Irving Responds

You are missing the points on leaks.  Once the album is delivered and in the pipeline the artist doesn’t freak out.  When it’s a leak of a work in progress it’s like photographing one of them in the nude that doesn’t want to do that…  the gnr leaks were poor quality unmixed and unfinished.

My response to Irving:

We can make distinctions all we want, but that’s not the point.

The point is the fan wants everything, is interested in everything…  He’s eager for pre-release stuff, and time and time again the end result is better and the act has been forgiven.

The old days of the act being in control and holding back are done.

Henley wants perfection.  That’s an old paradigm, that keeps him locked up.  Today’s acts are open, they’re part of the fan base…

We’re imperfect every day, and so are the acts.

Furthermore, everybody’s in the nude online!  And ask your kids about Flickr/Facebook postings…

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