Re: Don’t Look Up

I got a chance to see a screening pre-release. I fucking loved it. Told everyone I knew to make sure they don’t miss it. Then I started to read the reviews and seriously questioned what movie it was they were talking about. Sometimes I just don’t get it. Glad you did.

Ken Alterwitz


Yes Yes.  We watched it last night and today everyone is talking about it. Is it wrong to say this is as close to a perfect film as I’ve ever seen?  No it’s not wrong   It’s that good

Barry Schneier


I’ll ck it out. But the nincompoops are you and your wacko liberal morons who in a year have emboldened China, Russia and Iran, alienated and endangered Israel, destroyed the US economy, let the Southern border go to hell, injected racist mandates that disproportionately hurt minorities, and fueled the toxic wokeism tearing our country apart. God help us from the further damage y’all will wreak in the coming year.

John Hanley, Jr.


Watched it last night. Was so glad. Laughed my ass off

Roots of Creation


Agreed! Terrific movie!

Norman Prusslin


Don’t Look Up is definitely for thinking people.

Not for everyone.

But. I’m with you Bob.  Watch it!   It’s great.  And the ending?  What a hoot!   Just great.

Bobby Tarantino


Agreed. Thanks for this, Bob. Except, republicans won’t watch this. Trump supporters won’t. Climate deniers wont either. We can’t get it thru to them. They won’t hear nor see the message until it’s too late then they finally look up.

Like Trump now supports booster shot. Wtf too little too late.

Shirley Wu


Truly an amazing film.  I tend to be someone doesn’t like political commentary as much, because we get SO MUCH of it and it’s not often done well.  But this was really amazing, especially given that we don’t know where the story is going.  The whole thing is hard to predict and keeps you guessing.  I thought of it as a comment on Trump but my friend that I watched it with saw it thought it was a larger comment on human nature.   The scene around the dining room table was truly amazing.


HappyRon Hill


Just saw it  – funny as hell but enough truth to make it sad at the same time.   A very unexpected enjoyable watch, but felt a little mind fucked afterwards.

Clay DuBose


I watched it yesterday and texted everyone I knew to watch. I agree 100%.

Happy holidays.



“Best Picture Of The Year”……..Best Social Commentary…Best Look In The Mirror !!

Great review Bob

Mark Carter


I LOVED it – and because of the crazy cast and that there’s been so little buzz I assumed it was mediocre or bad. I LOVED IT. Wish everyone would see it. Cause there’s a BIG ASS COMET HEADING OUR WAY – and we need that kind of panic and intensity and global unifying and ACTION. And yet depressingly and scarily we live in the world of “fake news” – but so not the time for that crap. Trump (and/or his ilk) has a history of bringing down every company and person and now country he has touched. Hoping that doesn’t apply to the frickin PLANET. Up to us all to counter all this and fight back LOUDLY (thus the capitalizations). Honestly not sure how we get there. Brave new world of living in our own silo’d news sources – not sure how we get back….

Maybe Fox News somehow gets taken down? Would sure help.

Thx Bob – Happy Merry

Peter van Roden


This movie left me with the feeling that we’ve had a good run, we had the chance to NOT fuck it up, instead we made the same narcissistic choices until the very end. We got what we deserved and then visited it upon the rest of humanity, due to our insatiable need for control and the pursuit of more.



Yeah watched it Friday thought it was great

I particularly liked that they held up the bullshit and pure danger that is the Mark Rylance character

They’re the ones who’ve got us into this shit and need the finger pointed relentlessly at them.



Bob I loved the movie. IT is the perfect metaphor for the pandemic. Half the country won’t look at the science. They won’t even look up and the truth is right their in the sky. I do have a question for you. I am sitting here with a friend and we are wondering when this happened to our country. When did the truth become non believable. My best guess is it eroded away over time. Ever since they shot Kennedy and we never found out the truth. Or maybe when Bush and Chenny lied about weapons of Mass destruction. Can you pin point a moment when the shift occurred. Or was it like this for decades and Trump just brought it to the surface?

