Bloomberg’s Past

“Why Is Bloomberg’s Long History of Egregious Sexism Getting a Pass?-The surging Democratic presidential candidate has fielded some 40 sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits”

The rich are different from you and me…THEY’RE ENTITLED!

Sure, Trump did it, but that’s a FALSE EQUIVALENCY! Democrats are the big tent party, embracing women, people of color, the blue collar, they’re enlightened, at least until the last twenty five years, which is why Republicans are winning, they’ve got a more singular audience, white, and they’re speaking directly to them, meanwhile the Democratic leaders keep telling us they’re offended, but they’re drinking from the same trough.

Ain’t that America, where you’re nobody until you’re somebody, and when you’re somebody you skate, paying for your offenses like a road manager with a roll of hundys until your ego becomes so self-inflated you believe you can run the government better than those with experience, because after all, YOU’RE RICH!

Forget whether Bernie Sanders loses or wins, now you can see why he has a constituency. And just like despite the “booming economy” there are those without jobs outside the unemployment statistics, never mind the underemployed, there are dyed-in-the-wool lefties who aren’t bothering to vote because they believe it makes no difference, that the leaders of the Democratic and Republican parties are more similar than different.

My favorite take on this is from the film “Milk”…you cannot win unless you give the people HOPE!

It’s not only income inequality, there’s social inequality, which often goes with said wealth:

“Bloomberg Pursues Wealthy Donors, but Not Their Checkbooks-Michael Bloomberg has sworn off taking money from other people for his presidential campaign. But in private, he is courting rich Democrats, potentially posing a challenge for his moderate rivals.”

Yup, Michael Bloomberg wants to steal the nomination with his cash.

Come on, he carpet bombs us on TV and then Instagram. Sure, Trump is uncontrollable, but does it really come down to our billionaire versus their billionaire?

Which is why taking the corporate cash is such a downer. It contributed to Hillary’s downfall and Mayor Pete…do you think he’s speaking for you? Then you must be RICH!

The record business thought it had everything under control. It was selling overpriced CDs with one good track, raking in the dough. It discontinued the single. And then…Napster.

And what did the industry do? Look into the future and make peace?

No, it SUED!

Don’t you get it, the DNC is just like the record companies. It wants to hold on to what it’s got, keep its power rather than adjust to a new reality. Meanwhile trying to scare us into its vision by saying…”You remember McGovern, right?” Even though 1972 was a different era and McGovern was never a strong candidate. And then telling us we’re unsophisticated and don’t know enough, as in we don’t understand it’s about coattails, and therefore you need a nominee who can generate this, ignoring the fact that their vaunted Obama lost so many governorships and state legislatures during his term. Which is why we’ve got the war on abortion and the eradication of voting rights. But no, this gang says to trust them, WHY?

And the labels thought they had a closed system, built on radio. And then rappers gave it away for free on Soundcloud, became the darlings of Spotify, and now the tail is wagging the dog, labels sign acts AFTER they’ve proven themselves with hits. The whole model has changed, labels don’t find talent, they BLOW UP talent, mostly via their relationships with the dying terrestrial radio and network television. Talk about preparing for the future…

Meanwhile, the labels are run by overpaid seven figure oligarchs and everybody who has not been fired, whose position has not been eliminated, is paid bupkes.

The problems are all the same. The people are getting the short end of the stick, and they’ve got no power. Supposedly they can elect officials who will speak for them, but it doesn’t happen on the Democratic side. Give credit to the Republicans, speaking for their gerrymandered districts.

It is not business as usual. This is why the Democrats lose, they don’t realize the landscape has changed, never mind changing themselves. Just because they didn’t inherit their wealth, went to college and worked hard for their riches, that does not make them better than the rest of us. Be accused of sexual harassment and lose your job, but if you’re the seven figure Neil Portnow you’re not even put on leave, if you’re Bloomberg you just write a check and move on. ISN’T THIS EXACTLY WHAT WE HATE ABOUT TRUMP?

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