The Fourth of July

In my mind I can’t study war no more

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, whether to be freaked out or just let it pass.

But our long national nightmare will not be over even if a Democrat is elected President. You see there is gerrymandering, a Republican Supreme Court, and red states that are strictly red, in all branches of government.

Yet the Democrats are arguing amongst themselves, moderates rallying around a tired old man who will never be elected king when the truth is we need impassioned lefties to make our nation be aware of what’s at stake.

What’s at stake if you’re rich?

Not much. You can buy your way inside. If you’re smart, you’re not on social media and no one knows who you are as you fly in your private jet and live behind the walls at your numerous residences. For every Koch brother, there are tons of wealthy people who believe they can never be touched.

But you call this class warfare.

Actually, I just went on, and they don’t even mention Trump’s shenanigans on the Fourth.

That’s right, he’s gonna speak. There are gonna be flybys. There are gonna be tanks. And if you’re a VIP you sit right up front, to avoid hecklers getting close.

The “Wall Street Journal” told the story, but believe me, the rank and file Republicans don’t read that paper behind a paywall. All they know is they want a return to what once was, even though it wasn’t that good to begin with, when the truth is the future is being made every day and if you don’t change, you’re gonna be left behind.

But I get it. The elites changed the game and you didn’t get a vote. They call it globalization. And now all you can do is work in an un-air conditioned Amazon warehouse so wankers can get their products immediately.

Bread and circuses. We’ve got smartphones, we’ve got YouTube and Netflix and the public is so deep into its respective rabbit holes that it doesn’t know what’s going on.

Meanwhile, Trump is the biggest rock star out there, making news every day, staying in the public eye. Maybe that’s why rock stars are dead, you can’t record a hit song every day, but somehow Trump manages to. Music is relegated to the background, it’s so Balkanized that no one could sing the same song at a protest.

But that’s what we need.

We’ve got to protest where they can see us. We’ve got to make news. We’ve got to have our story heard.

We did last week, at the debates. And what did we hear? The game is rigged, the little people need help, health care, and what was the blowback? The establishment saying it can’t be done, scaring the populace into retreating, but is this so?

This is a music paradigm. The sound changes, it never stays static.

And neither does the world.

In the sixties, the military and the police were the enemy.

Today they’re vaunted kings. Hell, you can’t go to a public event without people paying fealty to the military, it’s the new American flag pin. But do you think they do this around the world? Of course not, because of coups, because of military abuse. The military is one step away from taking power, just look at history.

And there’s a canard that Democracy will survive. Why? it’s not doing so well in the rest of the world. What we’ve got is isolationism and strongmen. Who promise to make it all right and then end up consolidating power and ruling. Can you say Putin? He just declared the age of liberalism was dead, and he’s Trump’s best friend, a guy who couldn’t possibly have meddled in our election.

Up is down and down is up.

Maybe we need a draft. If your ass was on the line, where Trump keeps placing our troops, you’d be questioning these activities. No one wants to see their kid killed. But we keep lauding women in the military. Cool, a woman can do what a man does, but why would anybody want to be trained as a fighting machine? Especially in an era where the threat comes from technology, not brute force. If Trump really wanted to have a parade, he’d get all the denizens from Silicon Valley to come to D.C. and walk the streets, they’re the ones who’ve delivered what the people want, what’s making their lives so good.

Oh, that’s right, the bros in San Francisco have run ragged over our nation. And I’ll admit online abuse is an issue. Facebook and Instagram and Twitter have to set limits. But truly, are any of these outlets a bigger problem than Fox News? NO!

You’ve got to understand, we no longer have a national news source. Trump is the only person covered by both sides. It’s all Trump all the time. And the right reports and its audience is hypnotized and the left calls out the faux pas and nothing changes. It’d be like being the parent of a child and noting their misbehavior and expecting them to change without taking action. At some point you’ve got to delve in and do the hard work.

But no one wants to, they’re stars, on Instagram! Or, they’re too busy playing Fortnite. It’s the new American Dream, I’ll post on social media, become an influencer and get rich! But the odds are about as good as Powerball. Then again, lotteries are a tax on the poor. The poor are ripped-off and taken advantage of in this country day in and day out. But their spending keeps the economy humming. That’s right, everybody needs food and clothing and a roof over their head. Our country runs on public spending. But somehow it’s the corporations, the rich, who are our benefactors. You can invent a brilliant video game, but if no one plays it, no one buys the virtual tchotchkes, you’re screwed.

I know, I know, it’s been the same story for two and a half years, you’re used to it.

But that’s just what they want. To numb you into inaction.

Trump acts unilaterally and the Democrats in the House move at the pace of a snail, via the legal system, protesting when things don’t go their way, afraid of pissing anybody off. Trump doesn’t roll that way. He does whatever he wants. The fear is if the Democrats impeach Trump, he’ll win again. But this is just the behavior that is sealing the deal. In tech, no one wants a ten year old product, never mind one from the eighties or nineties. But somehow, the establishment believes Biden is the answer. That’s right, let’s all go back to Netscape, on AOL! On our big box computers, with their terrible color screens. That’s anathema, so why is Joe so great?

But not only is the right selling fear, but so is the left. The left is paralyzed, but AOC showed that change can be instant. I don’t care whether you like her or not, the truth is she came from nowhere on her own truth and is now one of the most powerful and famous people in America. Take that DNC, take that music industry!

And this is what entertainers don’t understand. AOC ain’t rich, she’s only selling her brain, her ideas, her credibility. But everyone in entertainment is selling out, trying to to get rich, but believe me, they can never be as rich as the ruling class. You’ve missed the plot if you think it’s about money.

So July Fourth will come and go, you’ll forget about what happens in D.C. and move on. But ever hear of a cumulative effect?

All over the world, in Hong Kong, Istanbul, Prague, people are standing up against authoritarianism.

But we believe it can’t happen here.

But it can.

Save the people
Save the children
Save the country

“Save The Country”
Laura Nyro

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