Stop Apologizing!

This is where Trump wins. This is how he got elected.

Who would predict he would defend his heinous, racist remarks? I figured he’d just let his statements float off into the ether.

Instead, he doubled down.

What the left doesn’t realize is it’s established a line, a third-rail, on so many subjects, that those not in the club of the offended are scratching their heads and saying HUH?

There are so many words, so many descriptions, that you cannot say.

There are so many protected minorities.

And this is how the left gets in trouble.

Like with the Oberlin case. Which got star treatment on the right, but has barely been mentioned on the left.

A black man gets arrested for stealing in a local bakery and the Oberlin mob agitates and protests against the establishment, causing the school to take action, canceling contracts, and then the bakery sues and gets double digit millions. And the guy who did the stealing admitted it! But since he was black…this was a racial offense.

Now there’s the trans issue. I ask you, how many trans people are there in America? And the issue of pronouns, we’re supposed to use “they” in certain circumstances.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fine to be trans, I don’t think their rights should be impinged. But is this the biggest issue in America today?

And of course, like the left so frequently does, they take it too far. They want these trans people to be able to compete against women in sports, even though female runners have been kicked out of competitions because of having too much testosterone, NATURALLY! Even Martina Navratilova has taken a stand against having female trans people competing against women in tennis, she called it “insane.”

And then you’ve got the strange case of Scarlett Johannson, who was excoriated for saying that she should be able to play any character. She backed down, don’t they all, you’ve got to pay fealty to the politically correct police.

But no, only a specific nationality can play that nationality, only people of a specific color can play that color. I’m not saying that there should not be people of color in the movies, but the last time I checked, they called it ACTING, not real life.

And then there’s the #MeToo movement. Found a man who’s stood up against it recently? Even spoken about it? No, it’s taboo. If you’re a man you’re not entitled to an opinion. There can be no discussion. How do you think all men feel about this? Sure, women have gotten short shrift in society, they deserve equal pay and the right to walk freely on our streets, but this hard line is doing them no benefit.

It’s not all bad on the left. We’ve got Megan Rapinoe, the star of the World Cup, refusing to go to the White House and not caving when confronted with her viewpoint.

But the left is so busy bending over backwards, reporting the right’s viewpoint, that the effect is neutered. That’s right, they essentially hang Rapinoe out to dry.

There are so many litmus tests on the left that no one qualifies.

And you can’t express a contrary opinion or you’re shouted down.

And then you have to APOLOGIZE!

It happens all the time. I’m not saying there should not be a penalty for abhorrent speech, but when an actor goes to rehab for speech, I’ve got to laugh. What’s next, rehab for speeding? Yelling? Smoking?

So Trump stands up to all the B.S., he stands up to their crap.

And of course, his statements are inane, but they resonate with a lot of people, like those who don’t believe immigrants should be caged like animals, but do believe we need a coherent immigration policy.

Trump has redefined the debate, as to whether you love the country or not. This, once again, is how the left lost the war. The concept of criticizing the country and still loving it gets no traction, despite repeated voicing. The left contributed to the with you or against you line in the sand, because that’s how it behaves on every other issue!

The left can’t even control a debate. It’s good on the small things, but on the big things, it’s a crybaby. What did my mother say when a bully threatened me at school? Stand up to him, fight him, and then he’ll stop bullying you, and it turned out to be true!

Furthermore, my mother refused to get involved in my issues, my friendships. Now everybody says their kid is being bullied and they’re calling the school and other parents and…

The school has to be a safe space. Where everybody must be calm.

But no, school is where you learn about society, how to behave in a group. And believe me, the bullies ultimately get their comeuppance.

No one likes their kid to be bullied, but what are you gonna do when the “child” is out in the workplace, in a marriage, you can’t protect them forever.

But mostly we’re talking language here folks. Remember when they banned “Ulysses’ and Henry Miller? Now in left wing institutions you have to have trigger warnings, cautioning students they might be offended by what is contained therein. How in the hell did we switch from the right wing being offended by language to the left? And it’s just LANGUAGE! Isn’t this supposed to be a country of ideas? Do words really hurt people? What do they say on the playground, “Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me?”

This apologizing has got to stop, this inhibition of discussion, this constant policing of statements.

Of course Trump’s tweets were reprehensible. But he instinctually knows people are sick of the blowback, they want a certain freedom of speech, and as a result, he turns the accusations on their head and it resonates with people, not only his base, but more.

But the left is so offended!

But it’s been offended since day one. And what does it keep doing? Report it to the principal, i.e. the left wing press. It rarely stands up to Trump, it rarely defines the debate. All it keeps saying is impeachment is not prudent, and the Presidential candidates are too far to the left and…

You can’t even fit in in your own party.

Oh, what a country.

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