Twitter War!

It’s all about access.

Today people want to reach out and touch you, Facebook has flattened the earth, everyone feels equal, and if you stand above the fray…

It’s only a matter of time before you’re taken down.

This is how Donald Trump can get away with the sappy comments about his family, and his inane statements regarding minority groups, i.e the taco bowl, and the uneducated…people speak first and are analyzed never online. It’s only the old wave players, working the refs, who believe that gotcha politics still plays. That’s so last century, today you keep talking and adjust along the way. Everybody makes mistakes! Social media is riddled with the cookies of your humanity, being inappropriate, misstating facts, but we all know the truth will out in the end. At least enough of it to make a difference. Wikipedia rules the fact-based world, even though there are inaccuracies on my own damn page, but better the wisdom of the crowd than the wisdom of Karl Rove and the rest of the fat cats who think they can sway society. That’s what’s utterly laughable, the big time news media and inside the beltway movers and shakers who have utter faith, however misplaced, that they can shape the minds
of Americans.

No, we’re all a compendium of our influences. Most of us are riddled with falsehoods, because there’s truly no consensus, most people won’t go to Wikipedia, they don’t want to be shown up, but when the issues become really important, then it’s necessary that we shine light upon the truth.

And Hillary Clinton has done a poor job of doing this.

But Elizabeth Warren is a Power Ranger, a member of the Fantastic Four, she’s beating Donald Trump at his own game.

Trump owns Twitter. Anybody on the site knows that accumulating followers is a long hard slog. But you can get a leg up by ATTACKING someone with a ton of followers. Who, of course, could refuse to acknowledge your poke and leave you in the wilderness but…

The Donald can’t do that.

Elizabeth Warren took on Trump on his own turf and eviscerated him.


That’s right, even if you can’t comprehend Twitter, you heard about the war. How could Warren be so smart and Hillary so dumb? Hillary’s so busy triangulating that she’s not even playing. As for Bernie… Love ya man, but some people are just too elderly, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks and most boomers, today’s alta kachers, have all the technology but are clueless as to how to use it. But the truth is this is a battle amongst the younger generation, the ones who not only have downloaded Snapchat but know how to use it. And they’re aware of this Twitter war. It may not be as high profile as Kanye’s shenanigans, but it’s much more important.

Trump is Kanye. A guy most people hate but think everybody loves because he’s all over the news and constantly get a pass. But Warren is not afraid. She waded into waters she did not need to and then walloped the Donald.

Who even knew she had a Twitter account?

She’s only got 426,000 followers. A mere pittance compared to Trump’s 8.18 million.

But she knows Trump can tolerate no negativity, not when it comes to his brand.

So Elizabeth weighed in.

And didn’t pull any punches.

And the Donald fell for the bait.

Mistake number one. You never punch down.

He calls her “Goofy Elizabeth Warren.”

She says: “Goofy,’ @real DonaldTrump? For a guy with ‘the best words’ that’s a pretty lame nickname. Weak”

Whew, Warren turns the have a beer paradigm on its head, she’s the one we want to hang with. By using the vernacular, she humanizes herself. But this is secondary to the fact that she’s giving it right back, demonstrating that she knows Trump’s games, with “the best words” reference, and ultimately the Donald looks small, because we all know you never win a Twitter war by calling people names, it just goes back and forth.

Warren attacks the Donald’s identity and politics and…

Trump just comes back with pejoratives, says she’s playing the “woman card,” accuses her of not doing her job, wasting time on Twitter, but he’s RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT AND IS ALL OVER TWITTER? And who’s running Trump, Inc?

Warren’s got balls.

And unlike Clinton, she’s not afraid to show them. Hillary’s been castigated so much for not being a milk and cookies mom that she now fakes it and says she is. No Hillary, you’re not warm and fuzzy. And we don’t want warm and fuzzy, we want to see your killer instinct, something the Donald demonstrates not only day by day, but hour by hour.

So stay off social media at your peril. If you intentionally want to be removed, if that’s your shtick, fine. But if you’re stuck in the last century doing it the old way you’re doomed. Everybody knows everybody and everything these days. Mystery is history. When you try to float above the fray you look like a doofus. Stop complaining someone moved your cheese and play by the new rules.

And Hillary Clinton… Don’t you get it? We live in a new era, talk first and think later. No one remembers what you said yesterday. It’s all about mindshare, which is why Trump tweets constantly. Hell, ever since he sewed up the nomination ten days ago it’s been all Trump all the time in the media. Hillary’s losing the war because she doesn’t know she’s in it. It’s like America not realizing guerrilla warfare can’t be defeated by bombs in Vietnam. It’s like Republican bozos asking for more warships when the future of combat is in cyberspace.

Our heroes come and go ever faster in today’s world. You establish your reputation by participating and then cement it by continuing to play. We only want winners, who are unafraid of the powers-that-be, who speak their mind, who go for the jugular when appropriate, because we all know social media is the land of bullies.

Elizabeth Warren took one down this week. When are her Democratic minions gonna wake up and follow her lead?

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    […] Stop making stupid people famous, Banksy stenciles. “Data gets us the Kardashians,” blogs Seth Godin. Beat Trump at his own game, screams Leftsetz: […]

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