Take away their Super Bowl victory.

That’s right, strip them of their success, show that rules matter.

But they don’t anymore in America.

That’s what the underclass doesn’t understand…the level of cheating that goes on by their overlords, the rich and famous, the corporate titans, the sports stars. They keep telling us we’ve got to work harder, to be like them, to make it when the truth is they’ve had advantages and have greased the totem pole so we can’t climb it and all the while keep uttering duplicitous statements that keep us off our guard.

Kind of like Lance Armstrong.

You know who’s a national hero? Greg LeMond. Who won the Tour de France when Americans weren’t paying attention. He went on record that Lance doped and he lost his bike deal, he was demonized, his life ruined. Because if you stand up against the winners in today’s society you’re a loser. Kind of like Edward Snowden. Do you think the appeals court would be saying the N.S.A. went too far if it weren’t for Snowden? Of course not, justices are human, not infallible, the law is malleable, they sway with the wind.

Actions matter. Identities matter. But somehow in the dash for cash and fame these concepts have been plowed under.

Like high speed trading. Michael Lewis writes a book about what most people can’t understand and the only ones who do excoriate him, believing if they say enough negative stuff the story will go away.

And that’s the truth.

Kind of like Tom Brady.

You need an edge, everybody in America needs an edge. A thumb on the scale. A way to make sure they can win. If you don’t think the game is rigged against you you’re not playing.

It starts with schools. The best and the brightest don’t even go to public school, they have you agitating for voucher systems while their kids go to Andover and Exeter, places you’ve never even heard of. And their progeny get into the Ivys because they did too. And if they didn’t, they donate a building. Of course you can’t get into Brown if you’ve got 1000 on your SATs, but if your numbers are in the ballpark and your daddy writes an eight figure check, VOILA, success!

Welcome to America, where there’s a way around everything. It’s who you know and what they can do for you, but it’s the denial that bugs me.

When I grew up the worst thing that could happen was to bring a note home from school, my parents would hit me, literally. Today if a kid brings home a note a parent goes to the administrator and says it can’t be true and threatens to sue. Don’t ask me how things changed, but they did, and this culture is permeating our entire society.

No one can take any responsibility. And when caught, they get on their high horse and deny it. Sometimes the truth comes out, but usually years later, after the perpetrators have garnered the victory and the spoils.

Not to mention America loves a redemption story. We’ll give you a second chance if you say you’re sorry. But that rarely happens anymore, unless you’re a celebrity who makes a non-PC statement and goes to rehab… What, is this the USSR, with re-education camps?

I’d like a re-education camp.

One in which schools teach people how to think as opposed to getting the right answer on a test.

One in which you learn how to read and write, because in the digital age those are even MORE important!

One in which public universities are funded to the degree private ones are. So a degree from UCLA or Berkeley is equivalent to one from Stanford, how it used to be.

One in which you can pay your bills by doing an honest day’s work. I’m not saying people shouldn’t try to improve themselves, but without people to do all the service jobs we’ve got no economy, never mind a society.

Now it’s great Ellen Pao sued Kleiner Perkins. The VC firm won, but it lost. Because the truth is they did keep women down. And now every VC firm will be hesitant to do this in the future.

And if Brady and the Patriots skate on this no one will be dissuaded from cheating in the coming years.

At least they nailed A-Rod. He equaled Willie Mays’s home run record and no one cared.

Because the truth is we don’t care about liars and cheaters.

But if we pay Asian contractors a living wage, our TVs and computers will cost a fortune.

If we penalize the Patriots our lives will be empty with nothing to believe in.


People rally around the truth. That’s what art used to provide. Before we lionized second-tier charlatans like Jeff Koons and celebrated Taylor Swift for her marketing efforts, trumpeting her success on the anemic sales charts when everybody is streaming. That’s right, Swift is the queen of YouTube. Leaving Spotify was irrelevant, because it’s got few subscribers. Want to make a difference Taylor, LEAVE YOUTUBE!

Taylor took a stand, one that benefited herself.

Ain’t that the twenty first century.

And the only reason I mention her is at least you know her. Becoming world famous is nearly impossible these days. The opportunity is there, but the success rate is incredibly low.

Read this article about how hard it is to become a YouTube star:

“Can You Still Become ‘YouTube Famous’?”

But you won’t. Because you just wanna believe if you work hard enough and believe in yourself you’ll make it.


The winners have an edge, AND THEY’RE KEEPING IT!

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