The Lay Of The Land

The right knows it got screwed by globalization.

The left still thinks it will work for them. At least the educated left, in control of the Democratic Party. These professionals and high-earners believe that change can happen just as long as it doesn’t affect their wealth too much, that they can ride this horse into the future via a bit of compromise and that the problem is Trump.


It’s not the mainstream Republicans who believed in Trump, as a matter of fact, they anointed Jeb Bush. And now that Trump is actually President, they’re aligning with him, knowing that their party has been taken over by the rank and file, who’ve been left behind in the last forty years, and are looking for hope.

Hillary didn’t embody hope, and neither does Biden. They’re just more of the same. And that’s not gonna work anymore.

I’d say we’re in uncharted territory, but that’s only true of the establishment, believing it is safe in its power, that money rules, and only the most experienced get to steer.

Oh, don’t tell me about the evangelicals, or the racists, sure, they’ve been enabled by Trump, but the reason the real estate developer won is that he spoke to the disenfranchised. Someone must be responsible for their drop in income and living standard. Make it the immigrants. Make it the left with their welfare state. Make it anybody but themselves. Which is kind of weird, since the Republican ethos is individual responsibility.

On the left, the intelligentsia in charge has contempt for everybody sans a college diploma, and is so busy arguing identity politics when a slew of voters just want to put food on the table. This is another thing the Democrats don’t understand. When you’re starving, the cuisine doesn’t matter, any food will do. Once your belly is full you can debate what’s coming from the kitchen.

So the issues of the left are protection for the religious freedom of Muslims and more jobs for women and a greater focus on rapists. Of course these are all good causes…BUT THEY DON’T RESONATE WITH THE RANK AND FILE! It’s not that they don’t have opinions on these issues, it’s just that they’re dealing with bigger ones, like the loss of their jobs. They want someone who’s going to give them hope for the future. Trump might have lied, but that was his promise. Furthermore, Trump was speaking English, as opposed to arguing about trigger warnings, getting so caught up in what is right and doesn’t negatively impact any special interest group that the message ends up broad without bullet points.

But that’s the way the leaders of the Democratic Party want it.

Everybody wants to stay in control, nobody wants to lose their job. Meanwhile, the Clintons have gone on to become fabulously wealthy after losing their gigs, and there’s not even a sufficient safety net for the blue collar worker. OF COURSE it’s the right that wants to eviscerate the safety net, but the left can’t get its messaging right, it’s too busy infighting, too wimpy to put one foot forward. So, the blue collar Democrat votes for Trump, at least there’s a possibility of change.

But the left is afraid of alienating potential voters. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?? Trump supporters will kick and scream, but Democratic voters will think the party has a backbone, whether it succeeds in getting rid of Trump or not. Certainly Nancy Pelosi is a brilliant politician, but she’s using an old playbook, the younger generation wants a voice, the younger generation wants CHANGE!

This is what oldsters cannot fathom. The anger, disillusionment and debt of the youngsters. All boomers can do is excoriate millennials. You’ve read it, they need hand-holding, positive reinforcement, you can’t say anything negative to them. This has become the perception, is it any wonder that the younger generation is disillusioned?

Now if you’re a professional golfer, you play to win, you go for it, because once you lay up, play it safe, you lose your edge and you never know when a competitor will get hot.

But the Democratic Party refuses to play to win. Whether it be combating the right or running a candidate who is going to push the envelope and institute change.

Biden’s strategy is to run out the clock. To say nothing until Election Day, and have all the anti-Trumpers vote for him. That’s not a recipe for success, that’s a recipe for disaster. Whenever you play it safe you lose, can you say Kerry, can you say McCain?

And the Democrats always point to McGovern’s defeat. Saying if you run too far left you’ll lose, the center won’t accept you. But that was back in ’72! Furthermore, society was much less tribal back then, even though we still view it as the hippies versus the rednecks, the political division was not as great as today. And ALMOST NO ONE was excited about McGovern. He was not a dynamic speaker, some of his positions were good, but you didn’t want to go door to door convincing people. The goal was to defeat Nixon instead of pushing the envelope and delivering what the country needed.

