I’m For Bernie

My vote doesn’t count. I live in California, one of the last primary states. Clinton is gonna win the nomination, Sanders’s success is mathematically impossible. As for a convention fight… That hasn’t worked out too well in the past.

But I’d be much happier if Bernie was the candidate.

You just can’t trust Hillary. AND I’M A DEMOCRAT!

I don’t like people who view systems as their plaything and ignore rules, and the e-mail server report illustrates that Clinton views herself as above the law, and that’s everything I hate about modern America. You know, the country where there used to be a safety net and if you worked hard you could get ahead. Where we were all seen as equal and you could trust the people in Washington were on your side.

Credibility and character, they’re all that matter to me. In both my personal and business lives. Can you count on someone? Will they be there for you in a pinch? If you base your friendships on entertainment and access, purely fun times, you’re utilizing the wrong criteria. You want people who are compassionate, who won’t abandon you. But once our nation became every man for himself, in the Reagan eighties, the spoils have gone to those who’ve ignored the systems, whether it be financiers or techies. Even worse, those presently in control don’t want to let go. Rather than revolutionize their enterprise, take risks, be exposed to failure, they want to rig the system so they can continue to win. And that’s plain ugly. Because the future outs no matter what. And it’s the people who’ve revolted against high entertainment prices, and it’s the people who are revolutionizing our political system.

Of course Hillary looks good on paper. She’s EXPERIENCED! I don’t want an amateur who’s viewed YouTube clips to perform my surgery and I respect dues, the time someone has put in in pursuit of becoming not only competent, but expert.

Unlike Donald Trump. A know-nothing whipping up support via false promises.

Hillary’s vision is on my side. But there’s little center to it. She’s constantly wavering, testing the wind, and we all know that those who poll, who go to the research, can tell you where we’ve been, but can never tell you where we’re going.

And the fact that an aged Jewish socialist from Vermont can nearly topple the Clinton machine is testimony to how weak her candidacy is, as well as the public’s hunger for change.

You remember the public, right? Those who’ve gotten ever less and have not shared in the spoils of the economic recovery. Even the “New York Times” featured an inane piece how the economy won’t affect the election. HUH? You can point to GDP and unemployment figures all day long, but I don’t feel like I’m getting ahead and neither does everybody else. And politics, like entertainment, is a business of perception. It’s not how many records you sell, it’s how many people THINK you sell! Ditto on tickets, Madonna’s tour of the States was an economic dud, but did one media outlet print that? No, everybody just poured on the accolades, too dumb and inexperienced or too overworked to do the research or wanting access to the Material Girl. That moniker was a joke back then, today it’s the truth.

Material is everything. How did two people who devoted themselves to public service get so damn rich? The Clintons worked their connections and curried favor and are beholden to the same damn people and interests those of us who’ve been kept down abhor. Gimme some truth. There’s none of it with Clinton. She’s smart and educated but sold out.

Which is why I’m predicting Trump will win.

Come on you holier-than-thou liberals attacking the man for being a flailing idiot with insane policies. Don’t you get it, people want CHANGE! On the right AND left! And despite Donald’s policies being beyond questionable, it’s Clinton and her ilk who everybody’s pissed at. The “Inside the Beltway” crowd with no clue how the rest of us live. They think the world is their plaything, and it bugs me to no end.

This election is not about facts, but FEELINGS!

Yes, the fact is Bernie’s platform is based on flawed economics, but he’s gunning for the right solutions, I FEEL he cares about me, I FEEL he’s on my side, not like a benevolent boss but another man in the trenches. And never underestimate that. You don’t want to be in a foxhole with someone who’ll abandon you after you’re shot.

I was playing the odds. I was intellectualizing. It was Hillary’s time. She’s got the most miles under her belt. She’ll appoint a reasonable Supreme Court justice, maybe two or three.

But then I realized the rest of the country didn’t see it my way. That people were pissed and no amount of reasoning could get them to sell their souls for four more years of no progress for the less than rich individual.

Yes, my vote for Bernie is a protest. Against Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who tried to rig the nomination for Hillary. And all the media which ignored Bernie before attacking him. They’re like the record companies, they love the devil they already know.

And if you want to avoid the Trump presidency, if you want Hillary to win because she’s the best of two very bad options, then I ask you to start taking Bernie and Trump seriously. And realize the whole game is in play. And that the world has changed. The right is threatening because voters feel ignored and short-changed. Larry Summers says we need economic stimulus but taxes have a bad name and why is the Republican party beholden to the anti-abortionists and religious zealots when they’re a distinct minority and most people want the ability to choose and a government sans religion.

And I could trace the right’s efforts to control the country via talk radio and Fox News and the Federalist Society, but the truth is the left became complacent too, allowed itself to be tugged to the middle and become beholden to money, representing the underclass, never mind the middle class, poorly.

Pretty screwed up, I know.

But we’re closer to revolution than we were in the sixties. Today it’s not so much about war but opportunity. We’ve got a strongman on the right spewing falsehoods and changing his mind willy-nilly, but one thing he’s doing is giving his constituents hope. And if you think Hillary’s done that, you don’t need it, you’ve already got yours.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. But everything the prognosticators have told us is wrong. You can’t trust the data. It’s every man for himself.

And it’s time to stop triangulating and do what’s right, say what’s right, stand up for justice.

And the only person doing that is Bernie.

So I’m for him.

Because you’re either part of the problem or part of the solution.

And when the reckoning comes, I want to be able to look in the mirror and say I did the right thing, that I was honest, that I had credibility, that I had character, that I was a good citizen on the side of the people as opposed to a nitwit or party apparatchik steering this great nation of ours off a cliff.

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