Rob Glaser-This Week’s Podcast

That’s right, Mr. RealNetworks himself! You know, RealPlayer, the default audio and video player from the turn of the century, ultimately superseded by Windows Media and…there was a lawsuit over that, Microsoft lost, RealNetworks got paid.

Anyway, Rob grew up in NYC and went to Yale and from there was on the ground floor at Microsoft. He left the Redmond monolith and started RealNetworks, left to become a VC, and then returned. Along the way, there was not only RealPlayer, but purchase of the PBA (that’s right, the PROFESSIONAL BOWLERS ASSOCIATION) a huge chunk of what is now Rhapsody/Napster and a passion for politics.

If you want to know what your life would have been like if you went into tech as opposed to music. If you want to know the vision of a player in the tech world. If you want to know what it’s like playing in Asia, this is the podcast for you!

P.S. Recorded live, at the Music Media Summit in Santa Barbara.
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