He’s not gonna go.

Let me tell you how this used to work, when the Republicans were actually Democrats by today’s standards. The Senate turned against Nixon, they confronted him, telling him he did not have enough votes to evade conviction at an impeachment trial, and Nixon resigned.

That’s not the way it’s gonna go down here.

Last night, the “New York Post” turned against Trump. If this were still 1974, that would be the first domino. Right wing newspaper stakes a claim and the rest of the media and then elected officials fall in behind. But that’s forgetting that they tried that, back in 2016, and it didn’t work. Let’s not rewrite history here, even Rupert Murdoch himself, came out against Trump. And never forget Trump’s dust-up with Megyn Kelly. She dared, just like Lesley Stahl, to ask him hard questions, the questions expected by any political candidate, and Trump blew back, hard. And the consequences? NONEXISTENT! Megyn Kelly felt uncomfortable at Fox, so she left, only to find out the public wanted to watch Fox, not her, that the anchors are fungible, and Trump broke code and released the “60 Minutes” footage before CBS, getting the advantage of spin and greatly decreasing the impact of the ultimate telecast.

And it wasn’t only Rupert Murdoch who was against Trump, but essentially all of the Republican string-pullers as well as the candidates who were running against the Donald. What happened? Trump became the nominee and fearful of getting their balls cut off, incurring the wrath not only of Trump, but their constituents, they got in line and became 24/7 Trumpers. His way or no way.

In other words, Trump dictated to the media, which fell in line, and the elected officials, who fell in line. So, even if both of them come out against Trump, HE’S NOT GONNA LISTEN TO THEM! Come on, if Fox, a disinformation outlet, dares to criticize Trump he goes nuclear, he starts ranting on Twitter, and his reach is more than theirs.

This is how despots, authoritarians work, they don’t give up power, they cement it.

So, Biden won the election. WHO CARES? Come on, take the presidency from me, I dare you. Meanwhile, I’ve been muddying the water to such an extent that my constituency, proven huge on Tuesday by an unexpectedly large vote, which the media completely missed, believing Biden would win in a landslide, will stand behind me. And furthermore, the ass-kisser-in-chief, Lindsey Graham, donated 500k to Trump’s legal team… Once again, what are the legal issues here?

You’ve got to watch tonight’s Bill Maher.

Oh, you don’t get HBO. I guess that just proves the point of Tristan Harris’s appearance on the show. We’re all now sliced into our own private bubbles by our information systems, which for the vast majority of America are social media outlets. Harris was in the “Social Dilemma.” That was on Netflix, you’ve got that, and it’s only anti-Trump if you decry the manipulation of people into ignorance. Harris lays out the influence of Facebook. The truth is, many of Trump’s minions are living in a completely different universe.

Actually, all you’ve got to do is turn on Fox News during prime time.

Your head will spin, like Regan in the “Exorcist.”

Yes, Laura Ingraham was talking about the integrity of the election process. That Republicans have lost faith in it as a result of nefarious Democratic actions and it must be investigated, otherwise the count can’t count. Whoa… Wasn’t it the right that supported DeJoy’s crippling of the Post Office, wasn’t it the right trying to suppress the vote? The defining element here is Trump and the Republicans want to halt the vote in Pennsylvania but continue it in Arizona. And pissed, Trump is now telling his folk to vote AFTER election day!

And tonight Tucker Carlson talked about the corporatists who will take over the government. Yes, the rich who will keep you down. Huh? Aren’t most of the uber-rich Republicans?

Yes, if you’re watching Fox, you’re getting a completely different spin on reality, there is no reality. But most people get their info from social media, to the point that we will have QAnon believers in the House of Representatives.

So, after Bill Maher’s interview with Tristan Harris, the single best guest appearance on the show this season, there’s a panel consisting of Rosa Brooks and Malcolm Nance. Brooks is the daughter of Barbara Ehrenreich, who has revealed the problems facing the underclass, and Brooks is also a law professor at Georgetown. Malcolm Nance is a security consultant. You know him, he’s all over TV, he worked in intelligence in the military. And Brooks was playing the optimist and Nance was playing the pessimist.

Which are you? I’m a Jew, we’ve been persecuted for millennia. And anti-Semitism is ramping up, along with Holocaust denial. I’m a pessimist, so sue me. Jews have to always be on alert for incoming, I am.

