Donny & Chris


Best…podcast ..EVER! 

James Spencer


I didn’t think you’d match the Paul Anka so soon, but you did! His honest answers to your blunt questions were awesome, and the little digressions (“why Android instead of Apple?”) were great too. I loved it!

Mark B. Spiegel


I just listened to the Spotify interview interview you did with Donny Osmond. It was fabulous!  You were wondering if Donny was for real. Yes, he is. He has both feet planted on the ground, but can look ahead and look behind and still be present. He is as nice as he seems.  When you talk with him,  you feel like he’s your best friend. 

Be healthy, stay strong,  live safely

Randy Fuchs


You have interviewed so many cool people on your podcast – who would ever guess that two of the most fascinating would be Paul Anka and Donny Osmond? Donny seemed a little tough to crack open, and he wouldn’t go all the way, but tons of interesting info was revealed. Lots of inside “showbiz” stuff. Nicely done!

Rich Madow


Great interview with Donny. 

I would have to guess that you haven’t been the recipient of the amazing birthday ecard he did for American Greetings online, otherwise you would have mentioned it. It’s the best one out there, far and away better than Shaq’s or Dolly’s, which are both really good, don’t get me wrong, but Donny’s production is at another level.

Since I don’t know when your birthday really is, I just sent you the Donny ecard to witness for yourself. Enjoy!

BTW, dunno about you, but I quit having birthdays years ago. Of course, that hasn’t stopped me from reminding others of theirs!

Larry Butler


another good one. You are the Charlie Rose for the music industry. Good Questions

Kyle J. Ferraro


Killer interview. You are right on – his self-awareness is really rare, and in addition to his other-worldly talent, it’s what has enabled him to keep it alive.  

He’s also genuinely as nice as he seems. In the early ’90s he was in Toronto doing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and I was President of EMI Music Publishing. Donny was signed to Virgin publishing, which EMI had just acquired. He reached out to invite my family to see the show. We had great seats, he put on an incredible performance, and when it was over we the followed instructions to stay in our seats. When the theater was empty someone came and ushered us  into his dressing room. Donny was incredibly gracious, letting my 7 year old son TJ try on his coat, and entertaining us for about half an hour.  That was nearly 30 years ago and my wife still talks about it.

Donny told you about the Canadian National Exhibition shows where he met Michael Jackson. My first industry job was at Jack Richardson’s Nimbus Nine studio, and his son Cub was at those shows. I vividly recall him the next day saying “nobody will ever believe this but Donny Osmond and his brothers absolutely blew Michael Jackson and his brothers off the stage”. I’ve had great respect for his talent ever since.


Michael McCarty


I didn’t think I’d like it.   But if you chose to interview him, there must be something there. Impressive guy and clearly super talented.  Great interview.  Good questions.

Lizzz Kritzer


I just finished listening to this and was amazed at DO’s business acumen.  His unwillingness to give up was inspiring as hell!  He’s on top, then broke, reinvents himself to please himself artistically.  The fire in his belly still burns!!!!

Tim Pringle

I worked Marie gigs here and there when she was signed to Columbia and I was in college. Donny would sometimes play those gigs with her. I found them both to be polite, profession…just nice people. I don’t care what their public image is, as you said…they are good apples!
Jim Lewi


One of the greatest guys I ever interviewed.

Jonathan Gross


one of my most favorite ever.  what a life..what a guy!!

Gary W. Mendel


As you may recall, in Jeff Beck’s video for ‘Ambitious’ directed by Jim Yukich for Epic (1985), various array of singers step-up to audition as the vocalist for Jeff Beck. In a surprise, amongst celebrity cameos, Donny Osmond appears in the audition line-up and has a tongue-in cheek response when asked if he has done anything lately? This was a brilliant clip to bring Jeff Beck to the MTV world and was equally as hip for Donny Osmond at the time. It was a great way for Donny to poke fun at himself and associate with an artist who has street cred like Jeff Beck – setting up his a potential comeback for the child star. (Clip also features guest appearances by Parker Stevenson, Marilyn McCoo, Herve Villechaize, John Butcher Axis, Cheech Marin, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Phil Alvin (Blasters), Willie Tyler & Lester, and Herb Alpert).

