Louis C.K. Comes Back

This is kind of hysterical. The pussy-grabber in chief rapes and pillages our nation and its relationships, yet a comedian is unable to pursue his career. Have we lost perspective?

And isn’t it interesting that not a single male has weighed in on the Louis C.K. comeback, because they’re all afraid of what the women might say. Are the women winning here? I’m not sure they are, because I will tell you the #MeToo movement has had little to no impact on male conversation, it’s only forced the behavior underground, which begs the question, are you winning the battle and losing the war?

Louis C.K. needs to be able to come back. When? I’m not sure. But he’s an independent contractor, not given a fat deal by Fox or NBC or CBS… It’s right to set rules for those corporations publicly traded, but an individual?

And let’s not forget, Louis C.K. is the only one who apologized and went away immediately, even Harvey Weinstein is fighting the fact he did it, never mind those who followed in his wake. Does Louis C.K. get no credit for being a mensch after being outed?

That’s another question.

America hates sliding scales. America hates gray. It wants all its public figures to be squeaky clean, even though those paying attention to them are not.

I have no idea what went through Louis C.K.’s head when he masturbated in front of women. I can’t conceive of it. And I would never force myself upon a woman, if anything I’m waiting for a clear signal before I take action, this whole #MeToo thing has me reevaluating my behavior, am I the only man in America who’s a wimp?

Furthermore, we all have our quirks, our peculiarities, our fetishes. What do they say? Want someone to come to the table, just threaten them with outing their Google search history, no one wants that public.

However, those wanting to keep things from being public, paying for this “privilege,” are now learning the truth outs, not only Trump but Asia Argento. For all you Kennedy conspiracists out there, if we can’t even keep secrets re sex, what are the odds no one in the government has ever spoken… NIL! People love to talk, and the truth always outs, especially in this internet era.

So what was Louis C.K. supposed to do to earn his return?

Maybe it is too soon.

But we have no criminal code for his behavior, he was not sued, we have no established penalties, what are they?

Kinda like Jackson Browne, he was accused of hurting Daryl Hannah and for years his career was hobbled, a good portion of his core audience wanted nothing to do with him, but now that time is past. But Jackson worked during the crisis. Furthermore, he denies the behavior took place. Did it? Damned if I know.

Same deal with Dr. Luke, in the news this week when it was revealed he never raped Katy Perry. How long do we banish Luke from the landscape? I’m not saying Luke is warm and fuzzy, but he’s now a pariah in the music business, and for how long? Once again, Luke has denied the behavior, and I’ve heard a lot but I don’t know the truth here either. All I know is his career has been ruined. And forget Dr. Luke, what about everybody else?

Yes, rape someone and get convicted and you’re going up the river possibly for the rest of your life.

And most rapes go unpunished. And for far too long men didn’t listen to women. But now that we’ve accused these perps, how do we decide how long they have to sit out?

The Stanford rapist got too brief a sentence, but the judge in that case lost his job, the public voted him out. You can vote against Louis C.K. by not seeing him, and maybe that’ll be the case, maybe no one will want to go see him. But should we let him find out?

What’s happening here is marriage replicated. That’s right, in most marriages, the women wear the pants. The men are boisterous out with their friends, if they’re permitted to leave the house, but the women set the rules.

Do only women get to set the rules for when #MeToo perps can re-enter the public space?

It’s too early for O’Reilly. And Lauer and Charlie Rose. Unless they want to build it on their own, then we get to decide whether we want to pay attention or not. So far, O’Reilly is losing this war. The other two have yet to play, but the truth is all three have not owned up to their behavior, they’re still fighting the facts, does Louis C.K. get a shorter sentence for owning his behavior and staying out of the public eye?

No one is gonna forget his behavior, he’s gonna be tarred with it for the rest of his life. But unlike weasels like Trump, at least he told the truth, isn’t that worth something?

We’re not gonna solve this problem without men involved. Isn’t that what Dave Chappelle said? Women have to bring men in. And right now men are afraid. If they talk at all, they play to the other sex.

And I’m not saying everything the women are saying isn’t true, that they haven’t gotten the short end of the stick, that they haven’t been sexually abused and held down. Now what? Sure, having women on boards is a good step, but when you prevent a man from pursuing his livelihood, you end up with a very angry man, because males’ self-image is based on their work.

Then again, they bar attorneys.

But at least they can find other work.

Women are at risk here of losing the narrative. Being accused of being strident just like they were in the seventies. Sure, progress was made, but one always has to evaluate strategy. Hell, I’ll step in a hole here, lesbians have weighed in on Louis C.K.’s return, and they’re entitled to their voice, but I’m telling you now the average male is wincing, wondering whether we should take our heterosexual clues from gay people.

Oh, don’t unsubscribe because I told the truth. Or maybe you should, because you can’t handle it.

This is how we got into the Trump jam to begin with. The supposedly brighter, more educated and richer, ignored a whole segment of the public to their detriment, furthermore, they scorned them. They had no sympathy for the dope-doers in Ohio and Kentucky. They worked hard, you should too. That’s right, the rich don’t like affirmative action because that lowers the odds their kids will get into the Ivies. The truth hurts.

So are women now so “knowledgeable” that they’re going to alienate fifty percent of the population?

Men are entitled to a voice here.

And their voices may be wrong. Maybe they can be convinced their opinions are wrong. Only in politics are you unable to change your mind. Don’t we give kudos to those who do? Who become enlightened?

But put people down and allow them no traction and they’re going to react.

And that’s what’s gonna happen with this Louis C.K. thing.

Hell, a Comedy Cellar customer complained the owner didn’t warn him in advance that Louis C.K. was gonna appear. But the owner didn’t know and is this any different from “trigger warnings” in college?

I’m further left on the political spectrum than the Democratic party, but I do know progress is based on communication, knowledge and compromise. Hell, that’s why we all hate the government, there is no compromise.

We’re not gonna come up with a solution that’s gonna please everybody.

But Louis C.K. should be able to work again. He can’t be banished forever. The death penalty for whipping out your dick? If he can’t work, that’s what it’s like, just ask any male when they lose their job, they run out of cash and their wives divorce them.

There’s a lot of power in the pussy.

Oh, did that offend you? Then why were you so proud to wear the pussy hat to Washington?

We are in this together. Let’s get it together. Let’s know there is no perfect solution. And that unless we get males involved in the solution, there will be no true progress, it will just force their take underground, where it will flourish.

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