What Now?

The wheels of justice turn slowly. Now the Democrats are talking about delaying an impeachment trial as to not hamper Biden in his early days. To turn America around we must employ BUSINESS!

Of course we want Trump impeached and unable to run again, with his pension and protection eliminated. But what we want more is to elevate facts as we decimate falsehoods.

Yes, the big lie.

I want you to read this article:

“The Art of the Lie? The Bigger the Better – Lying as a political tool is hardly new. But a readiness, even enthusiasm, to be deceived has become a driving force in politics around the world, most recently in the United States”: https://nyti.ms/35yMoVb

If you think it’s just about getting rid of Trump, you’re sorely mistaken. I’m sure you saw that story in the news today about the FBI:

“FBI memo warns law enforcement across U.S. of possible armed protests at 50 state capitols – The FBI also says an armed group has threatened to travel to Washington and stage an uprising if Congress removes Trump from office”: https://nbcnews.to/3sfQBqh

This isn’t politics, this is WAR!

That’s right, you can arrest all of the idiots who raided the Capitol last week and there will be many more lining up to replace them. You see these people truly believe they’re saving the country, from “socialism,” from the “radical left,” from an electoral system that “deprived Trump of his due.”

It’s not like they haven’t been talking about it for decades. What do you think all this B.S. about the 2nd Amendment is all about? Meanwhile, Obama didn’t take away their guns.

So, we start with messaging, which Trump and the right do so well. This story must be in the news EVERY DAMN DAY! We cannot let it go, it must be the Benghazi of the left. Yes, something that goes on forever, although in this case there is a true cause underneath, never mind that the five people dead on Wednesday exceeds the four at Benghazi!

Look forward, not back. Yes, we have to analyze what happened, but even more we need to empower ourselves and take action.

Trump has to pay, as do Cruz and Hawley. As for those insane Republican Representatives who refused to wear masks in seclusion on Wednesday, even when asked? They must be outed by name and shamed. This is how far the insanity has gone, even elected officials believe this nonsense. And then you get nitwits like Lauren Boebert who say the House must hear her anti-election result nonsense because she’s got constituents outside protesting? What next, criminals asking for consideration of their co-conspirators at trial? This may sound crazy, but it HAPPENED! https://bit.ly/3i3zWSh

So, we must start with the disinformers. Credit Cumulus today with forcing their talkers to stop spewing nonsense about election fraud: https://wapo.st/2LnTogG Next, Premiere Networks must be jawboned into tempering the message of Rush Limbaugh. For far too long, these corporations have gotten away with heinous activity by saying it’s just business, that money trumps everything. Well, that ship has to be turned around. And if Premiere doesn’t blink, the stations that air Rush must be challenged to kick him off.


That’s right, it’s complicated, but…

Some cable companies were granted monopolies. But DirectTV and Dish certainly weren’t, never mind Sling, etc. They need to kick off Fox just like Parler was decimated by Google, Apple and Amazon. As for those systems where Fox remains…operators must give customers the option to OPT OUT! Cable channels like Fox survive on carriage fees. You’re paying for Fox even if you don’t watch it. But no, these cable companies must be shamed into making Fox optional, you either have to pay for it or you get a refund/reduction in your bill if you don’t want it. This will bring Fox to its knees. Or at least hobble it significantly. This is a no-brainer, do we really need to finance the outlet that spews all this crap that gets people believing falsehoods? And OAN and Newsmax too!

And lawsuits… Just like Smartmatic.

“Newsmax, Fox News backtrack on election fraud claims – After Newsmax, Fox News, and One America News received legal notices from voting technology company Smartmatic, Newsmax and Fox News backtracked baseless election fraud claims.”: https://cnn.it/3oFkKgD

We need a team of lawyers combing all this right wing nonsense for possible violations of the law.


Come on, it’s easy to do, Apple scrutinizes every app in the App Store. Facebook can do it, just like Google ended up eliminating so many links to infringing uses of music. They just have to be pushed into it!

And there has to be a website, maybe even from the GOVERNMENT, that all people can go to to check facts. With explanations and stats re vaccines and so much more. We’ve got to fight with the truth, and the government must take action to distribute it!

Furthermore, NO KUMBAYA, NO PLAYING NICELY, NO COMING TOGETHER! The Republicans never do it, why should the Democrats? Now the Dems have power, stop listening to the do-nothing Republicans and run away with the ball. Ignore their new talk of deficits, stop trying to placate them, now is the opportunity, GO FOR IT!

And Chuck Schumer has to turn into Mitch McConnell. He’s got to get all his troops on the same page, to not only insure passage of legislation, but to hold on to Congress in two years. If there’s too much infighting, it will not be good. As for “taxing and spending”…why can’t the Democrats have a publicity campaign showing the benefits of their efforts, hammered again and again again!

As for the Democratic party, just like the Oscar and Grammy organizations, they must open their doors to youngsters and people of color. Inject new blood or you die.

I want to hear about the insanity of the Republicans EVERY DAMN DAY! To motivate those on the left and to put those on the right on their heels.

Now is the time to get aggressive. I’m not saying to break the law, I’m not advocating violence, I’m agitating for the use of business and left wing power to not only wrest control of institutions, but to point out the bad behavior of the right.

This is the fight of our lifetimes. And either we address it now, or we address it later. But later just might be too late, like with the environment.

I want you FIRED UP! I want you to believe you can MAKE A DIFFERENCE! I want you to TAKE ACTION! The future starts NOW!

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