Bruce Barrow 


Quick story about Donny. I was a freelance concert reviewer for the New York Daily News (’88-’93.) He did a show at the Palladium in NYC back in ’89 when “Soldier of Love” was out. I dug him and took that angle for the review. I later heard he called the News and asked for me; he wanted to thank me for the review. In all my time at the newspaper, he was the only performer to do that. I dig Donny.

Matt Auerbach.


Crazy Horses – one of the great lost classic rock albums of the 1970’s…

Vince Welsh


Really enjoyed the Donny Osmond podcast in part because I was working in promotion at Capitol during Soldier Of Love. He’s as genuine as he comes across. A pleasure to work with and a really good guy. 

If you end up having dinner or speaking with him again please make a gentle reminder about putting the single version of Soldier on Spotify. 

Thanks Bob.

Frank Murray


Listened to the Donny podcast. I played in his touring band for 6 yrs, 2001-2007. Its funny about how he mentions that his name is poison, because when I first got the call from Phil Ramone’s assistant (Phil had just produced an album for Donny and got involved with our first tour), it was, ‘I won’t tell you the artists name yet, but can you do a tour for ‘X Dollars’ a week”. I said yes and then had second thoughts when I found out it was Donny, but it turned out to be a really fun gig.  He’s a way better musician than I had imagined…hired stellar musicians, rehearsed our butts off, and the gig was always smokin’. One thing I was surprised about was…. how huge he was/is in the UK. We played theaters and casinos in the states, but arenas in the UK and it really was insanity. At the end of the interview you asked if you were getting the real guy, because he always sounds on. I would say yes you were, that’s him, always up, energetic and looking forward, a true pro. 



best podcast interview of year.
@Lefsetz is the best interviewer in podcasts, @donnyosmond
is the truth



I consider You the finest interviewer around.  

When you had Bode Miller on your podcast, I almost did not listen as I don’t follow skiing at all, last time I was skiing was when I was 17 ( I’m 64 now), but I figure your interviews are always great, loved hearing Bode.  Next was Paul Anka , I know some of his top songs, but 2 hours of him, again excellent interview.

This week with Donny Osmond, I had the same thoughts, I am the same age as Donny but I never listened to his music,  when he was young it was too bubblegum for me, and when he tried to position himself as a adult singer after Michael Jackson’s success with Thriller, I sampled a bit and thought he was trying to hard.  I totally enjoyed the interview, was sorry when it ended after only 130 minutes. 

I found him to be real, friendly and open, of course we all know he is doing interviews for the publicity, I have heard enough to know when the interviewee is going thru the motions.   I will try and seek out some of his later stuff on Apple Music or iff not available on YouTube.  

I love your podcasts and the SiriusXM show.

Tom Melle



Dear Bob, the Kimsey podcast was the most entertaining I have ever listened to. BRAVO. Joel

Joel Sercarz


Hi Bob, the interview with Chris was a total grand slam. He is such a fabulous storyteller and remembers everything! There are so many things about his storied career nobody could really know about until now. I urge everyone to listen and learn. I wanna meet him! 

Danny Melnick
Absolutely Live Entertainment


One of your best interviews/interviewees ever, which must become a book/author/+.  
Talk about two keen minds/memories for this beautifully crafted composition beautifully played!  We all thank you both. 
Please share our appreciation with Chris Kimsey

Don Brannon


Thoroughly enjoyed your podcast with Chris Kimsey, Bob. What a humble, forthright guy. You can see why everyone he’s worked with has stayed friends with him. Once again, you were a great facilitator in drawing him out. Thank you

Mark Doyle


This was great!  Thanks for pushing for some technical details!  Love that stuff!

Anthony Goddess


A great interview of a guy behind the scenes who played  an integral part of so many recordings. And a nice guy as well! It’s interesting that a lot of people in the music industry didn’t make a lot of money or got cut out of the revenue stream.

Ron Maiorino


To my #1 podcast of 2021, The Bob Lefsetz Podcast: thank you for keeping me company on @Spotify all year long! #SpotifyWrapped

Anthony J. Resta


industry…lastest with Chris Kimsey excellent

Blair Morgan

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