That’s rock and roll…

I know this guy, he’s a classic rock fanatic.  He went to see Paul McCartney in Vegas.  He waxed rhapsodic about there not being any luxury boxes at the MGM Grand and how he won’t go to any venue that separates the winners from the losers.
He included a set list.  And I’ve got to tell you, I winced when he told me that "I’ve Got A Feeling" was the highlight of the night.  "I’ve Got A Feeling" is kind of like Brian Wilson’s "’Til I Die", or Robbie Robertson’s "Broken Arrow", not the single that gets all the airplay, but the track you always loved that you find out thirty years later everybody else loved too!

I’ve got a feeling
A feeling deep inside

THAT’S a McCartney moment.

But, the reason I’m telling you all this is to set-up what’s next.  An e-mail this friend forwarded me, from a buddy who saw the band in Vegas.
This is rock and roll.  This is what Zemeckis tried to capture and failed in "I Want To Hold Your Hand".  Make no mistake, rock and roll isn’t something on MTV, it’s not even a shared experience.  It’s something for you only.  That you don’t see in the newspaper, that you don’t read in "Rolling Stone".  It’s a moment when you tingle.
If I’d been there, I would have tingled too.

i was on the craps table. me and 3 gangsta rappers
my roll winning, they wouldn’t let me quit
i saw paullie at a blackjack table 30 ft. away
i went to grab my chips to sit at that table which had only 2 chicks and him.
by the time i got there a guy beat me to the last opening
dude   it was 4:00 am and there was nobody around
i hovered for the next chair but who would leave that table?
i was 3 ft from the pope of rock and roll, the author of the bible
then a guard stepped between us, he was cool and said you might need to keep moving cause we don’t want to draw a crowd
i stepped back a few feet and just watched
i could hear everything he was saying and he was making sure that all at the table were not feeling intimidated
he was so fucking bad for it
after about ten min all the other dealers came around and he was done playing and just talked and laughed with all at the table and shook their hands and hugged the chicks
i love him

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