The Democrats have to get ahead of the story.

If you were listening to the news today, and who wasn’t, you heard about two things, Trump’s impeachment and how this action will negatively impact the Democrats in 2020.

Now let’s wait to see what the whistleblower has to say, what the transcript and ultimately the tape say, but if we’re gonna grant a green light on impeachment after that, we’ve got to get on the same page. I’m speaking about Democrats here, the Republicans learned this lesson decades ago. In 2016 the Republican candidates were all against Trump, until he won the nomination, then they solidly got behind him. The Democrats? All they can talk about is losing, they’re so busy arguing amongst themselves that they can’t see the bigger picture.

Number one, timing. You never know what the future will bring, forgoing impeachment and waiting for 2020… A Democratic candidate could commit a faux pas, Trump could have a great victory, almost anything is possible, which is why you play the game instead of waiting to run out the clock. Only the aggressor wins in the end, no matter how good your defense is, you’ve got to put points on the board.

Number two, perspective, as in the Democrats have to agree on a story and continue to sell it. They must say impeachment is less about Trump than the Presidency, how they’re defining the rules for administrations to come. That when someone tries to break the rules, an umpire must come in and cry foul! That’s what they’re doing here, in the name of justice, this is not Democrat versus Republican, this is about America versus fascism. Sure, use a softer word than fascism, but that’s the point, we’re doing this to preserve our American government and our American way of life. This message should be sold over and over again, it should trump Trump. If you make it about Trump, it’s immediately partisan, if you make it about ethics, behavior, laws…that’s hard to argue.

And the Democrats should all be saying how impeachment is gonna HELP their chances in 2020. That the public has been waiting for action in D.C. and now they’re getting it. That the Republicans have thwarted movement for years and now the Democrats have to take singular action.

As for the election, Democrats have to say this is what people want, the aforementioned action, Representatives voting their conscience as opposed to triangulating and playing the insider game. After all, if you commit a crime in public the police don’t refrain from arresting you because it might hurt their image, especially if you’re a nobody. In this flattened, social media world, people feel equal to elected officials. Elected officials should be held to the same standard normal people employ.

The Democrats should say victory in 2020 is a foregone conclusion, that no matter who they nominate in 2020, they’ll emerge victorious. You play like a winner or else you end up a loser.

You can define yourself to victory. Look at the Rolling Stones, the self-professed “World’s Greatest Rock and Roll Band.” Is that true? Who knows? But certainly after their contemporaries broke up and died, it was a self-defining prophecy, you had to see the Stones, they were the WORLD’S GREATEST! Michael Jackson tried to do the same thing, calling himself the “King of Pop.” Although no one ever liked the word “pop.” It never truly resonated with the audience, never mind MJ’s questionable behavior.

What do they say on “American Idol,” “fake it till you make it?” Everybody in America employs this aphorism, but not Democrats, they’re never qualified enough, the odds are stacked against them, who in hell could vote for these losers? You want people of strength. Kinda like Hillary back in 2016, she called some of Trump’s base “deplorables.” The REPUBLICANS latched on to this and bullied her into apologizing, demonstrating weakness, Hillary should have doubled-down on her statement, showed her cojones, that would have made people believe in her, as for those who didn’t, they never would.

This was the problem with Obama, he was looking for kumbaya. There’s no kumbaya in America today, and the Republicans know this. They stole the Supreme Court pick, they gerrymandered, and when they lose, they pass laws hobbling the winner before he or she takes office. The Republicans fight dirty, the Democrats don’t fight at all, they just whine.

So Pelosi and her pals, the entire DNC, the left wing bloviators, from now on they must say that Trump’s impeachment is the best thing that ever happened to this country. That the government was built on checks and balances, that no branch of the government should be stronger than another, that to refuse to obey the law Trump is breaking the system. The Democrats should say they’re leading, that this is what the country wants! Of course the Republicans will squirm, just ignore them, it’s your spin against theirs, and there are more Democrats than Republicans.

I don’t know about you, but my parents always told me to stand up to bullies, that unless you did they’d know you were afraid and never stop badgering you.

Unfortunately, today’s left wing parents believe their kids should be immune from negativity and can’t stop complaining to the authorities that their children are being bullied, even in private schools! People have to learn to fight for themselves, otherwise their entire lives will be compromised. Oh, don’t get your knickers in a twist, this is why the Republicans dominate the conversation, they keep calling out the insane identity politics of the left. Meanwhile, the left is busy fighting amongst itself, arguing about transgender rights, all kinds of things that are important but irrelevant if you don’t have power in government. First you get the power, then you institute change.

This is not hard. Hell, you even come up with a slogan like “Death Tax” to define the impeachment. Yup, Frank Luntz pwns the Democrats on a regular basis, by utilizing words to spin meaning and belief. The Democrats did a good job calling their abortion position “Pro Choice,” can’t they call impeachment “Pro Government,” or the “People’s Position,” or some cute phrase that will become common language, uttered all the time until those who hear it are spun in the right direction?

The Republicans have laid out the playbook, it’s in plain sight. You fight a long war, like with the Federalist Society. You keep hammering and hammering until you get the other side questioning its beliefs.

I know the Democrats can do it.

They’ve got to start NOW!

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