Andrew Kastner


I agree about Don’t Look Up.  What were the reviewers watching? Most said it was a depressing eco film.  What!?? Great Satire, has to be watched closley or you will miss all the funny bits

Rick Klufas


Is there anything other than a worst case scenario for humanity? If half (or more) of us are just acting on emotional impulse, stuck in a Pavlovian cycle that’s exploited by big-tech sociopaths, how is there any hope? I really want to read something other than a doomsday perspective, but it seems pretty hard to find.. I’m constantly haunted by the Fermi paradox.

The rain in LA was a nice moment of Zen for us after hearing Leo’s final lines. Shit man.

Julian Hoffman Beech


Amen Bob. It was almost depressing how accurately the film depicts how our society today would react if an extinction level comet was actually hurtling toward Earth. If Idiocracy was a prescient look into what was to come, Don’t Look Up is the look into what now is.

Zach Ziskin


Just watched it. Loved it. Sadly, feels like that could happen!

Richard Stumpf


I loved it for all the reasons you cite, but I’ll give it 2nd best picture of the year, right behind “Belfast”.



Have you lost your mind?  I was looking forward to “Don’t Look Up”, but it was awful. Awful.  I felt embarrassed for the star-studded cast.

The only reason I finished watching the film was to see all those obnoxious people get destroyed.  (I’m a lifelong democrat, by the way, in case you’re thinking I’m on the “wrong” side of the political spectrum.)

Amanda Gerrish


I am a moderate Republican, I saw the film as you say an equal opportunity offender. While it does have its blatant attacks on the Republican structure it also attacks, Steve Jobs/Elon Musk/Zuckerberg/Jeff Bezos morphed type of character who ultimately leads to the end of the world. While Meryl Streep is clearly meant to poke fun at Trump, and her son Jonah Hill, “Trumps kid” being chief of staff. Peter Bishwell, Bash owner clearly is poking fun at the billionaire democrat tech Constituents impact on politics. That character in real world is clearly more the democratic limousine/jet liberal, Silicon Valley elitist. Even though in this film he is portrayed as a supporter of the pseudo Republican President. That isn’t really where those characters in real life align with politically.  I thought it was a brilliant movie, a sad, witty and extreme satire on todays world.  I would agree with most of what you said, other than as I pointed out the confusion between Silicon Valley elitist aligned with a Trump character type president. That was a bit of a miss, propaganda, but I understand how and why it was used incorrectly to tell the witty story.  The film couldn’t attack Trumpers and tie in Silicon Valley elitist at the same time accurately, even though the film does.

John Loos III


Of COURSE, half of the country ( the DON’T-look-uppers) panned it..But us JUST-look-uppers will rave about it for years..

I went back and read McKay’s interview in “The Atlantic”..Elucidating read..Makes me really miss the DVD extras’ “Making Of” option.

I was SHOCKED to discover McKay brought those horrible Will Ferrel movies to fruition.What an evolution..


James Spencer


Saw it today and couldn’t agree more. This is a fantastic satire that hits all the right marks and perfectly balances the absurd with the searing truth of what it’s like to interact with the world today. I loved it. There are so many angles here, they are almost too numerous to mention. The sad truth is, I can see this happening. Covid or comet – we’re screwed.

Exactly – ignore the reviews. This is top tier satire. Laugh while you squirm.

Merry Christmas to you and happy New Year.

Marc McDonald


Two thumbs up!

Keenan Moran


“Don’t look up” infected and spoiled my Christmas Day.
It is easily the the most unabashed cash grab I’ve seen in a long time. It makes the Marvel re-purposing juggernaut look like a conscientious health documentary.
Yes, it is a mirror on current USA insanity, but is executed in a way that simply condones and clears ground for more of the same.
DiCaprio’s willingness to embrace “fame” and Streep’s Cruella-like presidency depiction, do nothing other than make those who’ve already bought in to the truthless madness, feel vindicated and comfortable reaching to tweet into the void.

