The Color Revolution


I hadn’t heard about it until this morning, but my inbox is filling up with references to it and one Norm Eisen, a name that will draw a blank with most people not part of the Murdoch bubble. This is Saul Alinsky all over again, a man almost no Democrat had ever heard of was suddenly the main force behind their efforts. This is the Republican playbook, create a target, demonize him or her and warn of the ending of society as we know it, therefore illustrating why Democrats should never be allowed behind the steering wheel.

Yesterday I wrote about the Democrats needing a plan to deal with Trump’s calling the election for himself whether he wins or not, how the rank and file need to be made aware of this, and now the right, the Republicans, are already ahead on this issue and saying the problem is the DEMOCRATS!

We’ve seen this movie before, with “fake news.” Somehow Trump turned it around, to his favor, that the problem was the news industry at large, not his falsehoods. And now we’ve got a recalcitrant media which reacts to the president at best, which is afraid of going out on a limb for fear of being excoriated.

The left really has no idea what is going on in Fox Nation, it’s got its head in the sand, believing if it just ignores the insanity it will go away. Susan Powter tried to stop the insanity, but that didn’t work, one person cannot stand up to either fat or an army of tens of millions, you need everybody to get on the same page. If you watch television news I implore you to turn on Fox, if you’re anti-flat-screen go to multiple times a day, it’s like an alternative universe, there are stories that never make it to the platform and every article is spun to the advantage of Trump, not that you can say this, no one has as thin a skin as a Republican, but you should be informed, since the number one rule of warfare is know thine enemy.

The left is clueless.

So, you need to watch this Tucker Carlson clip from last night:

“Darren Beattie & Tucker Carlson Discuss Color Revolutions & The Plot To Oust President Trump”

Then I point you to today’s “Independent”:

“QAnon: Mysterious conspiracy leader points followers to Tucker Carlson interview warning of ‘coup’ against Trump – Fox News host featured disgraced ex-White House speechwriter promulgating a Kremlin-style conspiracy theory about the Democrats’ supposed plan to wreck the election”

Why “The Independent”? Because it was the second hit on Google when I searched on “Norm Eisen,” the first from a well-known news outlet. We live in a networked world, “The Guardian” has more impact in the U.S., more traction than all the local newspapers brain-dead journalists living in the past are trying to save. Furthermore, “The Guardian” does it without a paywall.

So, if you read “The Independent” article you’ll see the power of not only Fox, but the power of Q. Yes, you’re laughing, but QAnon is real in the minds of Trumpers, and if you say it’s irrelevant get back to me after you read about Pizzagate.

This news is not in “The New York Times” or “The Washington Post,” I just checked. So, chances are unless you’re watching Fox you’re unaware, but you should know. Once again, our news outlets are letting us down.

And then we’ve got the ongoing campaign of Bill Barr:

“Barr’s undermining of the election is downright dangerous”

Barr goes on Fox and says it’s b.s. that Trump would stay in office if he loses, but then he goes on endlessly about fraud in the election, undermining the process.

Meanwhile, the Democrats keep trumpeting the process, saying to believe in it, it’s our route to victory. But have you ever heard the aphorism if you win you still lose? That is what is going to happen with the Democrats.

So, the Republicans are undermining the validity of the election results long before the counting begins, and fearmongering that the Democrats will end American society as we know it and most Democratic voters are absolutely clueless as to what is going on. All we’ve got is these inane e-mails from people telling us to VOTE! Sure, vote, I will, you should. But that is not the battle here. Look at the polls. Biden is ahead. But it’s not about the polls but the count. How can you win if the game is declared false, unreliable, rigged? This is how we lost truth, facts in America, and now the same thing is gonna happen with elections.

As for social media, I point you to the cover of the new edition of “Businessweek”:

“Facebook Is Basically In The Tank For Trump, Says Bloomberg Businessweek – On the magazine’s latest cover, Alfred E. Zuckerberg, let’s call him, dons a Make America Great Again hat and asks, ‘What, Me Partisan?'”

“Businessweek” and “The Atlantic” are being aggressive. “The New York Times” and “The Washington Post” are so busy just reporting the news that they’re not getting the proper message across. As for MSNBC…that’s like the He-Man’s Woman-Haters Club from “The Little Rascals,” an insular club of like-minded people that does not affect the world at large.

And now we’ve got Tucker Carlson featuring a woman claiming that the virus was man-made and it’s flagged on Facebook and Instagram and lives on Twitter:

Facebook and Instagram Flag Tucker Carlson Virus Posts

Yet now Carlson is fighting back:

“Tucker Carlson Cries Censorship After His COVID-19 Posts Flagged as Misinformation by Facebook, Instagram”

And you wonder why Republicans fail to wear masks.

Yes, social media is complicit. But, once again, the Democrats just tell us to vote for laid back Old Joe who can’t even get any traction in the media, who is two-dimensional in most people’s minds, other than the Republicans who keep saying he’s demented and evil, and that everything will work out. THAT’S B.S! Because first and foremost the odds of Biden actually getting into office are slim, because the right has been fomenting an all hands on deck campaign against the system itself.

Wake up. The right’s game plan is in plain sight. And if you’re not ready to stand up to it, if you’re not willing to go on the offensive, you’re gonna find yourself losing once again, scratching your head, wondering how we got into this fix as you truly lose your freedom. Yes, that’s a left wing concept, not a right, CAN’T WE RECLAIM IT!

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