Modern Life

You think about politics all the time but you don’t want to.

No matter how much money you make you feel like you’re falling behind because of inflation.

You like that you can Google everybody you’ve ever known to find out what they’re up to, but you don’t want to contact them and you don’t want them to contact you.

You watched so much streaming TV during lockdown that you’re scrounging for quality new stuff but not finding it.

You cannot trust people’s streaming TV recommendations. They’ve seen little, and what they’ve seen they always say they loved.

If you haven’t seen “Game of Thrones” you’re considered defective. I know, because I haven’t.

You can’t wait for driverless cars, even more you can’t wait to not own a car at all, to just have one show up at your doorstep when you need to go somewhere.

Want more human contact, but don’t want to leave the house to get it.

Are addicted to something online that you don’t want to tell anybody about.

Keep going back to the old and familiar because life today is just too complicated, with too many offerings and choices.

You not only ignore the advertising by the big companies, but the advertising of the online influencers. Your most trusted source on products is Amazon reviews.

Hate the airlines, the whole experience of flying, from gate to gate.

Are worried about speaking your truth to an unknown person for fear they might become violent.

Have thought about not going someplace because of potential crime.

Hear most about climate change from polluters.

Wish there was a musician who you could follow for insight and advice but can’t find one. The rock musicians of yore were sages. The pop musicians of today are empty vessels whoring themselves out to the highest bidder.

Have the history of recorded music at your fingertips, but find it nearly impossible to discover new music that you like. 

Are worried to say you have anything and have gone anywhere for fear you’ll be criticized by those who have not. Unless you’re super-wealthy and live in a bubble where you never encounter those without.

Are sick of hearing what the billionaires think.

Don’t want to get Covid, even though you think you’ll survive.

Are sick of ignorance, or are ignorant. Furthermore those most confident in their opinions are those who know the least.

Keep being told to buy new tech products when the old still work just fine.

Are on backlash against the health nuts. As my doctor told me, is life worth living if you can’t eat a donut?

You feel inadequate.

You crave humanity yet hate humanity.

You live for the unexpected.

Are sick of hearing about people’s pedigrees, where they went to college, who their friends are, their advantages…what has that got to do with who you really are?

Everybody wants to be famous, but you can be famous and not rich and fame lasts for a shorter period of time than ever before.

The company does not want you on its payroll. They want you to be an independent contractor, yet pledge undying fealty when in truth they’ll axe your ass on a whim.

The financialization of everything drives you wild. Wall Street owns the parking meters, the residential market, it seems like everybody’s getting rich from everyday things except you.

You’re sick of the Luddites. Life has been moving at warp speed for thirty years yet there are people still wanting to go back to the past, which is never returning.

You’re sick of people criticizing online addiction/behavior when in truth these oldsters, and they’re all oldsters, would have been addicted to these same gadgets if they were young themselves.

There are so many concerts in your city that it’s all just become a blur. You used to want to see all of them, now you wonder if you should see any of them.

Are sick of people telling you how to improve yourself…what to eat, what to think, as if everybody on earth is a therapist and what works for one person will work for another when this is patently untrue.

Love that you never have to be bored, a plethora of stimulation is at your fingertips. However, you might be one of only a few consuming it. So if you want to talk about it with your friends…

Don’t understand why people still go to the movies, unless they’re young and need to get out of the house and/or are on a date. We live in an on demand culture and movies have specific starting times that never fit into your schedule and if you do go you end up wasting so much time in the process.

Realize that time is the only true commodity and you don’t want to waste it.

You feel priced out of something.

There is a club, but you feel like you’re not in it, and no matter what you do you will never become a member.

Are told there’s always something better around the corner, to be nimble and move on when in truth there is so much power in perseverance, staying the course, it’s just that it’s not sexy.

You know that almost all actors are empty vessels. The internet has revealed this.

Are unaware of who the people in the gossip columns are, and it’s not only the oldsters, the youngsters don’t know who they are either.

Hear everybody talking about SNL but you don’t even know who the host is. Oh, you read their name, but then ask yourself WHO?

Credibility is expendable. This is the head-scratching part of politics, elected officials with no backbone who will say and do whatever is expedient.

You know more people than ever, are in contact with more people than ever, but are constantly worried about who you can trust.

Are either smoking marijuana and have bought into the cannabis is king and will solve all your problems mania or have not, there’s no in between.

Have friends giving you crackpot medical theories, as if medical school teaches you falsehoods. And the wealthier and more educated they are, the crazier the theories.

Don’t have a CD player in the house.

Probably don’t have a DVD player either.

Check your smartphone first thing when you wake up in the morning.

You keep being told what to do and you don’t do it.

Love to disconnect, but it’s harder than ever to do.

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