Hypocrisy-In Case You Missed It

Live Earth is promoting green to save the planet – what planet are they on?

Celebrities are falling to earth. Their handlers, the media that builds them up and supports them, are being exposed as ignorant to the ways of the twenty first century. In the twenty first century, you keep your head down, you do your work, you don’t rise above and tell everybody how great you are, because TRULY, you’re just like everybody else, and you can bet there’s some reporter, some KID who’s going to EXPOSE THIS FACT!

To watch Madonna try to cling to her past fame would be funny if it weren’t so creepy. The way she blinked and did a dance album after her CD sales tanked. Wasn’t Madonna about testing the limits, bringing the hoi polloi into the future? Not anymore. She needs to be loved and adored, famous. Have that attitude, and you’re ripe for exposure.

There was the adoption in Africa. Now the hypocrisy of her saving the planet when she’s doing her best to KILL IT!

Madonna was asking for it. What I can’t understand is, HOW COME SHE DIDN’T SEE IT COMING?

Today’s credible acts are in bed with their audience. They answer fan e-mail. They don’t try to be better, but EQUAL! It started with the Dave Matthews Band, but now, with the Net in full bloom, new acts with an everyday character are going to rule. At least those who last more than five minutes.

Like Jack Johnson. He foresaw the backlash, he created a green recording studio, he’s been dedicated to the cause for years. Madonna? A PHOTO OP! A way to get more publicity, to be in the public eye!

That’s the old way.

But if that way were working, why would sales of "superstars" be tanking?

We live in a pull economy, not a push one. Madonna is on the verge of becoming a laughable joke. This wasn’t necessary, if only she and her handlers were living in the TWENTY FIRST CENTURY!

All your dirty laundry? You can’t keep it in the hamper, it’s going to come out. If your past is going to contradict your present, SHUT THE FUCK UP! Otherwise, do a preemptive strike.

If Kevin Wall and Al Gore had been smart, they would have gotten Bob Geldof’s approval IN ADVANCE! They would have signed up their naysayers. To blunt their attack. Instead, every mainstream publication quotes Sir Bob, wondering what the effect of these shows will be.

It’s funny to watch the boomers, those running the old establishment, colliding with the new world. There’s a generation gap almost as big as there was in the sixties. Sure, today’s kids listen to our music, but THEY’RE COMPUTER SAVVY! And, it’s less about rising above than BEING A MEMBER OF THE GROUP!

There’s no study of their culture. Just a ramming down their throat of the major media companies’ priorities.

Those pesky kids who ruined the labels’ bottom line? They’re gonna TAKE OVER THE BUSINESS! And it’s not going to look the same! They were laid off at the majors, only the old, overpaid assholes kept their jobs. Oh, how stupid this was.

It’s funny to watch. The old guard HAS LOST ITS WAY!

‘Green’ Means Money, Not Environmentalism to Madonna

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