Peter Garrett-This Week’s Podcast

This almost didn’t happen. It was all set, but then Peter’s people said he had a hard out at ten to twelve and I didn’t think that would be enough time so I asked for an earlier start, and he canceled. Then I said the original start time would work and it was back on but it turns out that had nothing to do with it, the issue was whether the interview could be broadcast at Australian Music Week or not. Peter didn’t want it to be, Australian Music Week ultimately agreed, and it was back on the schedule.

So it happened at Studio 301 in Sydney. They don’t make studios like this anymore, with multiple rooms, even mastering. I get excited in places like this, this is the epicenter, this is where the music is made.

They had a museum of old equipment, an original Mitsubishi digital tape machine, never mind a bunch of Studers. Guitars even. They took me to every room, which I dug. Then we got to the big studio, the one that can fit orchestras, and in the control room, which was larger than most studios themselves, stood Peter Garrett.

I was intimidated. He’s six foot four something and has a bald head and he had to be out before noon and I figured he’d be recalcitrant, off-putting, but nothing could have been further from the truth!

Now I avoided Peter for the better part of ten minutes, if you converse before you start you risk leaving the best stuff in the green room, I’ve learned that, so they’re setting up the mics and it’s taking time and I’m getting more and more anxious and then we begin.

It was like talking to a long lost friend. And I’m looking at my watch at ten to twelve and Peter doesn’t even blink, he just keeps on going. We don’t stop until twelve twenty. Whereupon Peter says he wants to continue to talk, but first he has to go to the bathroom. I figured that was it, but Peter came back and we talked for another hour, until I had to leave for some TV show. We were wrestling with the issues, it was so much fun.

Now this subsequent hour was not on mic, but there’s plenty here.

What it was like growing up in Australia, how Peter joined Midnight Oil. His experience in the government.

Whether you’re a fan of Midnight Oil or not, you’ll enjoy this. Peter’s the opposite of the traditional musician. He’s eloquent, thoughtful, passionate…I dug it, and you will too!





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