What’s Coming

Trump’s not gonna lose. Either he’s going to declare victory or drop out of the race.

Over the weekend Fox News floated a trial balloon. They said there was GOP discussion about Trump not running, and then Hannity got into it too. If you read further, you realized there were essentially no facts, no one said Trump was going to do this, but…

I love living in the now. Because for the first time I’ve realized…I’VE GOT NO IDEA WHAT’S GOING TO HAPPEN!

There’s the famous movie business line, “Nobody knows anything,” coined by screenwriter William Goldman. I never believed this. I felt I could sense what would resonate with the public and what would not.

I no longer believe that.

Because of so many other factors…timing, marketing, national mood. I mean why in hell was the Queen movie so successful when all the reviews trashed it? This is not “Ace Ventura,” which at least had humor you could laugh at or pooh-pooh. This was a lame biopic. But it resonated with the public. Maybe people need heroes. Maybe people need to reminisce about classic rock. Maybe people love the story of an outsider who triumphs, and then loses it all. Who knows? I could speculate all day long, but one thing is for sure, no one expected “Bohemian Rhapsody” to be a blockbuster.

Which brings us to 2020. Covid-19? I remember reading in the paper about what was happening in China, there was no way I felt it could happen here, not at this level.

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden? I had no idea that the anti-Bernie faction would circle the wagons, have Amy & Pete drop out and anoint Biden.

Black Lives Matter? They’ve been killing blacks willy-nilly for years. After Ferguson I expected a firestorm that never happened. I even heard Spike Lee say things were now gonna be different, because everybody had a camera. But it took years for all the stars to align, for the conflagration to ignite, seemingly overnight, and to have protests in Idaho and Utah…have you been to these places, unfathomable!

Which is why I tell all those who believe Biden will skate to victory that the election is still four months away, anything could happen. Hickenlooper was a shoo-in, and then the right ginned-up an ethics violation, he made a couple of faux pas…and he survived the primary and should win the election in November, but what looked like smooth sailing was not.

And this is not only in politics. It’s in all walks of life. Hell, music is a harbinger of this. The scene looks placid, you know what works and what does not, and then something from left field triumphs, turns over the table, and what was new is now old and forgotten. Actually, we’re ripe for that, because we haven’t had a new sound in twenty years. Popular music has consolidated in an era where everything else has exploded into a zillion niches. Kinda like ski production. There are a number of gigantic companies, which in some cases own multiple brands, but this has engendered a plethora of indie operations, more companies are making more skis than ever before. And the indies are the ones with the breakthroughs. Which is the way it used to happen in music, and it is still happening now, it’s just that those in power can’t realize it. There’s been consolidation to the point that many are left out, especially in genres that are not emphasized, meanwhile, those genres are growing.

So back to Trump. He can’t handle losing, you know that. And right now things are looking very bad. To the point where Republican infrastructure is starting to freak out, because it’s fearful Trump will bring the whole party down, not only losing the Presidency, but the Senate.

Then again, all this infrastructure was against Trump until it flipped and was for him. But, there are elected officials who will probably lose their seats because they’ve supported Trump, like Cory Gardner, it’s the human stain.

So, if Fox can gin up enough support, they’ll throw Trump overboard. And this will not be good for the Democrats. Almost no one is enthusiastic about Joe Biden, check the polls, it’s an anti-Trump vote, and if suddenly Trump is removed and someone rational runs in his place…he or she might win!

But if Trump stays in and loses on paper, he’s not going to sacrifice his position, that’s not the authoritarian playbook. And, authoritarians don’t play by the rules, so stop talking about the law.

Kinda like Rachel Maddow and the rest of the left wing press corps pointing out Trump’s failures. Who is this helping? MSNBC’s audience has made its mind up about Trump. So, you watch and they quote the “New York Times” and get flabbergasted over everything Trump and his cronies do and take themselves out of the discussion, they’re not making any difference.

Same deal on the other side. You need to go to the Fox News site on a regular basis. They can put a negative spin on the biggest left wing triumph. And they pick and choose the news and…

The media is following.

The public is leading.

But the public has little investment in the game. The public is willing to turn on a dime, jettison what once was while it invests in something new.

Meanwhile, Covid-19 keeps ravaging the populace. And now even Trump is mellowing on masks, as even Mitch McConnell advocates for them.

So hopefully this weekend you’re staying home. Saving yourself.

Then again, whenever I go out I see groups of maskless youngsters hanging in close proximity.

Proving there’s a vacuum in leadership that someone will fill. This disorganization will not go on forever. These narratives will not continue forever.

Watch the movie!

“Rough polling stretch has GOP operatives asking: Could Trump drop out? – Some GOP operatives are wondering if the president could drop out of the presidential race if his poll numbers don’t improve” – Fox

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