One More

Tom Rush sent me the absolute best explanation I’ve gotten re the coronavirus:

Dr. Emily Porter explains exactly why staying home is saving lives

It’s Representative Katie Porter’s sister, who is a doctor.

It’s only five and a half minutes long, and it’s very clear cut, not boring. She explains the math of the coronavirus very simply.

You’re gonna watch this and send it to everybody you know.


And while I have your attention, I got this article from Henry Root, the link is self-explanatory:

Israeli doctor in Italy: We no longer help those over 60


And while I have your attention…

I left out the link to that Italy article I quoted in the prior missive, it’s:

“Italy, Pandemic’s New Epicenter, Has Lessons for the World – The country’s experience shows that steps to isolate the coronavirus and limit people’s movement need to be put in place early, with absolutely clarity, then strictly enforced”

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