Today’s America

You’ve got to watch this video.

That’s right, scroll down this page and click on the Rolls-Royce.

A $35-million tear-down: L.A.’s unreal estate has plenty of buyers

What kind of crazy fucked up world do we live in where a real estate AGENT flaunts his wealth, not understanding it makes him a target?

One in which the populace believes if it just works hard, it too can make it. And one in which the rich operate behind gates and fly private and most people have no idea what their lifestyle, never mind their wealth, is like.

Is this how far we’ve come? Where we’re all aspirational assholes? Droning on in our deadbeat jobs, watching “Shark Tank,” thinking we too can invent a product and get rich? Or have we given up and are drinking and drugging because it’s all useless.

And today Ted Cruz says he wants to be President. Have you watched “House of Cards”? Frank Underwood can’t run for re-election because he can’t find the money! You just don’t decide you want the highest political office, you’ve got to purchase a ticket. And you get one by being beholden to the same people who are buying the houses in this video. And their interests do not align with those of the underclass. And believe me, you’re a member of the underclass.

Do we blame the education system? One that has been underfunded to the point where art is not a part of the curriculum? When I went to public school, back in the sixties, a decade today’s rich pooh-pooh and want to eliminate from memory, every student had art and music classes every week. And I’m not saying everybody became an artist, but some were inspired and everybody was exposed.

In these same sixties the motto was “Question Authority.”

Now everybody bends to authority. And I’m not talking the police, I’m talking the money game. You go to work for the bank, for the institution. And sure, individuals come up with tech inventions, but those don’t stimulate your mind, they’re inert without human input.

Humanity. If Steve Jobs can get sick and die, so can you. No one lives forever and we all live in a society where if we don’t help our brother, we’re screwed. Want to get rich? Someone’s going to have to buy your product. And if people don’t have money, they won’t be able to.

But the poor have been demonized. They don’t pay taxes!

OF COURSE THEY DO! Maybe not income taxes, but sales taxes all day long. On food and gasoline, assuming they’ve got a car.

But no one wants to be a member of a loser group. And no one wants to hear from a loser group.

And you want to know a loser group?


Jeff Koons ain’t changing the world, he’s preying on rich people. That’s what Art Basel is all about. Art fairs for the rich.

And it’s not only rappers writing about lifestyle, it’s also teens, marionettes controlled by old men, who will do anything to get rich. I’d blame them for not addressing the real issues, but they’re too young and uneducated to know what they are, never mind analyze them.

And what’s the main bitch in the music business?


That’s right, this is an industry that sued its own customers.

The power of music? To change not only lives and society? I never see that mentioned. I just hear again and again about some act getting a sponsorship deal. And the handlers won’t put the kibosh on this, they get a commission!

So we don’t have a world in which artists will stand up for truth.

And believe me, an artist can, especially a musician, because it doesn’t take a village to make a record, one person can do it by their lonesome.

Then again, HBO brings down a criminal and in music we mint criminals!

Music rode shotgun in the revolution of the sixties. Because middle class musicians were educated and had not only morals, but values. And sure, some got rich along the way, but that wasn’t the only goal.

Neil Young wrote about the Kent State shootings and everybody questioned the actions of the National Guard.

Today no one questions anything. They just stare somnambulantly at their smartphone.

So we end up with a video like this. Where the lackey of the rich is too stupid to realize he’s part of the problem. That he’s wearing no clothes. That his Rolls-Royce was purchased on the backs of people who often barely inhabit the estates he sells. He should give up and become a social worker, he should give back.

But people stopped giving back when you could no longer make it as a teacher or social worker, when the bills were too high and you became a laughingstock. Remember Obama being criticized for being a community organizer? What kind of lame job is that? What does that prepare you for?

A red-blooded American inherits his wealth. Or starts a company like Walmart that double-dips in the safety net. Its employees require government aid because the company doesn’t pay them enough and then they turn around and spend this cash at the store! And “House of Cards” made that point. I don’t see that point in a hit record.

And I’m not going to tell you things are gonna change.

But I am gonna tell you we’re living in a fucked up country.

Where we’re all trying to climb a greased pole, assuming you can find it, assuming the richies haven’t cut it down to build a new mansion.

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