And this from someone who lists The Big Short in my Top 5 of all time.

I’m amazed you like this Christmas release. And disappointed.

Short the USA. It’s so over.

Many thanks
Trevor Gilchrist


Watched if last night. Had heard nothing about it before. The whole family enjoyed it from start to finish. Would have been easy for it to be crap but it wasn’t.
As you say, perfectly captures the zeitgeist.

Geoff Ellis


Agree, great movie, and so surprising that the world does get destroyed…. And Mark Rylance, my favorite actor, in such a perfect role!

Schuyler Bishop


It’s fucking great. Network meets Dr. Strangelove (maybe not as great as either of those films, but pretty great nonetheless).

John Henry Jones


So it seems we had the same viewing schedule this weekend.

So here is the fun fact: to me (European Republican) this was all about corporate and politics in general I wouldn’t label it but if anything I’ve detected strong LGB tones, some anti-Fauci satire (I’m the science) and Bill Gates / Elon Musk reminiscences.

Sure, Trump is part of this landscape I don’t disagree but we’re looking at a much more vile global concept today which McKay captured but will the people be able read between the lines I doubt it.

J Semrau


It’s interesting that you see it as almost an anti trump movie. I think it works just as well as an anti Biden movie depending on your individual political bias. Either way it a FU to the way the politics has worked since the 80’s.

Thank you,

Brook Chivell


We saw “Don’t Look Up” last night, loved it, will watch it again. The reviews that I saw were critical, maybe they didn’t like the way the media was portrayed, poor things. I think Trump supporters will do fine with the movie, there’s plenty of shots taken at all *sides* of America’s divisions. Streep’s character was an amalgam of all that is wrong with politics, almost like a grafted Trump/Hilary. They could have named her Hilary Trump without changing her character.

Hank Linderman


I gave it a D-.
Terrible movie.

Dave Barnes


I agree. I saw it on Netflix at home. Just about the only thing that actually goes to the heart of the ignorance and division in the US today.

David Pearl


Watched it last night.  It’s a modern day Dr. Strangelove.

Steve Waxman


Adam McKay, WOW! I laughed and cried, it shook me to my core. Glad you’re talking about it. It’s brilliant filmmaking and important.

Jack Ross


Once again in total agreement and one of my first responses was the scene where DiCaprio loses his shit reminded me of Network.
Peter Roaman


I was praying you would see this and then report back. I blasted a big group of friends with a must stop everything and see It as I felt exactly as you did. Then for some reason I checked to see what rotten tomatoes gave It. A blogger I read says that’s the authority. They gave It a 50. 50?!  Did I miss something?  I gingerly walked back a bit of my best movie ever recco but then stopped. Screw It I said. I love It and although I feel so disconnected to our world these days, I knew I wouldn’t be alone on this and be damned to those who don’t feel what I did. The movie is glorious and as sad as It is on so many levels, I needed this more than any other movie of the year. The Power of The Dog a close second.

Thank you Bob. Your writings are so important to me and todays column made me feel like a million bucks.

2 quick side notes…..

Leo is as legit as they get. I was a little curious about his age as well so I went IMDB. His list of movies is scary. You’re hard pressed to find a bad one. He delivers and crushed It in Don’t Look Up.

Lastly, Dylan at Budakan has my favorite version of Its All Right Ma. When he sings that line the crowd knows It and loves It. That song should’ve been in this movie. Harsh to say but if any of your readers didn’t know that was his lyrics, then I feel for them.

Happy new year Bob.

