Today’s Trump

You can’t fight your battles alone.

The Donald is making a major mistake making news every day, refusing to cooperate with Congress, he’s hanging it out for everybody to see. In other words, press can work for or against you.

In this case it’s against.

Who is on Trump’s team?

His base.

Fox News.

And Republican Representatives and Senators.

His base does best when it lives in a bubble. But the more Trump drags his issues to the forefront, the more his base is aware of them.

As for Fox News… Shepard Smith resigning did more to cement the viewpoint that the channel is biased than any rantings and ravings by the left.

As for those in Congress… Trump is so busy saving himself, that he’s forgotten about them.

Now most people don’t pay attention to the nitty-gritty of politics, they’d rather live their lives. Ask them who their Representative is, ask them who represents them in state politics and many people will draw a blank. They count on elected officials to do their bidding for them, they’re getting paid, why should I pay attention?

But Trump has made politics the story of the day. He’s trumped not only movies, TV and music, but even tech. No, the story today is all Trump all the time.

To his detriment.

Take this Kurds/Turkey/Syria/Iran/Russia story. Not only is there no way he looks good, acting on impulse without preparation, his own party was against removing U.S. troops. These same Congresspeople who were afraid of Trump. How long until they flip?

It’s going to happen instantly.

The media is always fighting the last war. Yes, 2016 illustrated that there was anger with the elites, against globalization, that the downtrodden and racist wanted to return to what theoretically once was and never will be.

Shocked by the results in 2016, positively shocked I tell you, the media is now bending over backward to pay fealty to these people. Warren is too far left! What they don’t understand is America is looking for LEADERS!

Trump is a leader. Whether he’s going in the right direction is debatable. And over fifty percent of Americans now favor impeachment and removal, and what does the Donald do? Pour gasoline on the fire! Do you think those already convinced to get rid of him like being insulted by the Donald day after day? Furthermore, those people talk to others and the number favoring him gone increases.

And for all of this America First b.s… It’s a conundrum. People on the right don’t want to spend money on others, but they do want America to be perceived as the greatest country in the world. The irony, of course, is that that takes money. There’s no way to look at the Turkey situation other than as a great gift to Putin. Irrelevant of interference in our elections, only Trump is positive about the dictator. People are still scared of Russia, they don’t want the nation to have more power, they don’t want the balance of power to shift from the U.S./Europe to Russia/China/Mideast. So on one hand they want to ignore them, but on the other they don’t want them to have more power than us.

Now other nations don’t believe us, don’t trust us, and everything Trump keeps saying is the reverse. America is not great again, with its tariffs and tax giveaways, and now it’s losing its power. All those people chanting USA!, USA!, used to laugh at other nations, not so much now.

So the media keeps saying the tail is wagging the dog. That every elected official is subservient to the voter. Nothing could be further from the truth. The voters don’t know what they want, they vote against their interests and can be more easily swayed than perceived. An elected official cannot change their mind, but a voter certainly can.

Voters want the impossible. They want all the services, all the safety, and they want it for free. They can see that Trump can’t deliver this. As for the Democrats…only Warren and Sanders can get the messaging right. We want someone to pull us out of this mess so we don’t have to think about it anymore.

That’s the prevailing sentiment in the country…let’s get back to regular business. Kinda like England re Brexit, talk to inhabitants of the U.K., they just don’t want to live in limbo anymore. But they all still have complaints. They want to put the reins in the hands of someone who cannot only fix the mess, but lead into the future. As for “trust me”… No one trusts anyone anymore.

So Trump is making news every damn day. And he supports people until he hangs them out to dry. Giuliani?? If he’s indicted, the Donald will say how bad Rudy is, that he was a rogue actor and Trump had no idea, positively no idea.

Politics was always about the team. But Trump blew that paradigm apart. Because those in charge of the team refused to change. It’s like the MLB sitting by raising prices while the NBA captured hearts and minds.

So the Democrats hamstrung Bernie in 2016. So what does Warren do this time around? SHE SAYS SHE’S GONNA PLAY NICE! She’s gonna work for the party and its candidates. That’s right you co-opt them before they co-opt you.

Donald’s strategy didn’t work. He pointed out the flaws of his competitors in 2016. He employed an internet/Twitter campaign when others were still using fax. Trump is a signpost that the game has changed, but he’s playing it very badly.

This was one of the problems with Obama, he was in the right position but he played the game poorly. He tried to make peace with people who wanted no peace, i.e. the Republicans. He should have negotiated behind closed doors like Johnson, or shamed his opponents, as Trump has done. Instead, Barack was living in a bygone era, that’s how we got into this mess. No one acknowledged the pitfalls of globalization, no one fought back against the rise of Republicans in state legislatures, it was positively kumbaya until Bernie challenged Hillary. End result? The Democrats nominated Hillary and she lost. She campaigned for business as usual when people didn’t want this. And you just couldn’t relate to her, she was neither fish nor fowl. You couldn’t connect with Trump either, but at least he spoke English (however poorly) as opposed to gobbledygook and he said he was rich, and in today’s America, rich people rule.

But now it’s 2019.

People are pissed.

But we keep hearing no one will abandon Trump.

Look at sports. People love a player until he does not deliver in the clutch, then they’re in the doghouse and have to redeem themselves.

What has Trump delivered? Forget those who say he’s on the right path, they just want to make you go crazy, deep down inside they know he’s a buffoon balloon with the gas billowing out. Very few will admit they’re wrong in public, but in private…

So you capture the flag and run with it. That’s what the Democrats should be doing.

As for Trump, he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar and instead of fielding the controversy, he’s stonewalling and attacking, he’s every bully you ever hated caught red-handed.

As for Adam Schiff and his compatriots, they’re afraid of right wing blowback and as a result they don’t say or do anything, allowing the right to define them anyway. We’re looking for strength. Stand up for your opinion, get in their face. This was what was so great about Anthony Weiner before he blew himself up.

So no one wants to get close to the fireworks. They just want to watch the show. And it’s greater than one in any big top.

And Trump is on the wrong side of almost everything and everyone. In the Middle East, with Russia, with farmers…he’s alienating everyone. Sure, he’s got his seconds, blowhards like Hannity, Ingraham and Tucker, but there are mothers who defend children who have raped and killed. Some people are never gonna change.

We’re fighting for the heart and soul of our country. Are we gonna let Trump get away with it?

Of course not!

Which is why the impeachment and removal numbers keep going up. As for Republican Congresspeople… Ever read Shakespeare? Are you aware of plots to bring the king down? Do you think Moscow Mitch and his cronies are gonna sit by and refuse to take action?

When it’s clear that the boss doesn’t care about you, is willing to cut you loose, you look out for yourself. First we had Cohen. Then we had Scaramucci. They played the game and lost, they realized they got screwed, now the knife has turned around.

Gonna happen in Congress too, just you wait.

As for the media?

It’ll be serving false equivalencies, deep down in the weeds until the action happens. Sometimes you can be so busy fighting the battle that you don’t see the war.

Trump is toast. Over. Done. It’s just a matter of when.

It’s going to happen very quickly. He’s stuck in quicksand, and the only way you can get out is with help.

No one wants to help him.

Not enough to keep him in office.

They want to watch him sink and then say how they never supported him to begin with, that he was a liar who pulled the wool over their eyes.

And then they’ll go back to attacking Democrats.

It’ll be business as usual until someone more sane takes charge and leads.

But the Democrats want to shoot their leaders.

But the little girls (and boys!) understand.

There must be some way out of here, said the joker to the thief…

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