Re-Mo Ostin

Mo Ostin was a giant amongst giants! When I played Tom Petty’s solo album, Full Moon Fever, to upper management at Tom’s then label MCA they, “didn’t hear a single!” Tom and I were devastated. When Tom’s fellow Travelling Wilbury, George Harrison, played it to Mo Ostin he offered to make a deal there and then for Tom for whenever his deal with MCA was up. Tom wanted to do this even though he had two more albums to deliver under his deal with MCA. Mo said, “I will sign Tom for whenever his deal with MCA is up!” We made a deal, and no one knew anything about it as Tom still had a commitment to MCA. Then the Wilburys and Full Moon Fever albums were released, and both were huge! The deal with Warner Brothers didn’t look so great anymore. I went to see Mo and started to explain my conundrum. He stopped me in mid-speech and said, “Tony, just tell me what you want?” I was taken aback but suggested I go check out what he is worth. I went to several other companies and told them Tom was available and taking offers. I got the offers and Mo matched the highest one. Tom was determined to give Mo a great album and that turned out to be Wildflowers! Everybody won! That was Mo!

Tony Dimitriades

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