Trump Tells The Squad To Go Home

Should they leave from those Revolutionary War airports?

I’m stunned, positively stunned I tell you, that Democrats and the press believe that by publicizing the inanities and ignorant behavior and statements of Donald Trump they will somehow get change.

Change comes via Congress, and the Democrats refuse to impeach Trump, where his behavior would be on full display, reported in all media.

But that’s America, where the right unifies and takes action and the left argues amongst itself and does nothing, trying to fend off the blows of aggressors, refusing to define the debate. After all, it was the Democrats who allowed Hillary Clinton to be labeled as the nasty woman the right portrayed her as, causing those deaths in Benghazi, why didn’t she take a G5 over there and get into hand-to-hand combat? And using that damn private e-mail server… Hillary didn’t grow a set until after she lost the election. Meanwhile, the right is still making hay on her, she is the President on Fox News and in Trump’s brain, she’s the focus of his re-election campaign. It’s like Meek Mill dissing CeeLo.

You don’t use the strategies of yore to fight a new disease. Isn’t this how the U.S. lost in Vietnam? By not knowing how to engage in guerrilla warfare? Right is irrelevant, power is everything. And Trump’s got it, and is employing it, to the point where the never-Trumpers are thinking of aligning with him. Never forget, in America it’s all about family, we’re tribal, very few people won’t defend their relatives, blood is the most significant tie they’ve got.

And sure, Nancy Pelosi is a well-experienced player in the old game, but she doesn’t seem to realize it’s a new game. She’s like all those companies that got plowed under by the internet. First, they wanted no change, then they wanted gradual change, then they disappeared. And who destroyed them? Aged baby boomers? No, young ‘uns! Young ‘uns that still flummox Congress. They can fine Facebook $5 billion, but that doesn’t really hurt, hell, they can just raise ad rates, and the fact that Chuck Schumer uses a flip-phone… That’s like someone who uses cassettes telling you what goes on in the digital age. It’s all about experience, going into the unknown. Have you seen “Star Trek”?

Forget Trump’s base, they’re never gonna see the left wing light.

But the reason Trump won, despite all these hosannas about a great economy, is because his base is broke and those with any cash don’t want to cough it up. Ironically, those on the extremes of both right and left have the same problem, they can’t make ends meet. So Trump creates bogey men and the left keeps saying radical change is too much, we’ve got to fight for the center, meanwhile, we’ve got the Squad waving its arms, telling the Democratic leaders change has occurred, and the usual suspects tell them to take a seat at the back of the bus. And Trump senses this discord and pours gasoline on it, telling these women to go back to where they came from, even though three out of four were born in the United States, and it highlights the problem for all to see, making the situation worse.

Yes, the loser in today’s outburst is the left, not Trump. How can that be?

This is what happens when you lose control of the narrative, when you refuse to change, or do so gradually, when you refuse to unite with a philosophy.

That’s right, Trump scared traditional Republicans, he was unelectable, but then he won the nomination and the Presidency. But you’ve got to be a middle of the road peacemaker in the Democratic party. Biden is running on a record when America was completely different. It’d be like running Kenny Loggins for President, he’s a recognizable name, the old folks like him and the younger generation goes…WHO?

The younger generation, ruled by hip-hop and Instagram. Their heroes are influencers. Nobody cares what musicians have to say today, just those with a following online. The rank and file can relate to them. But every oldster with a brain says they’re no-talents, undeserving of attention. Today there’s a generation gap as wide as the sixties, but the boomers, dieted down to nothing, wearing their kids’ clothing, believe they know what’s going on when they don’t!

You fight an old man with youth, not another old man. After all, the youth will inherit the earth. On the left, everybody keeps talking about student debt and the climate crisis but they won’t let the victims have a voice, or they keep them at the kiddie table. Do you wonder why the youth aren’t inspired by alta kachers?

Hell, the left can’t even keep a story alive. Mueller in the hot seat is like grilling Paris Hilton, it’s already an old story no one cares about.

You win today by making news every damn day. Trump knows this, but the Democrats are still running like it’s the last century.

And it doesn’t matter if you make a mistake, mistakes are forgotten in the tsunami of information. Old artists take years to make an album that is instantly forgotten. Can you say Madonna? Can you say Springsteen? Meanwhile, Ariana Grande puts out multiple albums a year!

So the left needs to plow ahead with new rules. You make the news, you define the debate, you lead. In today’s world, the naysayers get little traction, they can be ignored, ever notice the follower counts of those criticizing you? They’re almost always low, they live to hate, it makes them feel powerful.

You need to ignore them, just like Trump.

You must focus on your own mission.

You’d be better off reading Clayton Christensen’s “The Innovator’s Dilemma” than any newspaper.

Today’s wars are always fought off the radar, by time they hit the mainstream the insurgents have already won or been forgotten.

Trump tapped into discontent.

There’s even more discontent on the left. Focus on rallying your constituency, not railing at this tired old man who was elected king. Don’t you get it? It’s not the dyed-in-the-wool right/base who pushed Trump to victory, but the disillusioned left/middle who were sick and tired of being talked down to by the Democrats, who wanted change which the left refused to give to them.

Steve Jobs blew up norms. Replaced them with the future. He knew we were living in a changed world. Remember when the music industry was pissed-off about the Rip/Mix/Burn campaign? Now not only do computers come without disc drives, a healthy percentage of those eligible to vote are unaware of that campaign and never ripped a CD in their lives. Appeal to these people, they are the future.

We’re never going back.

It was a new day yesterday, but it’s an old day now.

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