What are the Democrats afraid of?

This is what happens when you’ve been inside the Beltway, in the game for far too long, you get disrupted. That’s right, Trump disrupted the Democrats who were so busy studying history that they didn’t realize the country had changed.

Well, it’s changed again.

What we’ve learned is that 30% of the people will vote for Trump no matter what. There’s no way in hell you can convince them otherwise, write them off.

As far as those people in the middle, swayable, the canard is that if you make one false move they’re gonna vote Republican again. But the Democratic leaders just don’t get it. Those people voted for Trump because the Democrats weren’t servicing them, the left was beholden to the nouveau riche, those who benefited from the system and globalization, and this sector believed, unfortunately correctly, that not only did the left wing elite not care about them, they had contempt for them. So they decided to flip the script, throw over the table, anything to wake the Democrats up and hopefully generate change.

Oh boy, they got it with Trump. And most of America doesn’t like what he’s done. But don’t ask Nancy Pelosi to do anything about it.

Now the Democrats missed their chance. Like they have for decades, they’ve allowed the right wing to control the narrative, this time with the Mueller Report, Barr got out ahead and the Democrats never conceived of a viable strategy to get rid of the President. Then, way too late, they decided they would do so, slowly, like a record company transitioning from physical to digital…better not go too fast, you might piss off some of your old partners. But this appeal to everybody approach appeals to nobody! You’ve got to lead. That’s what was wrong with Obama, he was so fearful of being labeled an angry African-American he stayed calm in the face of right wing shenanigans, he didn’t call them out, he didn’t get aggressive, he just squirmed like a five year old when they stole his Supreme Court pick. Hell, Obama could have shut down the government, done his best to bring the Republicans to their knees, but NO, you’ve just got to toss your hands in the air and then point to the other guy and say he’s bad. Hell, Bill Belichick is bad, the Patriots keep testing the rules, but the Patriots consistently win, over and over again.

Trump has handed the Democrats a gift. He’s admitted he discussed Biden with Ukraine and withheld aid. If not now, when?

What the Democrats don’t realize is no one wants to vote for a pussy. Pussies are pissed on. You’ve got to bring out the dog in you, snarl, take action, it’s a fight but the Democrats refuse to put up their dukes.

The Squad has urged them to, to drag themselves into the twenty first century, but movement has to be slow in government, so slow that Amazon, Google and Facebook became monopolies and D.C. was caught flat-footed, they didn’t even understand what was going on, never mind the stakes. What do you expect from a leader like Chuck Schumer who still uses a flip phone?

This is not about getting Trump out of office, it’s about the law and institutions. Trump keeps saying no…no tax returns, no testimony, no info and the Democrats roll over. Trump’s turning the government into a monarchy and the Democrats are acting like serfs, thankful they can live at all.

Today the “Wall Street Journal” said the Biden claims had no merit, never mind the “New York Times.” THAT’S THE RIGHT WING PAPER OF RECORD!

And if you’d gone to the Fox News website over the weekend you would have seen truth about what Trump did, albeit countered with a false narrative about Biden. You see when behavior is not only egregious but fact, you can’t argue it. This is what the country has been waiting for, what the Democrats thought would never happen, Trump not only has been caught red-handed, but admitted it!

As for impeachment… If the Democrats play their cards right, Trump will be gone. History, the one the Dems don’t pay attention to, demonstrates that the Republicans were against the impeachment of Richard Nixon before they were for it. The plethora of evidence turned them. Today, it looks like the Republicans in the Senate are solidly behind Trump, that’s patently untrue! They’re just afraid of him, but if he’s gone, they’ve got nothing to be afraid of.

This is about getting the facts out in front of the public. If there is an impeachment process it will be featured not only across network and cable, but all over the web, where Trump’s behavior will be delineated, the only thing open for discussion is the spin, but the facts remain. I mean you can tell somebody that a person has been mislabeled, that he’s truthful and honorable, but when confronted with bad behavior again and again, you change your opinion.

Yes, if you’re worried about the game, run out the clock, don’t impeach Trump, wait to beat him in the next election. But who says Trump is gonna honor that election? Haven’t the Republicans been screaming about voter fraud again and again as they purge the rolls of legal voters? And just like Trump keeps pushing the envelope now, who’s to say he’s gonna stop? This guy is enriching himself at the country’s expense, the facts are there, but no one can blow the whistle because they’re afraid the public will pooh-pooh their choices and in the past this hasn’t worked?

It’s a brand new country, in so many ways. Income inequality is rampant. The rich are richer and have more power and influence. The American Dream has faded, literally, even the aforementioned WSJ said so. Do you think the public is gonna behave like it always did?


Yes, history will teach you a lot, but sometimes you have to throw away the books and do the right thing. Everybody knows what the right thing is. Then again, we live in such a b.s. country that you’re better off denying your bad behavior than admitting it. Trump gets a pass, no one else does.

So just like I have no doubt that Warren will win the nomination and the election, I’ve got no doubt that if Trump’s behavior was revealed in an impeachment process not only the public, but the Senate will turn against him. They’ll have to. And the only way to get rid of this cancer on the Presidency is…

To get rid of Trump.

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