People are excited about Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg. And that goes a long way.

People say Warren can’t win because anybody with money abhors her. But the truth is, MOST PEOPLE DON’T HAVE MONEY! And an election is decided by the rank and file, not the elite.

And Buttigieg spoke truth to power, and is continuing to coast on his statements. How SIXTIES!

Bernie Sanders is Curt Flood. He broke the reserve clause. In this case Bernie demonstrated how many people were disillusioned with business as usual, but the fruits of his efforts will probably be reaped by those who follow in his footsteps, just like Curt Flood opened the door but didn’t profit financially the way the resulting free agents ultimately did.

But when it looked like Bernie would win, Neera Tanden and the rest of the Democratic Party were up in arms, they had to undermine him, make it so he couldn’t win. THEY DON’T GET IT, THEY ARE THE PROBLEM!

Bernie still could get the nomination, although it doesn’t look like it.

Beto was a one hit wonder.

Harris doesn’t have enough of a C.V.

You’ve got to give Warren credit, she’s been preparing for this fight for decades, unlike the wankers who are running even though they know they’ll lose. She was a law professor, of bankruptcy. And now the entire country is morally and economically bankrupt. The rich have all the cash, seventy percent of adults possess eight percent of the wealth

The Wealth Detective Who Finds the Hidden Money of the Super Rich


The right is rallying around the flag, the American Dream, a past era that was not that good, and today the odds of moving up the economic ladder are better outside the U.S. than they are inside the country. Sure, it’s all subterfuge, but the left doesn’t counteract this message for fear it will be labeled socialist. Just because the right keeps yelling about the evils of government and taxes doesn’t mean they’re right. It’s an issue of messaging, unfortunately Frank Luntz is on their side.

But this is the problem with impeachment, with all of the left’s positions. So fearful of pissing some potential voter off, they pussyfoot and say nothing, and allow the right to define the debate.

I just don’t get it. In an era of smartphones, the left wants to go back to rotary dialing. You embrace change, you don’t deny it. And this avenue is wide open, because Trump keeps promising to preserve the past, the jobs in coal and other dying industries, and it’s just not happening.

But when you tell a coal miner that a woman gets his gig and that all men are rapists he throws his hands in the air and votes Republican.

I’m not saying I’m against affirmative action, but if there’s more than one college to go to, the loss is not as great as if you didn’t get into UCLA and then you have to perform manual labor.

And even on the broad issues the left’s messaging is screwed-up. People are truly afraid the left will take away their guns. Let’s speak the truth…THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN! Why can’t Democrats say that instead of living in a fantasyland. Yes, many people are one issue voters, and if they think someone’s gonna take their gun away, they’re gonna vote Republican.

So the Democrats have to anoint a progressive candidate. Even if he or she loses. Because it’s just a matter of when. Because it’s gonna get worse, the rank and file are gonna have less, and they’re gonna be even more pissed about it. Now is the time to throw the long ball. And it needs to be a team effort. Whoever is nominated, all Democrats must rally around that person. But no, they’ll continue to bad-mouth them even after they’ve got the nomination.

The problem is the media is detached. We live in a country where it’s impossible to know what’s really going on. No one can watch all the movies, never mind the TV shows. You can’t listen to all the records… We’re in an era of change, and if you believe you can solve the issues via an old paradigm, you’re dreaming.

Bill Clinton played the sax.

Joe Biden has hair plugs in an era where the follically-challenged shave their heads.

Let’s see, Biden is gonna promise us bell bottoms, breakdancing and beer? The truth is beer consumption is down, the younger generation doesn’t cotton to it. But no, the Democratic Party wants to play it the same as it ever was.

There might be revolution in America.

But it’s got to happen in the Democratic Party first.

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