We need people to see that the problem is not only in Washington, D.C., but Silicon Valley. We’ve transferred our adoration from entertainers to techies and in the process we’ve sacrificed our souls to get free products with no support that we argue with each other upon while those in control whiplash not only our emotional future, but our economic one. You might connect with friends on Facebook, but the truth is it’s the number one news outlet today, far more powerful than any network, cable outlet or other website.

That’s where we are, the rich have gotten richer and we’re busy fighting amongst ourselves while everybody with a platform is kissing ass and sucking at the corporate tit while the same media which got it wrong about Trump says kids no longer view selling out negatively. That’s crap. Perpetrated by the same corporatists who are running roughshod over the economy and stealing our future, on both the left and the right. If you think the Democratic titans put the working man’s interests foremost, you were probably at that Goldman Sachs meeting where Hillary gave her speech. She got paid for influence. But some have to live outside the law, and to do that you’ve got to be honest.

We are at a turning point. And I’m not only talking about the unrest evidenced in the Presidential primaries. Rather, the tech revolution has become calcified the same way classic rock turned into corporate rock in the seventies. There are bands with long hair still cutting records, but no one cares. Today it’s about who you are and what you say, not your brand evidenced all over social media in your dash to become rich and famous.

Yes, once again it’s about the individual, what he or she has to say. Just you wait, you’re gonna see, because the billionaires have taken it too far.

Popping up from the underground will be people unafraid of being in the public eye who will speak their truth, which we resonate with, despite them being pilloried. Everybody wants to be liked, and that’s a false economy, just like your Facebook page where you display no downsides.

No successful musician is now leading. We’ve just got economic stunts.

And the movies are a complete joke.

Television leads, but despite containing great stories, it’s mostly escapism.

No, we’re looking for hard core reality, evidenced in a living, breathing, human being. A Mr. Smith in Washington, a selfless Kanye West. Someone who sells ideas, not sneakers. Who is not about self-glorification, but doing right for others via their leadership.

We remember Martin Luther King, not Bernie Cornfeld.

And they just sold the Playboy mansion.

It’s a new era. One of utter confusion. Upon whose landscape new leaders will emerge.

Because we need them.

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