But if you’re a Biden supporter and you’re a pessimist you’re a pariah. You must support the man, and not spoil the party. As for those on the other side of the political fence… You should have seen my inbox, they were convinced Trump was gonna win, CONVINCED! And they were dancing on Biden and my soon to be graves. They had the coffin nails out. Trump was gonna finish the job, bring prosperity to America, right all the wrongs. But now it’s not going their way.

The TV networks are afraid to call the election. Fox called Arizona for Biden on Tuesday night and Trump and the right still haven’t gotten over it. Both Trump and those on the network have continued to excoriate Arnon Mishkin. The networks and cable channels are afraid of calling Pennsylvania, never mind Georgia and Nevada, because they don’t want the blowback. Hell, the other outlets won’t even call Arizona!

So, my inbox has quieted down. The balloon has been deflated. But there’s still some air in there. But if the left insists on continuing to drain it, make the balloon go completely flat…WATCH OUT!

That’s another Fox spin. That conservatives are docile, and it’s the left that always revolts, we’ve got to watch out for Antifa. Like I said, it’s an alternate reality, which tens and tens of millions of Americans eat at the trough of. So, if the media insists on Biden emerging victorious, do you really expect these Trump acolytes to sit at home and accept it?

That’s what Malcolm Nance was talking about. Paramilitary efforts. We’ve seen them already, right wing militias going after protesters, right wing truck caravans, closing roadways, surrounding a Biden campaign bus. And Trump has been egging them on, continuously!

The law doesn’t matter. IT DOES NOT MATTER!

Trump just has to not leave. He’s already not gonna concede. Make him, I dare you. AUTHORITARIANS DON’T LEAVE! They just rewrite the playbook, and stuff the public with misinformation.

Meanwhile, you’ve got those roving paramilitary outfits. It always starts small, it doesn’t start big and fizzle out, it builds. Just when you think you’re safe, BINGO, you’re gone. As for the Supreme Court doing the right thing… Hell, as Nance says, it’s like “Judgment at Nuremberg,” which was about prosecuting the court enablers in Germany!

Forget legal reality. Anybody can sue anybody and bury them in paperwork. And Trump’s an expert on this. Did you watch either of the NXIVM documentaries? Naysayers were buried by the legal efforts of the organization, funded by the Bronfman sisters. Truth only comes at the end of the line in a legal spat.

And speaking of truth, once again, it’s being revealed days after the election. Forgetting our fakokta Electoral College, the public at large voted for Biden in overwhelming numbers. And with two Senate seats up for grabs in Georgia, the Senate might still end up blue.

Of course we’ve got to credit Stacey Abrams for the Georgia miracle. She felt the governorship of the state was stolen from her, so she not only got angry, she did something about it, she got 800,000 new voters added to the rolls. Ergo, the Georgia miracle. Proving the power of one individual, proving the resentment of African-Americans, proving that if you make people believe they’ve got a stake in the outcome, that it will benefit them, truly, they’ll vote.

But, not everything is turning up roses. Democrats lost seats in the House. They did not regain state legislatures, so redistricting is out of their hands, i.e. gerrymandering. And let’s be clear, Biden is a one-termer. He’s just too old. And then where are the Democrats? Never forget that Harris is black, and that’s one of the reasons Trump got elected in the first place, resentment of Obama. And yes, white nationalism has raised its head to a point heretofore unseen in most Americans’ lives. And Trump has endorsed it, after all, there are fine people on both sides.

And the irony is yes, there are fine people on both sides. But, once again, Mark Zuckerberg is the most powerful person in America. Yes, if you want to control the outcome, if you want political power, own a printing press, or the modern-day equivalent. That’s how Murdoch influenced not only American elections, but Brexit! And Zuckerberg was not elected and is beholden to essentially no one.

So, if you’re on the right, you truly believe the election was stolen.

And on the left, it’s all delusional “Happy days are here again!”

And neither is the truth. And it will have consequences.

But first Biden has to be called and then Trump has to go. Turns out, as I stated above, the entire U.S. media apparatus is gun-shy about stating the obvious, Biden’s victory, and no one has come up with a good plan to get rid of Trump, they just keep talking about the law in a lawless society.

Be afraid, be very afraid, no matter which side you are on.

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