School Songs Playlist




“Smokin’ In the Boys Room”

Brownsville Station


“School’s Out”

Alice Cooper


“Teacher I Need You”

Elton John



Paul Simon


“Rock ‘n’ Roll High School”



“Be True to Your School”

The Beach Boys


“New Girl In School”

Jan & Dean


“Getting Better”

The Beatles


“My Old School”

Steely Dan


“No Such Thing”

John Mayer



Jethro Tull


“Maggie May”

Rod Stewart


“Another Brick In the Wall, Pt. 2”

Pink Floyd


“Walk This Way”



“The Future’s So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades”



“Don’t Stand So Close to Me”

The Police


“Charlie Brown”

The Coasters


“School Days”

Chuck Berry


“Hot for Teacher”

Van Halen


“The Homecoming Queen’s Got a Gun”

Julie Brown



Pearl Jam


“Wonderful World”

Herman’s Hermits

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