Lee Posner


Agreed on the Oscar. A good back to back watch is Matrix to remind you and your tribe along with Streep’s character that the Blue Pill you’re addicted to is destroying the world. Y’all called back the missle envoy that might have destroyed the Asteroid … to feather your personal agendas nest and line your pockets . If your tribe ever wakes up and looks past the ratings and likes and polling .. here’s the reality of the tribes greed, bias and terrible judgement … “ US Navy Warship Pauses Deployment After COVID-19 Outbreak Among ‘100 Percent Immunized’ Crew.”  Comforting that BASH and NIH are running our National defense after decimating our Healthcare system.  Have another Blue Pill, pick a scapegoat and don’t look up.



(Note: a Trumper)


Jennifer Lawrence held the movie together. Especially her obsession over the General charging her for free snacks.

Matt .mac


Hi Bob yes and no? For me satire that’s so obvious doesn’t work so well. I’m surprised you liked it so much. The real 4 years of Trump and the shit he is still getting away with is tragedy not satire!

Alan Segal


Word! From Norway.
David Gjester


100%love this movie Bob

Lauren Edwards


Wow…you know how to insult people.

Michael K. Clifford

(Note: a Trumper)


Nailed it once again… Incredible…. You are a rock star Bob Lefsetz.. Sharon



Barely got through the 1st 30 mins and I don’t think i’ll be making a 2nd attempt

Chris Xynos


Agreed 100%. This is nail on head stuff.

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows, this film will more than suffice.

Thanks for the tip!

Dave Duggan


Hi Bob – Totally agree. Just finished watching it with my daughter and Belgian boyfriend. Didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. And both of them got the sendups and “role models” for the characters. Very well executed film.

Boyd Allen


Hi Bob,

I respectfully disagree with your review of Don’t Look Up.

I found it a sub par black comedy. Much like the film adaptation of Catch -22 it suffers from a lack of nuance and imagination – but then again maybe that’s the point.

Regrettably, I didn’t laugh once but I’m glad you did.

Maybe I’ll wait for a bit and try it again.

Thanks for the suggestion. Keep’em coming.


Jay Aymar


Bravo Bob.  I had sent u same recommendation as your friend

But you Left out very important factoid.

The WALL STREET JOURNAL review.  The review should be the epilogue of the film.

All fatuous intellectualized pretentious criticism that is EXACTLY what the film decries! Refusal to look at the imminent destruction of the planet vis climate change. Talks “art talk”

Republican and Manchine talking about MONEY

Can you breathe that? Can you drink that?  I’d like to serve them up A nice bowl of gold.

King Midas.  Where r u?

Keep those columns coming

Joan Levine PhD


You nailed it! This is NETWORK of the new era. I watched this on December 24th, it’s release date, for the same reason you did. Adam McKay.

It’s not great, but the social and political satire in this film resonate with though of us who feel like people are becoming more and more stupid as we try and live our day to day lives.

Without giving away the movie in case other people see this, it was interesting how the roles of the President and Chief of Staff were done for this film.

Hope all except the pro-Trumpers get to see this.

Thanks as always for your take.

Randy Schaaf


Thanks, Bob, for the heads up, but I was going to watch it regardless of the reviews, for all the reasons you listed. Wikipedia, though, includes a quote from the LA Times’ Justin Chang, which I believe sees the big picture:

“Nothing about the foolishness and outrageousness of what the movie shows us—no matter how virtuosically sliced and diced by McKay’s characteristically jittery editor, Hank Corwin—can really compete with the horrors of our real-world American idiocracy.”

Larry Butler


I don’t look up – you risk getting bird crap in your eye.


Now I understand why you embrace the uninformed Covid positions that you do – you waste your time watching crappy movies on Netflix and listening to your pipsqueak demigod media whore Fauci, instead of reading factual information that would better educate you about Covid.



In a Twitter thread praising “Don’t Look Up,” someone replied that they turned it off halfway and that Jonah Hill’s character was “unlikable.” Someone replied back saying that the whole point was that Hill’s character is unlikable. That exchange encapsulates our country’s current situation.

