You’ll Like This

From: Jared Willig

I read ya all the time
thought you’d get a kick out of this
the 89 most repetitive, redundant cliches in music

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And here we have the new model in action.

Although I’m still paying AOL some cash, I NEVER go to their homepage.  With a zillion sites to surf on the Net, it just never gets to the top.  My perception is it’s a bland site appealing to people beneath me (hell, we’re ALL elitists, REMEMBER THAT!)

But I checked this out.  You’ll like it.

Now if it sucked, I wouldn’t be telling you shit.

Used to be the usual purveyors, the major labels, using their contacts, i.e. mainstream media, would force shit down our throats.  We needed SOMETHING, there was no alternative, so we paid attention, we consumed some.  Stunningly, these same old tired enterprises expect this game to go on FOREVER!  But now we’ve got alternatives.  We’ve got a P2P world.

Yes, peer to peer.  Not only in file-trading…  We’ve got an ARMY of brethren, searching the Web, hitting more sites than any one individual ever could.  And when someone finds something good, they pass it on, BLOWING IT UP!

Mainstream media HATES this.  They thought they were in CONTROL!  But now the people are in control.  And they’re only interested in passing on shit that’s good.  Because it evidences talent, or it’s funny, or a train-wreck.

So the key is to create something that the PEOPLE want to pass on.  The process is free, but the entry fee is VERY HIGH!  You’ve got to be innovative, you’ve got to be talented, you’ve got to create GREAT SHIT!  You just can’t match a pretty face to a bland song and autotune the result to success.  There’s a tiny little game of that left, but the real game is out in the morass, the wide world of the people, the Web/Blackberry/IM/texting world.

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