Apple Notes


Everybody thinks I have an Android.

Malcolm Gladwell told me the problem with e-readers is no one knows what you’re reading, and for an author that’s anathema. The cover of the book sells the book, but if no one can see it…

No one can see I have an iPhone 6. I purchased the Apple case, but it’s grey and the Apple logo is very subtle and with my hand around it no one can see it, but to be truthful, I can barely see it.

So, if you want pride of ownership, evidence that you laid down your cash and are a member of the cult, the iPhone 6 disappoints.

One could posit it would be different with the 6 Plus, but the truth is that too looks like a Samsung product. It’s kind of like cars before BMW blew up the paradigm and then Hyundai ran with it. They all looked the same. Buildings too, until Philip Johnson took a chance with the AT&T building.

Are phones now a commodity?

Or are they evidence we live in a software society, and it’s utility that counts. It’s not what you own, but what you have access to, what you rent.


Speaking of utility, are larger phones killing tablets?

It appears so.

The excitement and wonder have worn off tablets. They’re good for watching Netflix, but if it’s data you want, a large phone will do ya. And if you want to type, why not get an ultrathin laptop, like a MacBook Air or one of its Windows competitors.

Ain’t that the way of technology, what was new and hip seemingly minutes ago is suddenly passe.

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