Gordon Chaffin


I watched it. Sadly, I feel I need to start by saying I am not a Trump supporter. I’m a fan of DiCaprio and Adam McKay. I’ve watched The Big Short multiple times. This didn’t work. It tried too hard. It tried to do too much. If you want to make a satire, go all the way. You’re right that there are some really funny moments, but it’s too long, too pretentious, and too preachy. If you’re looking for satire that captures the inanity of American life, just watch The Simpsons.

Jason Ward


Watched it last night. Pretty average. Didn’t know what it wanted to be. At least we have yet more proof that Di Caprio shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near comedy. The jury’s still out on Lawrence.

Pete Smith


The times I have hit pause because I was laughing so hard. Jonah Hill’s lines are glorious as they seem like throw aways at the end of scenes.  Saw Cate Blanchett in opening credits and was certain she’s cast as the President, had watched the trailer, then Meryl Streep’s name comes up and it was an “Oh Damn” moment. It’s fun and I still have 57 min left. Fully entertained in a way which has been lacking. Stir in some IRL social commentary and it’s brilliant.

-Paula Barron


Just brilliant. Could be best pic. Thanks for alerting me.

Kenneth Freundlich


You are spot on with this movie.

Nick Sproviero


Don’t Look Up is an excellent film…I laughed and cringed as I also was reminded of our politicians most likely response.  After living through the politicalization of a health pandemic it is an easy transition to consider how they would respond to a planet extinction event.

Can’t imagine a greater departure from “following the science”.  Unbelievable  to see how easily we quickly put innocent children in harm’s way, freely using them as a shield to protect the very sick and elderly all for a virus with a 99.84% survivability rate and most harmful for those with an average age of 80 and multiple comorbidities. What were we thinking? A shameful embarrassment of epic proportions that I believe will be a stain on this nation’s memory longer than our experience in Vietnam.  I guess leaving these important decisions to highly conflicted politicians/bureaucrats/Corporate Interests with an average age over 70 was an obvious mistake.

Stay safe,

Ed Kelly


Just watched this with my daughter who’s a sophomore in college.  You were absolutely right with your synopsis of this movie.  It was fantastic! We recently watched Network as well.  I just hope my daughter’s generation is smarter than ours and can find a way. The similarities are unnerving!



Not that great

Chris Lynch
Keller Williams, Agent
Shamrock Holdings, LLC


Thank you for wasting a couple hours of my time watching this poor excuse of a movie. The first few minutes of the film caught my attention, as a friend discovered a new comet a few years ago, which is now named after her.

After that, I found it hard to stay awake with the less than engaging plot. DiCaprio and Lawrence did a good job with their roles, as pros should, but the film had the feel of a movie that they needed to do to fulfill a contract commitment. I could see no connection with reality in this thing.

As to comedy, event the worst skits on the current iteration of SNL have more humor than this extremely predictable film.

Best picture of the year? No way in hell! Were you paid to promote this piece of crap?

Terry Watson

(Note: a Trumper)


Thanks, Bob. I just saw it 2 days ago.

“I mean I wonder what they’ll say when they watch this.” My first thought when it finished. Pondering the answer is really part of experiencing the film. I’m afraid we can guess what it is.

Robert Bond


Loved this so much Bob.

Leo & Jennifer  can do no wrong & it’s so great to finally see Leonardo on Netflix.

Writing was spot on and the cast were a 10/10.

Spot on

Regan Lethbridge


Saw it last night Bob.    It’s simply an incredible film poignant and at times very funny and very current in our climate and timbre.   And I would say Leo and Jennifer are quite good to understate my thoughts.

Chris Apostle


Didactic overload…

Suffers some from wanting to teach and tackle too much.

Marty Bender


Couldn’t agree more. I think along with “Idiocracy”, these are the most perfect portraits of the modern society.


