Kid Rock/Joy Behar

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

As for Kid Rock’s use of the b-word, isn’t there a Rolling Stones song entitled that? Oh, that’s right, that was the seventies, no wonder rock is in the dumper, you just can’t be sexist anymore. And I don’t want to get into a long discussion of whether you can say the b-word at all these days, there are people who study these things who know more than I do, but I do know that TV is full of hypocrisy. Taken aback by the words of this one or that one while they’re shooting daggers all the time.

In case you missed the news, Kid Rock, aka “Robert Ritchie,” called Joy Behar the b-word. He singled her out. It made no sense. Until you learned that she singled him and Sarah Palin and Ted Nugent out for their visit with Donald Trump saying:

“The saddest day in the history of the White House since the British burned it to the ground.”


She shot first, and Rock has a long memory. Almost everybody has a long memory!

If I single you out, it’s open season, if you want to send me hate mail, testify as to me being an idiot or worse, I get it, you’re hurt. Assuming you truly are hurt, not fake-hurt, all these people taken aback when they’re really not.

Now I’ve got no time for Sarah Palin, she’s proven she’s got less than a full grip on the issues, irrelevant of which side she’s on. As for Ted Nugent, he’s actually intelligent, but myopic, he’s one of these guys who believes whatever he believes is right, and just can’t fathom being uninformed or someone else having another opinion. As for Kid Rock… He too is intelligent, and he’s more center than right, but it befits his image to be an outrageous Republican.

It’s entertainment folks.

And artists, and Kid Rock qualifies, are emotional. That’s why we’re drawn to them, that’s what makes their careers. If anybody could do it, they would. Actually, that’s the problem today, people are social media stars before becoming musicians… We had no respect for David Soul, why should we respect…

Meanwhile, it’s social media that keeps you in the public eye.

This is an incredible win for Kid Rock. He’s too old for Top Forty radio to play his records, he hasn’t been completely embraced by country radio, but when he gets in on the action he proves he’s alive and not dead. Mix it up in the media once, the next time you do something we’re paying attention.

And if you got down from your offended horse, you could see the humor in this.

Ultimately Joy Behar herself did, calling for Rock to come on “The View” with her and the other b-words and have a beer. Rock should take Behar up on her offer, that would be good television, and they’d find out they had more in common than not.

But ain’t that America, where we find out we’re more alike than different.

But that ain’t good TV.

Come on, TV news is all about ratings, it’s entertainment, there’s no gravitas despite all the talking heads acting like they’re reading from the Bible. To be offended is…

So, Kid Rock is removed as Grand Marshal of Nashville’s Christmas Parade.

But the co-sponsor of the parade isn’t so sure.

That’s America too, it comes down to money.

And the truth is Kid Rock’s fans are howling and bonding to him.

And the people who hate Rock just had their feelings reinforced.

Welcome to America. Where there are two tribes, it’s the Hatfields and the McCoys. Every day the left wing media prints the faux pas of Trump and his cronies…and the supporters of Trump DON’T CARE! Ever check the headlines on Fox, they’re completely different! And his acolytes like what the Donald stands for, they forgive his excesses. Then again, this is one thing the right has right, enough with the political correctness and the trigger warnings and…


Did you read that story?

A woman checks in at Southwest with her daughter and the agent cracks up and posts the kid’s name to social media.

I mean come on, if you saw someone’s name as Abcde wouldn’t YOU laugh?

I’m not saying the clerk should have posted it to social media, that was wrong. But if you don’t chuckle when you see a kid has been named Abcde, you’ve got no sense of humor, and I feel bad for you.

As for the mother telling the agent to hush…

If she were truly worried about her child’s feelings she would have named her Jennifer or Madison… Remember when David Carradine and Barbara Hershey named their kid Free? He changed it to Tom!

Can you imagine being saddled with the name Abcde your entire life?

Now I’m gonna get hate mail from the parents who’ve placed outrageous monikers on their kids’ heads. Sure, you’re entitled to do it, but if you don’t think you’ve put this kid on the fast track to bullying, you never went to school.

Actions have consequences. Joy Behar puts down Kid Rock, she should be ready for blowback. Ditto the mother naming her kid Abcde.

And people protest in public and laugh in private. We’ve all become two-faced. I’m not saying racial epithets are cool, I’m just saying that this is supposed to be the land of the free, and suddenly it’s not.

“Kid Rock Replaced as Grand Marshal of Nashville Christmas Parade”

“Southwest Airlines apologizes for employee laughing at 5-year-old passenger named Abcde”

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