R8 NOT A8!!

I screwed up.  My e-mail told me.

I provided the right link, but I gave the wrong name.  The A8 is a mighty fine car…FOR A SEDAN!

Yup, the A8 is the top of the line sedan, the R8 is something all together different.  Twice the price, the R8 is a cousin of the Lamborghini Gallardo, as you can read here:

I’ve been piloting an R8 all week.

Now you may not be interested in automobiles, but you will want to know that the Internet is one big correction factor, with surfers ready to inform a writer of each and every mistake.  This is a good thing.  Collaboration delivers accuracy.  This is the secret to open source software and is changing the way society works.  Young people, Netizens so to speak, know that information constantly flows and the truth is in flux, it’s something every one searches for together.  Of course, there are people like Andrew Breitbart who want to throw a monkey wrench in the system, but isn’t it fascinating that there were Web watchdogs who went to the original unedited tape and ferreted out the truth?

In other words, if you’ve got something to hide, you’d better erase your presence online.  Which is almost an impossibility these days.  In other words, lying cheating scumbags can no longer work their mischief unfettered.  The ticket shenanigans, with acts scalping their own ducats and the holdback of the best seats…the public knows the truth, and the touring industry is paying the price.

The record labels too.  In a digital era, they’re utilizing analog accounting.  They think everybody wants to make a deal.  But wannabe stars know that making a deal with a major is making a deal with the devil, you can’t get out unless you’re unsuccessful, and often not even then, and you’ll never get paid what you’re owed.  It was one thing when the label only screwed you on record royalties, now they want a piece of everything?

Honesty, truth and transparency…

Not that the Net operations of youngsters don’t try to test the limits, but whenever Facebook makes a heinous change to its privacy policy, the blowback is deafening.  This is a good thing.

Focus on the music.  Treat your fans right.  Eliminate hidden charges.  Let people get a good ticket.  Allow them to both listen for free and purchase $100 souvenir packages…  Not that you shouldn’t sell t-shirts as cheaply as you can…did you ever consider that they’re advertisements?  I mean it’s one thing to pay for an inert two-dimensional billboard, but if someone is wearing a rock t-shirt, they’ve got to really believe.  An anonymous paid for street team will promote crap online, but get them to wear the t-shirt of the lousy band all day long?  Mmm…  In a fashion-based society, that’s a no-no.

So, all this is a longwinded missive to tell you I made a mistake.  I do.  On a regular basis.  I’m human.  It pains me, but I’ve got to own up to the truth and take my knocks.  Only in this case, the truth is BETTER than the mistake!

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