Flavio Marchesin


The comparison to Network seems spot on. I say seems because I was too young at the time to see it or understand it. But I do remember seeing it for the first time and understanding that it captured something real and visceral. Time has also shown its urgency to be correct. It’s wild that I can’t name another movie that has come close to that since Network. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe the temperature in the country has to reach a fever before art starts to even attempt to reflect it. Like, you just can’t deny anymore what it is happening.
Thank god the comic relief, but watching it was like watching a documentary about Covid, the MAGA era and climate change in real time. I loved the performances and the writing. And it looked great. But it’s hard to watch it and not bemoan the state of our country.
So thanks for the review that pushed me over the line to watch it. Well worth everyone’s time. But probably it will preach to the choir.
Cheers Bob!
Christian Lane


watched on on saturday, on a whim, totally unknowing, hearing or paying any attention to anything about it.  it was a goodie! nothing what i imagined it to be nor having a thought provoking ending.

Wayne Forte


I can never get over the dichotomy between how smart some of your takes are and how bad your taste is.

Morgan Wallen being the worst one. This movie is awful, to compare it to network is shameful.

BTW I’m 27 and a liberal so your standard baby boomer or crazy republican defense wouldn’t work.

Two Feet


Yes, it’s excellent.  Many things I’ve found weird about the US, especially since moving back last year, are articulated in this movie.  Hopefully it will click where it needs to.

Jennifer O’Sullivan


It’s brilliant. I’m telling friends it’s Dr. Strangelove meets Idiocracy to get them to watch it.

Hope you stayed through the credits for the TWO easter egg codas. That was the funniest part.

Zachary Goode


Thanks for the heads up, Bob. I always appreciate your recommendations on what to watch. I got your email yesterday and watched Don’t Look Up last night. It was terrific! My take was a mash-up of Dr. Strangelove and Idiocracy with a sprinkle of Wag The Dog. I enjoyed every minute. And today I’m seeing this film recommended left and right by friends on Facebook. The buzz has begun.

Doyle Davis


Initially this struck me as a swing and a miss, but your point: “Don’t judge the movie as a movie. Judge it as a cultural exposé” is what turned me around at least a little.  “Wag The Dog” and “Idiocracy” are both reference points …even “Dr. Strangelove,” with Ron Perlman’s one man mission aboard the missile echoing Slim Pickens’ famous bomb rodeo ride. These are movies that serve as time capsules of a sort. They say to future generations (assuming they exist), “some of us knew what was happening!” Whether this movie can move the idiot needle even a little remains to be seen. I assume any MAGA types will recognize simply that they are being mocked and their defensive reactions will bury any chance of self-examination.  As broad as the strokes are in the movie, they still may prove too subtle for Trumpers. The most intelligent among them will likely argue it’s an invalid or exaggerated metaphor.  And as a movie, it wouldn’t have had to go full “Airplane” or “Brooklyn 99” but it still could have been much funnier with better writing. Some of the dialogue is just superfluous and the fraternity humor in places is pointless.

Jim Neill


Yes, yes, yes – spot on. A great film, and you’re *so right* about the parallels with the Big Short. Take away the comet bit, and we’re living out the same two storylines in a single, conflated tale. People should be prepared for what’s ahead of us  – a real-life mashup of Big Short and Don’t Look Up playing out around the world in 2022. Most people won’t know it’s happening until it’s happening… and we will be fed minimal (and often patently false) information in an attempt to preserve our socio-political and economic structures, however broken they may be.

Thinking about this tweet from Caitlin Johnstone (@caitoz):

A lucid and well-informed examination of the world’s problems will keep bringing you back to this one fundamental issue: that Earth’s inhabitants are being psychologically manipulated at mass scale into organizing themselves in ways that serve the powerful instead of the people.

We’re about to hit the reset button.

Food for thought.

Happy new year,

josh nelson

he / him / his


Bob: you were right about Don’t Look Up. We loved it. Netflix needed that. I was beginning to question their quality control.

