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The news is up front, the death of iTunes and the superstar syndrome, as detailed here:

The Economics of Rihanna’s Superstardom

And it’s the best album Clapton plays on, which means “Delaney & Bonnie On Tour” counts, as well as John Mayall’s “Blues Breakers.”

My favorite is the very first solo LP, produced by Delaney Bramlett. I remember learning “Easy Now” on the guitar, the track was from the heart, a harbinger of things to come. My second favorite is the closing cut, “Let It Rain,” whose five minutes and two seconds is not a second too long. And, of course, the first solo LP contains “Blues Power” and “After Midnight,” and I know you’re gonna say “Layla” is your favorite, the version of “Little Wing” was definitive before Sting’s rendition, even though they’re completely different, and I love “Anyday,” it’s just that “Easy Now” touches my soul in a way nothing on “Layla” does.

Then again, my favorite cut on Cream’s “Goodbye” is “Badge,” with the George Harrison solo, which I believe is more memorable than Eric’s on “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.”

And am I the only one who hates Eric’s version of “I Shot The Sheriff”? My favorite cuts on “461 Ocean Boulevard” are “Mainline Florida” and “Let It Grow,” in that order.

Tune in tomorrow to play.

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