Jimmy Iovine On Women

“Jimmy Iovine: ‘Women Find It Very Difficult At Times To Find Music'”

Wherein Jimmy Iovine has his Al Campanis moment.

Tim Cook comes out and advocates for gender equality but his lieutenant sets back the cause of women to the Stone Age.

Where’s Gloria Steinem when you need her? Or Naomi Klein, never mind Naomi Wolf.

Or how about Sheryl Sandberg, are you gonna take a stand on this? Are you gonna push back? Or are you just gonna stay quiet, a member of the tech elite, protecting your brethren while they act and behave heinously.

Sure, someone can make a mistake.

But we don’t tolerate these kinds of mistakes elsewhere. And this demonstrates roots, core beliefs, this wasn’t a slip of the tongue, this is who Jimmy Iovine is. A member of a boys club who doesn’t give a hoot about keeping women down. Hell, his best buddy Dr. Dre…check out his “relationships” with women. He apologized for his transgressions, but decades too late.

This is what happens when people live in the bubble too long, when they’re not in touch with the street, when they’ve got no idea how people really think or behave. Thank god the younger generation is so much better informed and more advanced. I credit MTV for making America less racist, sexist and homophobic. Once you see people like yourself on television, once you realize the denigrated are as good as you are, once you see intelligent women lighting up the screen, your beliefs are changed.

But mainstream media is so behind the times. Why didn’t one of the CBS hosts call Jimmy out? Thank god the traditional media is being eviscerated by the online sphere. Beautiful nitwits paying fealty to the rich and powerful is passe, just like the aged people watching network shenanigans.

So now you know who Jimmy is. The same guy who ranted about file-traders during the early part of this century and the same guy who came out against freemium, because it’s not good for HIM! What about the customers, what about the listeners, what about those who keep musicians alive?

No, Jimmy’s just as self-centered as the rest of the rich in our society. Hell, at least Bernie Sanders is a man of the people, even if he’s got no chance. Bernie would never say such a thing, because those subjected to scrutiny learn what they say counts, and do their best not to commit faux pas.

But Jimmy Iovine thinks he’s better than us, knows more than us, even though Eric Schmidt, a technology majordomo, says machines will predict music better than people. Just like Amazon’s computers predict books you want to read better than people.

Not that people are superfluous. It’s just that machines don’t make dumb mistakes. And can aid us when we let them serve us.

Apple Music is challenged. Spotify is the frontrunner. And the more I see Iovine make proclamations about what’s going on, the less I have confidence in Apple’s success.

Your move Tim Cook.

“Jimmy Iovine, Mary J. Blige talk Apple Music’s new ad”

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