Patrick Reilly


Saw it and loved it. Thanks, bob!



You and I don’t always agree. I am on the left side of things but distrust them too these days, do we’re pretty much good on that.

I differ w a fair amount of your “Rock is dead” talk, but i digress…

You’re a great interviewer ( LOVE YOUR PODCAST)

And this movie?????

Spot on. A snap shot of Amerka today. LOVED IT!!!

Robert Garcia


Agreed just watched it last night! Me and the Mrs. loved it. It is a sad commentary on our current ridiculous circumstances. I loved how they pointed out the absurdity of some of the lefts virtue signaling and un-affective sloganeering and awareness events. The Republican bullshit was easy and on full display but they did not ignore the left.

Mazi Ray


More like a tragedy than a comedy.
I’d had enough by 90 minutes.

Mike Worsfold

(Note: a Trumper)


It’s a good film, Bob, but best picture of the year will be The Power of the Dog.



Thank you for your recommendation of the Netflix movie, “Don’t Look Up”.

John Lennon and Jim Morrison have both been quoted as saying that they won’t describe what their lyrics mean because that is the job of the listener.

That’s what makes art so spiritual.

I’m sure the movie will be interpreted in different ways depending on the agenda and the personal political leanings of each particular audience member.

Is the comet analogous to a deadly virus or a long-term lethal vaccine which destroys our immune systems? Are Leo and Jennifer Dr. Fauci or Alex Jones? Is the rich nerd a globalist Bill Gates or a greedy Republican capitalist? Which audience is Meryl Streep urging to not look up, the Left or the Right?

Thought provoking is a good thing, because it invites us to look outside of whatever fixed ideas we’re stuck in and negotiating our life around.

And that movie sure is thought provoking.

Thanks again,
Rich Nisbet


I love your commentary and think you are so incisive. I’m also anti-Trump and can’t stand him and his ilk.

But for you to call “Don’t Look Up” the best film of the year is an atrocity.

It’s lazy, indulgent, tedious, and ham-fisted. Every gotcha is telegraphed a mile away. It is yet another one of those sub-genres where they stuff the movie full of famous actors and put all of their faces on the posters, like “The Cannonball Run.”

Sure, there are deserved targets, and boy does the film tell you what the targets are, as the actors portraying them dance and mug and jig on the stage.

But to each his own.

My bigger problem is this is further proof Netflix is destroying cinema. In past years, movie-goers would have ignored it and it would have been designated a bomb. But now, with inscrutable metrics, a flat monthly fee, and a business model relying on puffery and press releases, no one is held to account. All we get reflected back at us is praise and participation medals, while the actors get in on the action and collect big paychecks without accountability. And to watch a movie about the end of the world, when its true result depicts end of Hollywood is so heart-breaking. What is the wreckage that Jonah Hill climbs out of at the end? Mann’s Chinese Theatre? The escaping space ship is what Don’t Look Up is for its actors. If only the broncosaurs could start eating them in real life (or at least scare them a bit into becoming real artists again).

You’ve said as much on other topics. That’s why I’m stunned you loved this movie.

Anyway, no worries / who cares, keep up the great work, love your writing.

Tim Doyle


This is a head scratcher of a recommendation.  Movie is terrible.  Don’t mind the premise but too many modern cliches wrapped into one movie…and I only made it a little over an hour.

Steve Barth


Just watched last night and waited to read what you wrote. Sunday morning my sister texted me about it. Then I saw 3 friends post about it on Facebook and then Jeff told me to watch it when I called him Sunday afternoon. It will be interesting to see the traction it got when it moved to streaming. I’ve never had that many recommendations for one movie or book in the same day. My sister never recommends anything like that. Does hit home.

Amy Madnick


It sure would be refreshing to read at least ONE review from you without comparing it to ANYTHING political.

Ron Jones

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