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I want you to read this article:

“If You Thought Covid Was Over…Congratulations, You’re an Idiot – Covid’s Back and the Pandemic’s Not Over. Just Like — Wait for It — Science Said.”:

This has been a big story in the “New York Times” and “Washington Post” the past few days, all you had to do was open the app and right below the war in Ukraine stories, there it was. And still is.

Now it’s not like we haven’t seen this movie before. This is what happened in December. Omicron went nuclear in the rest of the world and the United States functioned as if Covid was over and then wham, it hit hard. It’s like a tsunami but no one pays attention to the warning, and then some die.

Yes, more people died from Omicron than Delta. I could explain the math to you, but people no longer pay attention to math, just like they no longer pay attention to science.

I’m mad at the Democrats in power. They were bullied by a small group of very vocal right wingers and some left wingers too. These people were sick and tired of restrictions. They had to go, so they could go on and live their lives normally.

Which ain’t gonna happen.

Two days ago someone yelled at me for wearing a mask. I don’t know how it affects them, but somehow it was an affront to their dignity, their lifestyle, their identity. But I’m immune-compromised and I want to live. As far as everybody else..?

And it’s the immune-compromised who brew the new variants. This has been known for over a year, but screw those who are not a hundred percent healthy who…might get sick and die anyway.

I’m taking care of myself, I got the Evusheld shots, but everybody I know is acting like Covid is over, and so many people I know are in the target demo.

And in truth it’s all about the money. I’m reading about Musicares in Vegas, honoring Joni Mitchell, if you go to that and you’re over fifty you’re an idiot, just like the article above says.

Let me see… People fly in from all over the world to a tourist city to mingle with no masks and… Even nine Democratic representatives got  Covid from going to a retreat last week. Not sure that made it to TV, like this coming onslaught of the new Covid variant, but science doesn’t care about the news, doesn’t care if you’re red or blue, it’ll infect you anyway.

But if you’re vaccinated and boosted…

And fewer people got booster shots than the number who were vaccinated.

And there’s talk of new boosters shots, Pfizer was making noise and now Moderna is today and what do we hear in response…BIG PHARMA JUST WANTS TO MAKE MONEY!

How did we get here? Where no one trusts anything? Where experts are inherently wrong, where a corporation can never be interested in its customers, where what you feel is more important than what experts think?

I just want to point out one cause, the internet. The internet made every individual feel powerful, like their voice counted, they could yell back at anybody with power, trying to cower them.

And you have idiots like Aaron Judge who won’t say he’s vaccinated…

Did you read the definitive statement that Ivermectin doesn’t work, if anything it harms you? I could cite the story, which was buried in everything but the biggest print publications, but in truth people have already moved on from Ivermectin, the same way they moved on from Hydroxychloroquine.

So when the next Omicron wave surges, pretty soon, in a matter of weeks in America, then what does Joe Rogan do? Double-down, like Tucker Carlson? Refuse to analyze new facts, refuse to say he was wrong?

Of course! Just like the clergy and right wing talk show hosts raged, didn’t get vaccinated and died.

This is just a heads-up.

But really, I’m pissed at the Democratic governors and institutions. Biden too. You’re so afraid of the voters that you can’t do the right thing. Talk about a lack of credibility. You’re just part of the problem, not the solution.

And there are solutions here. Get vaccinated and wear a mask in public. But that can’t happen because you’re tired, you want to return to normal life. Is this what a cancer patient says and then stops chemotherapy? I mean how dumb can you be.

We as a nation have lost the plot. There are all these statistics from around the world, countries that dropped all restrictions and then Covid surged and deaths rose. Denmark! And it’s out of control in Hong Kong.

And you also probably missed the report that Covid almost definitely came from a wet market, it did not escape a lab. Can you believe we even debated that, while people went unvaxxed and died? I mean what does this have to do with the solution? I mean if you lived this way in your regular life you’d never move forward. Now let me see…did I catch the cold here or there… It doesn’t matter, you’ve got the cold!

And you’ve now been warned, it’s coming back ’round again.

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